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    Congrats on Gauntlet!


      Originally posted by 'rin View Post
      Rainbow Dragon so, I started French w Duo Lingo, bc free. But man, once you are past 1st few lessons it is just 90% grammar imho. Which is ok bc my grammar sucks, but not ok bc I can't learn anything bc I run out of hearts bc my grammar sucks LOL. I am now doing Pimsleur bc altho it is not free it is just a better system. I am actually learning. I also got a few novels in french (one like 3rd grade lv 1 young adult) to work on reading skills but I think I'm early for that.
      For me, the grammar is the easy part. When my school French learning was new, I could read and write French decently well. But I have never been able to have a fluent conversation in French with real Francophones. My French teachers were Anglophones who learned their French in English schools, like me. They spoke French slowly with Ontario Anglophone accents. I could understand what they said just fine. But put me out on the street with a native French speaker? No way. If I'm going to invest time and money into learning French again now, I want my efforts to take me to a place of being able to have conversations with Francophones without constantly having to say, "Parle lentement, s'il te plait. Je ne comprends pas très bien le français," over and over like a broken record.

      I just signed up for a six week "Beginning Conversational French" online course through my public library. The cost is covered by the library (my municipal tax dollars at work). I studied French in high school through grade 12. So the material should all be review for me. But I need the review! (High school was over 30 years ago for me, and I have barely used my French since.) If I actually stick with the program and complete it in six weeks, then I figure I will know if I am serious enough to fork out money for more advanced learning. (My library only offers the one course.)

      I'm not familiar with either DuoLingo or Pimsleur. My father has been studying German with Fluenz for several years now. He seems to like it (even though he has real difficulty navigating the software because he cannot type and can barely use a mouse, due to his MS). He watches German news online now and reckons he understands most of it. I'm thinking of maybe getting the Fluenz French package. Fluenz is a pay upfront for lifetime access deal, which suits my financial situation better than a subscription service, but it does mean I need to be certain I'm committed to doing this before forking out that kind of money.

      Originally posted by 'rin View Post
      I am not done being anxious about our election, I won't be till electoral college bit is done bc we could get faithless electors (I'm less worried abt his court battles bc since he is arguing to count in some states and stop in others he has hurt himself there, and even if one or 2 of the states in play gets fucked up we should still have enough).
      I don't think faithless electors will be an issue. The electoral college didn't save you four years ago when there should have been faithless electors to prevent such an obviously inappropriate and incompetent personage as Trump from taking control of the White House. They're not going to go faithless now on an experienced politician who won the popular vote by a healthy margin. The legal challenges are baseless and will be shown to be in court. Unfortunately, Trump will likely claim the courts were corrupt and encourage his supporters to reject their decisions, and much of the ugliness which Trump instigated in your country will continue. But Biden will be inaugurated on January 20 nonetheless.

      Originally posted by 'rin View Post
      And I am now really anxious about Georgia senate runoff bc if we can't flip senate, no bills will get voted on bc of McConnell the asshole (bc if he let them come to vote some og his party might break w him fearing their constituents would see their nastiness in the voting record). And if no bills can be voted on, we cannot start to fix the economic problems that left us open for some hope selling conman like Trump. And the next one might be smart enough to hold onto power.
      I had hoped for a blue Trifecta too, so the Dems would actually be able to get something accomplished over the next couple of years. (And because I truly believe that reasonable voters would have punished Republican lawmakers for supporting Trump over the past four years.) Sadly, I think the special election in Georgia is a bit of a Hail Mary, no? But surely McConnell cannot just stall everything for four years? Surely even Kentucky would punish him if he did that?

      Originally posted by 'rin View Post
      Also we need Trump to go to jail, or flee the country, and for his creditors to take all his shit, so that he can't fucking run again in 4 years.
      Agree there. My hope is that Republicans will get it together to find a candidate who can defeat him in the Primaries if he does try to run again. But he does need to be locked up someplace where he will be denied access to Twitter. (Either that, or social media companies need to get serious about their responsibility to prevent their platforms from being used as vehicles for the propagation of lies and the inciting of hatred and violence, and just ban his accounts.)

      I understand your continued concerns. And I share some of them. But I have to celebrate the 75+ million Americans who voted for Biden/Harris. I have to have hope that change in the White House will produce some good. It's a big win, even if it's not everything we had hoped for.

      Originally posted by 'rin View Post
      I also finished Gauntlet and went to my gym group + finished yoga. So there's that.
      Congratulations on completing Gauntlet and 30 Days More of Yoga!


        I can't remember if I congratulated you for Gauntlet so anyway

        Congratulations on Gauntlet that is some serious badge there

        Also, Congratulations on electing Baiden. I'm still happy about it. Don't worry, he got this.


          Happy Badge Day!
          I am happy about the election but will feel much better on 1/20/2021.
          If he runs again in 4 years I am running away.


            Rainbow Dragon Pimsleur would be good for you, if you want to mainly speak. Hopefully fluenz is similar. (You can also buy in a box set of cds, I think.) It is listen- copy intonation - respond as if in conversation style. So you will get vocabulary a bit slowly but everything you get you will absolutely know how to pronounce/hear. (Altho it seems to like vous vs tu and really likes escu (which I probably just mispelled) instead of just letting intonation ask questions.) With your prior french I would not bother w duolingo, unless you want a cute way to feel better about the skills you have retained, lol. I found this review of the two methods, and it's description of Pimsleur is pretty spot on to me. Maybe you could buy a visa giftcard for how much you are willing to spend on a language course and put that into the subscription info if a 1 off expence is better for you budget wise.


              Thanks Mianevem Rainbow Dragon Amirsh CODawn Nebulus NancyTree TheLibrarian Fremen HellYeah
              And I hope tags worked bc meh.

              So. Yesterday I decided to have some wine. And since I massacred the cork, and hubby doesn't rly drink white wine, some = a whole bottle. I did not get wasted bc it was over the course of the afternoon/evening but... was tipsy enough I skipped my french lesson... I was not a happy camper today. Was mildly to mediumly overhung the entire day >.>

              Went to Costco w a former colleague this morning. I have never actually gone before, lol, bc I am surely not going to get a warehouse shopping membership for feeding 2 ppl. BUT..... I will see if I can go w her every 2-3 months or so >.> Got some nice deals on meat that was already nicely vacuum packed for the freezer (which matters, I am a total fucking princess about freezer burned meat and actually end up wasting things bc of this sometimes), overspent a bit on cheese (but hey, this is not abnormal for me), and refilled my stock of canned corn (hubby's favorite), canned tomatoes, coconut milk, pasta, and olive oil for cheaper then I would of at my store. I also spent 2 weeks of grocery budget, so, this better feed us for 3 weeks w the possible edition of some fruit, eggs, coffee cream, and yogurt. Altho w the coconut milk I can make darebee bars to eat in the morning instead of yogurt so...

              I started Sparta today. (Apartment modded to fast "skiiers" instead of squat jumps bc I don't want to shake my home down around my ears or enrage my neighbors). But bc of the afore mentioned overhungedness I did not put on ankle weights and only did lv 1 >.>

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                Congrats on the Gauntlet!

                I am so relieved that Biden won, although it is disheartening to know that so many people voted for Trump Jan 20th can't come fast enough!


                  Originally posted by Whirly View Post
                  Congrats on the Gauntlet!

                  I am so relieved that Biden won, although it is disheartening to know that so many people voted for Trump Jan 20th can't come fast enough!
                  1 agree!


                    Thanks 'rin ! That comparison review is super helpful!

                    That is a great idea about using a pre-paid card for a subscription service. I will have to remember that for the future. For this application, however, Fluenz is definitely the way to go for me. I want to learn to speak and understand spoken French, certainly. But I do not want to skip the grammar or written components. Also, just the idea of trying to learn a language only aurally gives me the heebie-jeebies. The Fluenz method is definitely a better fit for my learning style. I'll definitely need to do more than just the course work to get to where I want to be--like watching French language programming regularly to practice listening to French speakers talking outside of the confines of a scripted learning module, and reading French texts in subject areas in which I want to develop proficiency which just won't be covered in any learning French for Anglos program--but this is fine and something I expected from the get go. Anyhow, thank you for the info, and the inspiration.


                      Well done getting new badges!

                      I really hope that things will go smoothly now that Biden won the election.


                        Thanks Whirly CODawn sleep_twitch and glad I could help Rainbow Dragon
                        I am rewatching Fury Road and I am tempted to start calling Trumpers "warboys". Unfit, physically weak bully of a leader, propped up by machinery and better medical care than anyone else, depriving most ppl all but barest necessities of life all but worshiped by the most millitant, who will kill themselves and others for his amusement. It's going to take cooperation, and maybe a few of them seeing the light and redeeming themselves, for us to save each other and clean up our home.

                        Sparta day 2. Part 1 lv3. Part 2 a very grouchy lv1, and a walk in the woods.

                        Was more reasonable w food yesterday, except for a giant milkshake.

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                          Hubby's bday today, I will stick to baking cookies etc in the future, my cake decorating skills are...lacking. lol.

                          Sparta day 3. Dumbells bc can't do pullups, 15lbs. Part 2 lv3, holding my 2lb weights. I have weighted gloves but sometimes they just annoy me on a sensory lv, and today was one of those times.

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                            My husb’s b-day is today too! I’m not doing any gd cooking for it tho; he likes to cook and bake so he may do some on his own. More power to him!


                              Happy birthday to both your husbands 'rin and DorothyMH!


                                thanks DorothyMH and CODawn
                                Had a nice day in w the hubby yesterday.

                                Started a writing project (will share if it pans out) today. Wether it pans out or not, it is nice to have a project.

                                Sparta lv3, ballance day.

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