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    Fell into some strange pit last few days.

    Writing project looks like it might work. Managed a short (8kish words) in 2 days that proves the character works (2 beta readers both liked her w minor quibbles). Hit marks I wanted to w plot/pinch points, and it's my longest fiction so far (myriad of 2.5-5k shorts like 20+ years ago) but I won't be sure it's going to work till I see if I can sustain a 30k-50k thing.

    ((Facebook sent me like 100+ adds in one week for "werewolf romance" (and other fantasy-adjacent romance but mostly those) and reading the blurbs that came w adds I noticed 1- these authors write like 3rd graders trying to explain pornography and 2- that subgenre in particular is so so so fucking rapey it's absurd. (I know grown women can have rape fantasies and they deserve erotica to read, but abt half the market for cheap romance e books is highschool girls so normalizing daterape pisses me off.) So... I write better than a 3rd grader and understand consent is a thing so, going to see if I can make a cleaned up contribution to the genre. The short will go on Amazon free as a teaser assuming I get a longer one written. Wish me luck. (And don't try to rophy a werecoyote.))

    But my habits have all gone straight to shit except getting up in the morning. Even failed on lessons wtf. Esp food. Some fucking rediculous starving all day then eating rediculous nonsense bullshit that I thought I was over, including (I'm ashamed to admit) inhaling the entire bag of my husband's doritos that he thought I didn't know were in the house. Back on track today, will reset habits today and relog them tomorrow. Adding "gtfo house" and "write food log" to list.

    Did do 2 days of Sparta, 1 easy new workout, and go to my class tho so at least I didn't kill my streak.

    Current streak 150


      Good luck with your writing project, I hope you keep the flow up!
      I hope you'll get back on track with your self care! You can do it!


        Thanks NancyTree

        I have put down the shovel, let's see how I fo at climbing out of this pit.

        Sparta day 7. 15lb dumbbells for curls and 8s for fly things.
        Lv 3 for 2nd half, altho the fact that it involved cussing tells me I need to out Armageddon back into my rotation.

        Yesterday's food log: 1/1
        Reasonably reasonable nutrition: 1/1
        Fluids: 1/1
        Moved 60+ min yesterday: 1/1
        GTFO house yesterday: 1/1
        French lesson today: 1/1
        Got up on time today: 1/1

        Current streak 151


          Grats for the writing project, and good for wanting a healthy addition to a genre you like writing. Good luck!


            im still in the hole i dug...


              I love your log writing. If your fiction has that very grown up bite as well, you’ll sell like hot cakes


                Trbrat75 if I find a ladder someplace I'll share.
                thank you PetiteSheWolf and DorothyMH - I have always written things like this log, work reports, etc in a "writerly" way so...why not monetize it, right? I hope you're correct.

                I have a "proof of character" short done that I am polishing (like, 7-8k words) and am started on a longer one...I think the short I'll put out free on Amazon to grab ppl then charge 2.99$ for longer. If my character doesn't totally run off on me I can get 2 more longer bits and 2 more shorts (.99$ for each) out of her. Hopefully by then some other char in her universe will suggest herself as the next to run with.

                Today was Sparta...not jumping so for lunges I planted 1 leg then quickly went from back lunge to front w other. Lv3. Wobbly as hell w ballance. 2 mins w arms.

                Getting back into french so just went backwards a few lessons in Pimsleur and listened while working out.
                Yesterday's food log: 2/2
                Reasonably reasonable nutrition: 2/2
                Fluids: 2/2
                Moved 60+ min yesterday: 2/2
                GTFO house yesterday: 2/2
                French lesson today: 2/2
                Got up on time today: 2/2

                Current streak 152


                  Very interested to see what you write

                  And thank you. But, i think the way it works is we all have to find our own ladders...but a helping hand never hurts


                    Omg. Fuck Sparta today. Why did I decide to do this torture? Lv1.

                    2 glasses of wine playing among us w a friend and some of her friends last night and I am all kinds of out of sorts today.

                    Yesterday's food log: 3/3
                    Reasonably reasonable nutrition: 3/3
                    Fluids: 2/3
                    Moved 60+ min yesterday: 3/3
                    GTFO house yesterday: 3/3
                    French lesson today: 3/3
                    Got up on time today: 3/3

                    Current streak 153


                      Why? because they killed Leonidas and we have to avenge our King. For Sparta ... at least one potential answer? or you are a bee and like fiendishly stuff? ... nonetheless, tomorrow ... wine will suffice in the meantime


                        Because pain, is weakness leaving the body


                          Thanks Gandhalfit and TheLibrarian
                          Those reasons, and also I've been going through programs w a friend who is fitter than I am bc I need a motivation buddy to stay on course (and bc we can talk each other into abt 1 skipped day a week but that's it lol). Sparta is more his lv (inc pullups) than mine. I just suggested it bc the dumbbell and punching days looked fun. But, it keeps me moving so, whatever.

                          Altho the abs days can diaf. I did lv 0.85 today bc the third set I was all "fuck this noise"... I did 100 (instead of 60) reps of various abs things but not the ones listed.

                          Did while re-listning to an old french lesson, ready for new again soon I think.

                          Yesterday I lost my reasonable nutrition by eating at bedtime, not bc I was hungry, or even upset/comfort seeking, just bc the existence of a few servings of combos in the bottom of a bag was annoying me somehow. /sigh

                          Yesterday's food log: 4/4
                          Reasonably reasonable nutrition: 3/4
                          Fluids: 3/4
                          Moved 60+ min yesterday: 3/4
                          GTFO house yesterday: 4/4
                          French lesson today: 4/4
                          Got up on time today: 4/4

                          Current streak 154


                            Originally posted by Gandhalfit View Post
                            Because pain, is weakness leaving the body
                            Ahhhhh, I gotta remember that one!!!


                              Well done, 100 ab reps!


                                So ya. I woke up "late" today (730, zomg) and was well on my way to 'rin standard bad self talk "well my whole day is shot now I'll never get anything done may as well have a couch day".

                                Had breakfast. Talked myself into going out for a walk before deciding anything. Took my headphones and did French lesson as I walked.

                                Looked at Sparta and it was a fun day. So, back on track. 15lb dumbbells, and 2lb ones at lv3 for punches.

                                Also, I have a new favorite Instagram person. Just casually throwing around heavy weights like np. Love her.

                                Yesterday's food log: 5/5
                                Reasonably reasonable nutrition: 4/5
                                Fluids: 4/5
                                Moved 60+ min yesterday: 4/5
                                GTFO house yesterday: 5/5
                                French lesson today: 5/5
                                Got up on time today: 4/5

                                Current streak 155