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    Right Mianevem ? I didn't want to fix them lol.

    I may come up w a less bulky way to do stats at some point, we'll see. At least I'm not adding any new next round >.>

    Yesterday I went for a nice walk w 2 ladies (I don't want to say old but they are about my mom's age) from my gym group. 5.5 miles in under 2 hrs so a decent pace. Going to make going w them a standing thing, I think. How I got attached to a trainer/training group that is mostly boomers idk, but it helps lower the chances of me hurting myself at least.

    Also applied for a job yesterday. Team lead for customer service for a mostly online insurance agency (Lemonade) who I like/have my homeowners insurance through. They have started pet insurance. Mostly applied bc the requirements included "must be an obsessed pet parent" >.>. Ran through their auto quote system to check their process/coverage and altho insuring sr cats w preexisting conditions is silly/expensive their process is simple and coverage seems decent. If I had a dog or an outdoor cat I'd get it to cover for accidents.

    Somehow required a chocolate bar last night before bed.

    Active 60min 12/14 (51/57)
    Fluid 100oz 13/14​(52/57)
    Fruit/Veg 3 12/14​(52/57)
    Food log 1st 14/14​(42/42)
    Wakeup 13/14​(34/42)
    Water>coffee 14/14​(41/42)
    Active 75 min 12/14​(24/28
    Lean protein 12/14 (26/28)
    Yoga 12/14
    Practice French 14/14
    No bednight junk 11/14
    Leave fkn house 9/10
    Tidy 15+min 9/10

    Day 94
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      Crossing fingers for the job opening.


        Good luck to them recognizing your abilities. Otherwise I would feel very bad for them.


          Fingers crossed for the job!


            Good luck with the job application! Keeping my fingered crossed for you!


              Fingers crossed!


                Good luck with the job!


                  Thanks so much sleep_twitch Whirly15 Mianevem CODawn Amirsh PetiteSheWolf

                  I need to be careful, for now, to only apply to things I'd actually like to do, bc w NY unemployment you loose your UI payment if you turn down a job. I've got till mid November (possibly longer w federal extension). I am not allowed to panic and start applying to 100000 things I might hate until mid October. So for these 1st few weeks I'll apply for 1 cool thing a week, then up it to 3, etc. Pretty sure Bloomingdale's would take me back if I got really screwed. Very sure that's not what I want.

                  yesterday workout-
                  2 sets of this unilateral leg Circuit, w 15lbs
                  2 10 min emoms w 25lb bell. 1st was 3 bent row 3 up row. 2nd was 3 sumo pull/dead to sumo goblet squat.

                  Going to simplify my habit tracking a bit, and just reset it every 14 days. Also a few that I am perfect/nearly so at I will stop actively tracking (unless I catch self slacking). Like, at this point, food log 1st thing is a no brainer, and water>coffee can combine w 100oz. Not adding anything much new just now bc going to my dad's for most of the week next week. Just "structured workout", which I'll accept up to 2 "jokers" of just a walk etc a week on.

                  75 active mins 1/1
                  Yoga 1/1
                  Structured workout 1/1

                  100oz fluids w water>coffee 1/1
                  Fruit/Veg 3+ 0/1
                  Lean Protein 1+ 1/1
                  No bednight junk 1/1

                  Self Preservation:
                  Wakeup 1/1
                  French lesson 1/1
                  Leave fkn house 1/1
                  Tidy 15 min 1/1

                  Current streak day 65


                    Your rationales for reducing your writing of habit tracking are good and entertaining, as well. Love “wake up;” think I’ll borrow that


                      That's a good plan.


                        I also deloaded my habits for my recent vacation and some habits (e.g. hydration) don't need tracking anymore at this point. You're doing great!


                          Lol DorothyMH rly it is "wake up at an acceptable time" but that was long. And thanks Amirsh and super thanks sleep_twitch for the habit track idea to begin w.

                          Yesterday, for example, I did wake up....past 7. So no point for that. We'll see how I do at my dad's w no hungry cat bothering me >.> Prissy-pants will bug me for milk, there, but not till I'm in the kitchen on my own.

                          Workouts wise, I did a fair, split into 3 rounds.
                          Workout 1
                          5 min emom 15lb bar
                          3 sumo squat, 6 side to side, 3 stiff leg good morning
                          5 emom bar
                          5 snatch
                          5 emom bar
                          5 bicep curls, 5 reverse grip press

                          Workout 2
                          Rinish abs
                          15 on/15 off plank 1 min plank total
                          15 on/15 off work on hollow. 30 sec 100s position, 30 sec arms out
                          Iron bar
                          Tendon + w 5lbs

                          Workout 3
                          Armageddon, just lv1

                          Sunburn is still driving me up the wall and the majority of my 15 min tidy was dealing w the fact that Shark cat seems to associate her litterbox w some of her gastro discomfort and is having diarrhea in my bathtub/on bathroom floor instead. At least tub is easy to clean but this so sucks. This cat is lucky she is adorable. She also was a DEMON TIGER yesterday about her pill (the fact she is strong enough to fight me so hard cheers me up but..)...sounding like a damed tiger, wasting 3 pills (bc they are uncoated so can't be salvageable if they get damp then spit out), making me bleed slightly, and tearing a hole in my new leggings. (I had her towel wrapped... thought pill 3 was safely swollowed...let her go and she spits it on couch. The recapturing did not go well.)

                          75 active mins 2/2
                          Yoga 2/2
                          Structured workout 2/2

                          100oz fluids w water>coffee 2/2
                          Fruit/Veg 3+ 1/2
                          Lean Protein 1+ 2/2
                          No bednight junk 2/2

                          Self Preservation:
                          Wakeup 1/2
                          French lesson 2/2
                          Leave fkn house 2/2
                          Tidy 15 min 2/2

                          Current streak 66


                            Have you tried Greenies for Shark Cat? They are pill pockets. Willow loved them. Whisper couldn't have them because she was diabetic so Scott broke her pill up into pieces and put it into pill balls (wet food). It usually worked but sometimes she would dig the pill out with one of her 3 teeth and hide it under the rug. Scott also used a pill gun (isn't violent like it sounds) with Whisper. What we do do for our kitties...


                              No experience there with pilling kitties, so good luck...


                                Thanks PetiteSheWolf...I do not reccomend it but they usually get better eventually
                                CODawn not yet. If she is still a holy terror in a few weeks I will. I'm giving her a moment to see if she gets used to being manhandled and chills a bit. The pills are cheap enough that having a few destroyed is less than cost of pill pockets.

                                Yesterday she growled her fool head off but pill 1 got into her.

                                I had a really low energy day yesterday, and some random abs doms. (I think I am more doms prone when stressed/ that a thing?) Plus sunburn is at itchy stage now. I walked w the gals from the gym then vegged on the couch in a funk.

                                75 active mins 3/3
                                Yoga 2/3
                                Structured workout 2/3

                                100oz fluids w water>coffee 3/3
                                Fruit/Veg 3+ 2/3
                                Lean Protein 1+ 3/3
                                No bednight junk 3/3

                                Self Preservation:
                                Wakeup 2/3
                                French lesson 3/3
                                Leave fkn house 3/3
                                Tidy 15 min 3/3

                                Current streak 67