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    Awwww, I hear ya about it being a tough holiday. This year, more than most. Hang in there. Hugs all around


      . Thanksgiving hugs. This year is bullshit.


        I hope you would have a happy Thanksgiving, I'm sure you'll find something worth doing. I remember the first holidays without my grandfather and then grandmother, it was sad and weird. We talked about them a lot.

        I hope your friends can get rid of those worms... bhhh


          Thanks PetiteSheWolf DorothyMH CODawn Gandhalfit
          (fyi the foster kitties are fine, just slightly uncomfortable, if my cats were healthy I'd go anyway and just wash hands before petting them... but I'm not going to risk making Ms Shark uncomfy atm.)

          Had an AWESOME breakfast today. I made homemade cranberry sauce (used oj+ burbon in place of water, brown sugar+maple syrup in place of white, and put a cinnamon stick, whole nutmeg nut, few peppercorns, bay leaf, few apples, pinch of salt in) and granola (oats, coconut oil, maple syrup, pumpkin spice, hot paprika, unsweetened coconut, unflavored whey, salt) and made a parfait w greek yogurt.

          Got ahead of buddy on sparta and mega arms doms, so took a 1 hr walk. Bit of drizzle but this is what caps are for, right?

          Yesterday's food log: 11/11
          Reasonably reasonable nutrition: 8/11
          Fluids: 10/11
          Moved 60+ min yesterday: 8/11
          GTFO house yesterday: 10/11
          French lesson today: 8/11
          Got up on time today: 10/11

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            Cranberry sauce sounds YUMMY. As does the granola. Love your spicing/seasoning combo. You WOULD get along with my husb— he cooks/seasons like that too🥰


              Sparta, flailing day.

              Waiting outside vet for ms shark. Hopefully she hasn't lost much weight. I know she hasn't gained any. I need vet to understand we are thinking hospice not agressive care >.<

              Yesterday's food log: 12/12
              Reasonably reasonable nutrition: 9/12
              Fluids: 11/12
              Moved 60+ min yesterday: 9/12
              GTFO house yesterday: 11/12
              French lesson today: 8/12
              Got up on time today: 11/12

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                Hugs for shark kitty, and for how you look out well for kitty's wellbeing.



                    Thanks PetiteSheWolf and CODawn
                    I got another perscription food to try bc of the ...shittyness....of shitty-kitty. Vet said to mix it w her other food she likes better if necessary but he wants to try it. Also let myself be talked into another med twice a week but... pharmacy didn't call me. I'll wait a few days w just new food before looking into that I think. She lost half a pound in a month, tho. Down to 6.85lbs. But her personality is still intact, so I'll prop her up awhile.

                    But she hates going to vet, so I need to weigh costs of propping her up vs extra cost of a traveling vet when it's time to let her go.

                    Class was properly hard but I need to do Sparta later, so that will prob be lv1 lol.

                    Yesterday's food log 13/13
                    Reasonably reasonable nutrition: 10/13
                    Fluids: 12/13
                    Moved 60+ min yesterday: 9/13
                    GTFO house yesterday: 12/13
                    French lesson today: 9/13
                    Got up on time today: 12/13

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                      Oh kitty. I hope she will get better.


                        It's so hard when they are sick.


                          I used house call vet for the ❤️dog of my life❤️ when it was time. Best thing I’ve ever done.


                            Inspired by Rainbow Dragon

                            Was looking over holiday budget this year and realized if I start trying to send gifts as I often do it is going to get tight/I am going to send some very sad gifts. But. Cards are not expensive (bonus: there's a locally owned shop I like to give business to), and I want to buy stamps to help post office anyway. I could sent a lot more "cheer" overall for the same budget if I send a bunch of ppl cards. They may be in time for hanukkah/christmas or they might be new years cards, depending on how organized I am (hopefully organized enough that they are not valentines cards bc that could get weird). If getting a thing in the mail which is not a bill would cheer you up this holiday season, and you are not squicked out by mail from internet ppl, pls pm me your address.


                              thank you so much Gandhalfit CODawn DorothyMH will see how cat does w this new food. Atm I am mixing it w her favored food + some homemade chicken broth + probiotic powder >.> The things we do for these furballs. It is hilarious to me the care Im taking of this creature who doesn't even like me much (she has always vastly preferred my husband). We have also come up w a 2 person method of pilling her so we are not wrapping her in a blanket and further traumatizing her.

                              Had an awesome game of cards against with sleep_twitch and her husband and some of their friends yesterday afternoon, which was some much needed low key socializing for me.

                              Stuck @13k words and need to get myself started again.

                              Today I went for a nice long walk and skipped sparta. I woke up w a horrible headache so I didn't want to do much at all. (and after tendon injury issue, I dont workout after taking a painkiller for my head anymore)

                              Yesterday's food log 14/14
                              Reasonably reasonable nutrition: 11/14
                              Fluids: 13/14
                              Moved 60+ min yesterday: 10/14
                              GTFO house yesterday: 13/14
                              French lesson today: 10/14
                              Got up on time today: 13/14

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                                Did NOT want to move today. Minorly sick (not plague, my standard fall/winter sinus misary). But. I had told some less fit friends to start fit xmas so I felt obligated. Day 1 lv3 no rests and I felt happy to be moving so tackled the Sparta I've been putting off. Calling it lv 0.75 bc the last set included several "oh fuck no, maybe I'll do crunches" substitutions.

                                Reformulating habits

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