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    Ate all the things yesterday

    Took a snow day today. Maybe didn't need to but felt meh anyway.

    Active Rest
    squats challange
    Ravager - just lv1
    12 min restorative down dog app yoga practice

    225 dares, 182 w ec. 418 day streak


      Feeling better abt my snow day, bus servicewas stopped before I would of gotten home.

      this morning I woke up, wide awake, at 330. Got back to sleepish...then snoozed my 5am alarm an hr. So no time for gym, had to work out at home.

      Casual training
      Squats challange
      dare - balance hold, w ec. Surprised myself
      totals day 6 - but stepped bc neighbors
      Totals day 7 - pushups from knee

      226 dares, 183 w ec. 419 day streak


        Some remedial upper body strength work today. Next month I will do some abs challange... I like working on legs bc I get pretty numbers on lifts as feedback. Upper body, even when I stall, I can SEE definition in shoulders/back. Abs tho? I have constructed a nice comfy cooler for my 6 pack, so no visual feedback is possible..and no huge lifts there so... I need to just do it tho.

        At home before breakfast:
        squats challange
        Totals day 8

        At gym:
        scapula pulls - 3×8
        Upperbodybuilder - 3 sets at 7.5 w little rest between. Then 1 set at 10, 1 at 12.5 (3 lat raises) 1 at 10.
        Back and Biceps express -whole thing w 15s, but did hammer curls instead of Biceps curls bc, already did enough of those lol.
        Chest and back light
        Some stretches

        226 dares, 183 w ec. 420 day streak


          Have you ever tried Zottman Curls?


            aveoturbo not yet /goes to look that up


              Its a next level hammer curl is all. Enjoyable



                Looks it, I will try those next time


                  Mmaayyybe I should not put remedial strength day right before heavy lifts day. My body was grouchy w me.

                  Nia Strength (2)
                  1x45x10, 1x135x7, 2x155x5, 1x135x5
                  2x95 assistx8 pull, 1x95 assist x8 chin
                  Shoulder press
                  Skip walking lunges, knee twinging
                  Calf raises
                  Squat challange
                  Dare - full bridges , no ec, fail from shoulders

                  And, I learned if I am not deadlifting so much last set kills me, I can walk last rep to the rack for easier cleanup instead of fighting w the barbell on the floor. Why did this take a year to figure out....

                  226 dares, 183 w ec. 421 day streak


                    Originally posted by 'rin View Post
                    I have constructed a nice comfy cooler for my 6 pack
                    Love this image!


                      So ya. My upper body was still pissed at me and I was unmotivated to leave house this morning

                      Active rest
                      dare (arm scissors) w ec
                      squat challange
                      Hip Dip

                      227 dares, 184 w ec. 422 day streak


                        Weekly Digest

                        3/4. Win
                        32.6... under 10k a day average. Fuck that, must step up.

                        2434. not really better. Analyzed things a bit and, I am overeating at night worse on days I dont get enough complex carbs early. Going to commit to oats/yogurt/fruit for breakfast 5 days out of 7 this week and see if that helps.


                          Can I vent about grocery prices? I did not buy any pantry shit today (well, 2 bottles of salad dressing at 2/4$ but, I was legit out). I only spent 15$ on "luxury" shit (berries, seltzer, and single serve huumus things for lunches bc my husband/dishwasher had a fit about the tiny dirty tupperwear each day). I bought salad veg (lettuce, cuke, carrot, tomatoes); 1 loaf of bread; 4-5 lbs of chicken; deli ham; yogurt; eggs; basic fruit (apples, bananas); coffee; some asparagus; only 8oz of cheese (which is barely a week's ration). No junk, and not even organic/free range etc, and everything except cucumber was on sale/offer. Still somehow spent 80 motherfucking dollars on groceries.

                          I will need to use shit in pantry/freezer etc to make this into meals, esp w breakfast, so not even a week of food for 2 ppl and it's 80$. Where as, if I bought prepared shit, it would be cheaper. Hell,there is a deal at dominos atm, we could eat 1/2 a pizza each + an apple and some canned tuna/green beans each day for 10$-15$ less then that....

                          THIS IS WHY AMERICANS ARE FAT!!!! At least in part. Nutrious, filling, food is so fucking expensive it is almost a luxury unless you are super creative/have time to cook dried beans etc....


                          Active rest
                          squats challenge
                          Totals day 9
                          dare (raised leg hold) w ec
                          Totals day 10
                          30 min class - battle rope standing on bosu ball wtf lol.

                          228 dares, 185 w ec. 423 day streak


                            Originally posted by 'rin View Post
                            single serve huumus things for lunches bc my husband/dishwasher had a fit about the tiny dirty tupperwear each day
                            Next time you're in the liquor store or liquor aisle, see if they have those little containers for jello shots. You can usually get a package of 100-200 for ~$5, with lids? Might be worth it? Other than that, I feel you on the food it's tough.


                              I am often surprised by the junk food / unprocessed food price ratio in Germany as well.. You can buy a serving of fries at McD for 1 EUR, but three small bell peppers are often ~3 EUR, pre-cut lettuce up to 2.5 EUR, and even if I don't buy tomatoes / berries etc. during winter, and a lot of frozen veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, spinach etc.), and mostly non-organic, I end up spending a fortune on food every month. My lactose intolerance sometimes makes me want to quit dairy altogether, as lactose free is at least 1.5x as expensive as "regular", even more if you want something fancy such as ice cream.


                                Listning to trainer. Talked to her abt the fact my soreness is usually along edges/connections of muscles, rarely in the body of the muscle. She suggested that my tendons might not be keeping up with what Im asking of them (aparently they adapt slower then muscles) and suggested a deload (or at least not increase) for a week or so and some extra isometric work.

                                anyone have favorite tendon strength workouts/days from programs?

                                Nia Shanks (3)
                                1x45x10, 1x95x10, 3x145x8, 1x95x8, 1x45x10
                                Incline bench
                                Kneeling Row

                                Squats challange
                                Dare - thigh taps, ​​​​​​no ec, 2 sets 20

                                229 dares, 185 w ec. 424 day streak