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    I need to add some kind of daily cleaning thing to my list.


      Originally posted by CODawn View Post
      I need to add some kind of daily cleaning thing to my list.
      It does help with motivation, at least for me...besides, it’s usually pretty physical😝


        CODawn I started w 15 mins bc at least that is "not let home get messier" (and I can keep that up at parents just by helping w dishes etc) but I am going to step it up soon. I need to actually CLEAN.

        DorothyMH it is good for extra movement also

        And it just helps my mood. When apt gets too messy it just adds to my depression.

        Went to class yesterday. Carried 25lb kettlebell 1 mile to class w out putting down (altho I switched hands often and occasionally held 2 handed at chest or cradled like a baby a few times lol). Did my "let's make up a harder version of this station" normal workout and accidentally was an instigator- 2 of the guys joined me in deck squats to half bosu instead of crunches on it lol. Spoke to trainer and extra doms when stressed IS aparently normal. But also, she pointed out that my body is used to cooling down after a workout by walking around all day, where as if I'm more still the lactic acid just sits there. So I need to walk a bit more after workouts or get one of those massage guns >.>

        Had an awesome afternoon of mtg- played w Twitchy and got joined by 2 friends of mine from ffxi lol. Played a bit more w the guys after she went to bed and then listened to them be total magic geeks for like an hr after. It was somehow exactly what I needed.

        Self image/weight rant below:

        Pics always get taken at these classes. I am not the fatest person in the group, we are a range of body types from rather overweight to fit looking, but I am one of the tallest, and the other tallish guy is fairly fit, so I look gigantic. I am so trying not to have some kneejerk "omg I need to diet" fit bc of how I look in pictures. Yes. I am probably heavier than I ought to be, health wise. And I need to seperate why I'm doing this from looks bc I wasn't fucking happy w my looks even at a perfectly healthy weight so THAT is a totally seperate project. I am so tempted to just do low carb again, bc it works but.....that's not headspace I want to go back to. Really what I need to do is find a sustainable food/movement balance. Something that will already be the right amound when I get to a healthier weight (maybe not even "healthy" bmi but I'd like to be out of teedering on obese and into that barely overweight zone where dr might scowl when they weigh you but they don't blame every health problem you have on your size). Not borderline starve self, and not "I'm an elephant anyway I may as well eat whatever the fuck I want". Whatever. Until I sort it out I'll be fat but strong. Before when I was fat I wasn't strong, I'll take it. Hopefully the added fittness will keep the fatness from tipping off the dangerous shit (like diabetes) that's in my genome.

        75 active mins 4/4
        Yoga 3/4
        Structured workout 3/4

        100oz fluids w water>coffee 4/4
        Fruit/Veg 3+ 3/4
        Lean Protein 1+ 4/4
        No bednight junk 4/4

        Self Preservation:
        Wakeup 3/4
        French lesson 4/4
        Leave fkn house 4/4
        Tidy 15 min 4/4

        Current streak 68


          I can relate to the not being happy with my looks even at a healthy weight thing. Thank you for sharing your insight.


            Sending hugs, 'rin . Being human aien't an easy thing!


              I hear you on the weight rant


                CODawn PetiteSheWolf Hiraelle it is sort of awesome and aweful to know others are in same boat. /hugs

                yesterday's workout was:
                Plank: 1 min in 15 on/15 off
                Emom 5 min 15s
                6 alt hammers, 5 bent rows, 5 shrugs
                Emom 5 min 25lb bell
                Sumo dead to squat x5
                plus carrying super large messenger + overfull handbag to/through airport.

                Flying is SO fucking weird right now. I am glad I am over my previous terror of flying in general bc omg it would of gotten bad.

                Food was strange yesterday and I only made 3 servings fruit/veg by mentally lumping spinach in spinach cheese dip, 1 each carrot/celery spear it came w (besides toasted pita), the onions/peppers in my homefries, and the pickle later w my beef on weck as a serving >.>

                Whatever. Am traveling.

                75 active mins 5/5
                Yoga 4/5
                Structured workout 4/5

                100oz fluids w water>coffee 5/5
                Fruit/Veg 3+ 4/5
                Lean ProteinProt5/5
                No bednight junk 5/5

                Self Preservation:
                Wakeup 4/5
                French lesson 5/5
                Leave fkn house 5/5
                Tidy 15 min 5/5

                Current streak 69


                  Spinach cheese deep. That sounds blasphemous


                    Amirsh blasphemously good >.>

                    Did not get 75 active mins...was too hot to walk as much as I wanted and I thought we were going blueberry picking then it stormed.

                    Ate like 6 slices of bread bc stepmom got some from bakery around here that I love (DiCamillo's). Had icecream bc local stuff I love (and ran into an old friend's mom at icecream place which was nice)

                    Did Lazy bear at lv1 and the Prep thing as cooldown and some yoga.

                    75 active mins 5/6
                    Yoga 5/6
                    Structured workout 5/6

                    100oz fluids w water>coffee 6/6
                    Fruit/Veg 3+ 5/6
                    Lean Protein1+ 6/6
                    No bednight junk 5/6

                    Self Preservation:
                    Wakeup 5/6
                    French lesson 6/6
                    Leave fkn house 6/6
                    Tidy 15 min 6/6

                    Current streak 70


                      Yesterday I went for a walk and did a few warriors. But mostly visited my aunt and uncle and ate things.

                      75 active mins 5/7
                      Yoga 6/7
                      Structured workout 5/7

                      100oz fluids w water>coffee 7/7
                      Fruit/Veg 3+ 6/7
                      Lean Protein1+ 7/7
                      No bednight junk 5/7

                      Self Preservation:
                      Wakeup 6/7
                      French lesson 7/7
                      Leave fkn house 7/7
                      Tidy 15 min 7/7

                      Current streak 71


                        Blimey really needed to catch up! Epic work


                          Thanks BlackButler

                          Yesterday I walked for coffee, did my mini warrior flow, then gamed. My dad had a 30+ year old boardgame (Kingmaker) unplayed - cards not apart etc. Spent 6-7 hrs playing it w some friends of his from his glee club. Was super fun. I know my dad has been SO looking forward to this.

                          Yesterday I went for a walk and did a few warriors. But mostly visited my aunt and uncle and ate things.

                          75 active mins 5/8
                          Yoga 7/8
                          Structured workout 5/8

                          100oz fluids w water>coffee 7/8
                          Fruit/Veg 3+ 6/8
                          Lean Protein1+ 7/8
                          No bednight junk 5/8

                          Self Preservation:
                          Wakeup 7/8
                          French lesson 8/8
                          Leave fkn house 8/8
                          Tidy 15 min 8/8

                          Current streak 72


                            Well eating is kind of basic and your aunt and uncle seem to have a lot of food. It's only reasonable


                              Amirsh my family's love language is def food >.>

                              Yesterday I actually got my active mins in, just w walking, tho. Met an old friend from highschool and went out for a wander.

                              I cannot do my food log today as I left my phone at my dad's and am now home (he's shipping it) ... so ofc that means I have already eaten almost a lb of sponge candy (cannot get it here, got at airport when I was mad about that LOL). At least I cannot order some grubhub redic shit for diner this way.

                              Going to visit family when you cannot hug them is so so so so so so so so so fucking hard.

                              75 active mins 6/7
                              Yoga 7/9
                              Structured workout 5/9

                              100oz fluids w water>coffee 7/9
                              Fruit/Veg 3+ 7/9
                              Lean Protein1+ 8/9
                              No bednight junk 5/9

                              Self Preservation:
                              Wakeup 8/9
                              French lesson 9/9
                              Leave fkn house 9/9
                              Tidy 15 min 9/9

                              Current streak 73


                                It's so nice you got to visit family. No vists for me this year. I am happy for you!