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    Gandhalfit yeah..when he was 1st elected I was annoyed but not super worried, as a nyc person who knows contractors I KNEW he was an asshole but, I figured the fact he clearly doesn't understand our gov systems would limit the damage he could do... but nope, actually, it means he will break everything. Bc our current Republicans only care abt checks and balances when they are checking or balancing a Democrat.

    Yup Mianevem ! I want a boring politician who I won't have to notice as president, who will be calm and measured and listen to the experts.

    CODawn honestly, I think they know it's not a hoax but feel like pretending it isn't means they can blame the mess on the state governments. "But THEY said it was real and still didn't solve it."

    DorothyMH I'm glad I'm not alone. I fucking miss McCain. That moment when he scolded someone at one of his rallies for birther/muslim shit about Obama? I disagreed w a lot of his policies, but, someone like him would have been an ok president during our current mess. I want ok choices on both sides so I can have the luxury of nitpicking their policies again.

    (Also I want the environment to not be on a knifes edge of disaster bc Libertarians becoming a "mainstream" 3rd party would actually make our political landscape less of a mess by making Republicans clarify where they stand to not blend in w them.... but we can't afford Libertarian's lack of environmental policy while the world is literally on fire....)


    I am going to reset habits. Starting with 5. 1 French lesson, lost my streak at 90 days and am annoyed. May pay for Pimsleur to get a more structured/less fucking grammar focused lesson. 2 60 active mins. 3 Get out of bed before 630. 4 Manage fluids (100oz of non booze, water > coffee).5 Reasonable Eating (3 meals(not 2 bc that means 1 becomes ginormous, not 6 bc I suck at mini meals), 2 or less snacks, 3+ fruits/vegg, 2+ lean proteins).

    I made AWESOME desert tasting but pretty healthy brunch yesterday.

    I somehow got way ahead of my friend on Gauntlet and Yoga so I did other workouts today.

    Full Body Kettlebell Workout - 25lb bell, subbed 15lb dumbbell for bicep curls.

    Ox lv3 but... 3 sets at 10lbs, 2 at 8,2 at 5.

    Anywhere Abs

    Also I had a really nice time w gym ppl yesterday. 2 new ppl showed up and one was similar body type to me (heavyset but fit, slightly fitter looking than me atm but not slim) and abt 10 years older and did similar "extra"/"beast mode" stuff to me. Made me so happy. I fucking love when women who aren't the stereotypical fit look are strong and determined, makes me feel like I am not just wasting my time.

    Current streak 137


      Dreaded red bell day today.

      My pushups were knees.
      Can't swing a dumbbell, can't snatch 25lbs, so it was 12 swings then 12 alternating hands snatches.
      Hidden burpees can diaf, these were shoulder taps bc knee pushups even was too many of these for me.
      But, day 25, fucking done.

      Habits! I paid for Pimsleur, bc they have a monthly thing as opposed to 200+ up front now, so I can just do 30 days then reassess if I want to keep buying. And bc I think I will actually learn more useful things that way. Altho I will keep playing w duolingo for grammar.

      I need to examine my evening eating. I was not hungry. I just wanted comfort. I am having a cocoa w burbon pretty much every night atm (rly it is not even a shot of burbon) as a treat but it is not rly doing what I hoped (being enjough of a treat I don't look for other stuff). If I keep being reasonable all day and eating nonsense at bedtime I need to make that 2 separate goals lol. But at least it wasn't bc I starved all day/ate dinner too early. I'll accept needing comfort atm bc things are rediculous, at least I didn't mismange myself.

      Self Preservation Habits
      Up on time 1/1
      French lessons 1/1
      60 mins movement 1/1
      Fluids 1/1
      Reasonable nutrition 0/1

      Current streak 138


        Everything about this year is so overwhelming, even everyone's personal battles seem to be heavier this year. Hugs to you, and any one else who needs one. Stay strong, in your own way


          Trbrat75 thanks <3

          Distraction is the rule of the day today.
          Off Day
          Yoga 22
          Gauntlet 26

          Self Preservation Habits
          Up on time 2/2
          French lessons 2/2
          60 mins movement 2/2
          Fluids 2/2
          Reasonable nutrition 1/2

          Current streak 139


            Giving myself a pass on reasonable eating yesterday ​​​​​​bc really, hamburgers twice and cocktails in the afternoon was reasonable considering I only had french fries once and I didn't eat a pile of chips etc.

            Today I used Herald lv1 as a warmup,
            Gauntlet 27 - 15lb dumbbell for curls and presses

            Self Preservation Habits
            Up on time 3/3
            French lessons 3/3
            60 mins movement 2/3
            Fluids 3/3
            Reasonable nutrition 2*/3

            Current streak 140

            How did this not post yessterday >.>


              And yeah. Reasonable eating atm means "ate actual meals" and "did not eat a whole bag of chips or pint of ben and jerrys" >.>

              Did Gauntlet 28 and a Yoga day, altho I did yoga somewhat anarchist style bc I was doing my french lesson at the same time since today was an "I dun wanna" day.

              Have a phonecall in 30 mins w a cool new service that tracks down your old 401ks to see if they have found mine from Waldenbooks/Borders group from the late 90s/early 2000s >.> (They don't charge anything to consumers, they get a kickback from the bank you roll it into basically.) Wish me luck, this is a mystery that has been bugging me for awhile.

              Self Preservation Habits
              Up on time 4/4
              French lessons 4/4
              60 mins movement 3/4
              Fluids 4/4
              Reasonable nutrition 3*/4

              Current streak 140


                Wow, I hope they can find it for you; that would bug me, too if I had money stored in some undisclosed location


                  So ya. Rolled Saks 401k. Wasn't 100% abt doing that until they moved it from Wells Fargo to Merrill w out saying anything to me 1st bc I don't get company wide emails anymore having left and I had to panic and call friends still at company...not going to put self in a position where that can happen again and my money can go hide. Into my IRA you go. Did not, yet, find Waldens/Borders Group one. Verified that it used to be at Merrill, but was moved in 2011. To where? No clue. Let's see how awesome this service is >.> If I lost my money bc I was an asshole and didn't manage it properly, after this many years, I will just call it asshole tax. But, maybe I'll be lucky.


                  Slept 11 hrs last night bc I went to bed super early for no damned reason.

                  Did Gauntlet 29 (snatches w 15lbs) and Yoga today.

                  elf Preservation Habits
                  Up on time 5/5
                  French lessons 5/5
                  60 mins movement 4/5
                  Fluids 4/5
                  Reasonable nutrition 3*/5

                  Current streak 14q


                    Congratulations on your badge in a day, 'rin.
                    Huge congrats on keeping on top of your wellness habits and life in general in spite of all you are dealing with these days. And thank you for voting in spite of all you had to deal with to get that done. (In over 3 decades now of being eligible to vote I have voted at advanced polls many times, voted on election day may times, and once voted early at my local Elections Canada office and never once had to stand in line for longer than ~ 10 minutes. That voting can be such a mess in your country in comparison truly baffles me. So thank you for putting up with that. And seriously: just thank you. I lost the best part of the last week to almost zero productivity due to stress over your country's elections. Breathed a huge sigh of relief yesterday--along with the rest of the world--and then had a little dance party in my living room to celebrate. Things CAN get better. Our species CAN do better than we have been doing. For the first time now in 4 years I have faith again that we WILL do better. So thank you for your part in making that happen.)

                    What resources are you using to work on your French language skills? I don't remember if you've posted a review previously of Duolingo vs. Pimsleur vs. other resources/methods you have tried. Improving my French language skills is also something I want to work on. But thus far my efforts have consisted of saying I want to do it, and watching ~ 20 minutes of an episode of "Wanted" with a French dub but then giving up and switching the audio to English (even though I've already viewed the entire series in English, so I know what happens) because I was stressed about the US election and I wanted comfort food, not to actually have to use my brain. But hopefully now I can start to use my brain again.


                      Rainbow Dragon so, I started French w Duo Lingo, bc free. But man, once you are past 1st few lessons it is just 90% grammar imho. Which is ok bc my grammar sucks, but not ok bc I can't learn anything bc I run out of hearts bc my grammar sucks LOL. I am now doing Pimsleur bc altho it is not free it is just a better system. I am actually learning. I also got a few novels in french (one like 3rd grade lv 1 young adult) to work on reading skills but I think I'm early for that.

                      I am not done being anxious about our election, I won't be till electoral college bit is done bc we could get faithless electors (I'm less worried abt his court battles bc since he is arguing to count in some states and stop in others he has hurt himself there, and even if one or 2 of the states in play gets fucked up we should still have enough).

                      And I am now really anxious about Georgia senate runoff bc if we can't flip senate, no bills will get voted on bc of McConnell the asshole (bc if he let them come to vote some og his party might break w him fearing their constituents would see their nastiness in the voting record). And if no bills can be voted on, we cannot start to fix the economic problems that left us open for some hope selling conman like Trump. And the next one might be smart enough to hold onto power.

                      Also we need Trump to go to jail, or flee the country, and for his creditors to take all his shit, so that he can't fucking run again in 4 years.

                      So I am donating $$ I don't have to fair fight pac and sending pizza to Southern District of NY court office, lol.


                      Last 2 days I ate all the motherfucking things, but I also finished Gauntlet and went to my gym group + finished yoga. So there's that.

                      Self Preservation Habits
                      Up on time 7/7
                      French lessons 7/7
                      60 mins movement 6/7
                      Fluids 5/7
                      Reasonable nutrition 3*/7

                      Current streak 143


                        Congrats on finishing Gauntlet!


                          Happy Badge Day


                            Congrats on Gauntlet badge day




                                Congrats on the Gauntlet!