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    Fingers crossed for shark cat's ultrasound result!


      I hope everything turns out ok for Shark Cat.


        Int the Shark Cat was NOT nice for vet's office ppl yesterday. A bit bitey, and too annoyed/scared to eat after ultrasound. Snarly as all hell till I got her home, and continuing to growl WHILE eating LOL. I'll hear from vet himself (who was actually on vacation, they use a seperate/outside ultrasound tech) Sat or Mon. I think being hungry and my having to leave her at office for a few hrs didn't help but, they didn't have to sedate her (and charge me extra) at least. Thanks sleep_twitch and CODawn

        Yesterday I took a walk while she was chilling at vet. today I will play w dumbells.

        Active 60min 8/9 (47/52)
        Fluid 100oz 8/9 (47/52)
        Fruit/Veg 3 7/9 (47/52)
        Food log 1st 9/9(37/37)
        Wakeup 9/9(30/37)
        Water>coffee 9/9(36/37)
        Active 75 min 8/9(20/23)
        Lean protein 7/9 (21/23)
        Yoga 8/9
        Practice French 9/8
        No bednight junk 8/9
        Leave fkn house 5/5
        Tidy 15+min 5/5

        Day 59


          Yesterday I walked (to go get pizza LOL) and did this nobs guide workout off insta.
          (15s on rows,floor presses. 8 on millitary press, curls, tricep. 5s on lateral)

          Also revisited Armageddon on lv 2

          Need to be careful, diet is getting out of hand and I am getting in my activity target but I'm getting less NEAT than I used to.

          Active 60min 9/10 (48/53)
          Fluid 100oz 9/10(48/53)
          Fruit/Veg 3 8/10 (48/54)
          Food log 1st 10/10(38/38)
          Wakeup 10/10(31/38)
          Water>coffee 10/10(37/38)
          Active 75 min 9/10(21/24)
          Lean protein 8/10 (22/24)
          Yoga 9/10
          Practice French 10/10
          No bednight junk 9/10
          Leave fkn house 6/6
          Tidy 15+min 6/6

          Day 60


            Can I just say: I LOVE your healthy habits list Some of them positively crack me up, cuz I SO get them!!😂😝


              Hope you do get meaningful results Monday for Shark Cat, that help you take clear decisions. Of course I hope even more for good results. Luna sends purrs.


                Wishing you the best of luck as you figure out your next steps career-wise. I also appreciate your "Leave fkn house" healthy habit - I imposed that one on myself as soon as I switched to working from home back in March. I think it is especially important for those of us living in small apartments.

                Hope everything turns out okay with Shark Cat!


                  Thanks PetiteSheWolf Whirly and everyone else for good vibes for Shark Cat. Heard back from vet. Almost definitely inflammation bowel disease. Steroids for 6 weeks then a checkup and lower dose...hopefully this and the b12 injections are enough. Zomg tho....if looks could kill I'd be a corpse. She does NOT like taking a pill.


                    DorothyMH I'm glad my habits are amusing, lol. I am really trying very hard not to take life too seriously atm. If I let myself think of things in a grim sort of way I am going to be in a lot of trouble (mental state wise) very fast.
                    And Whirly very much so. My apartment/shoe box is 500 square feet. Escape is important! Alto I may be off the hook today bc I got lobstered.

                    Yesterday I went to my class....and did harder versions of things just bc why not...and am actually properly sore. Also I am actually properly a damned lobster. Thank goodness I had my cap on so my face is ok. Shoulders and chest are burnt- skin is radiating heat. It was just 2ish hrs! I was home before noon! Didn't think it was THAT sunny... oopse.

                    I docked myself a "get up on time" bc I got up EARLY. Which was purposeful, but which still could throw off circadian rhythm if I do it too often. I just wanted to do my french lesson and food log before playing commander w sleep_twitch and a buddy from ffxi >.> up early to game is a "known" pattern for me, lol.

                    Active 60min 10/11 (49/54)
                    Fluid 100oz 10/11(49/54)
                    Fruit/Veg 3 9/11 (49/54)
                    Food log 1st 11/11(39/39)
                    Wakeup 10/11(31/39)
                    Water>coffee 11/11(38/39)
                    Active 75 min 10/12(22/25)
                    Lean protein 9/11(23/25)
                    Yoga 10/11
                    Practice French 11/11
                    No bednight junk 10/11
                    Leave fkn house 7/7
                    Tidy 15+min 7/7

                    Day 61


                      Healing vibes for your skin and more healing vibes for your kitty


                        Thinking of you and Shark Cat...hoping you both feel Better soon.


                          Thanks CODawn and Gandhalfit ...shark cat hates pills and I am molting LOL

                          Yesterday....I only did 1st workout in Spellbound (so kept streak) (link should be workout not story spoiler) and some yoga bc somehow had quads doms. Did not tidy. Did not hit movement goals. Did not leave apartment. Ate candy for dinner/bednight snack while playing cards against w a pile of friends online. It was just an off kilter day and I stayed still. I'm in a better frame of mind, today, so going to get my shit together and get moving.

                          Active 60min 10/12 (49/55)
                          Fluid 100oz 11/12(50/55)
                          Fruit/Veg 3 10/12 (50/55)
                          Food log 1st 12/12(40/40)
                          Wakeup 11/12(32/40)
                          Water>coffee 12/12(39/40)
                          Active 75 min 10/12(22/26)
                          Lean protein 10/12(24/26)
                          Yoga 11/12
                          Practice French 12/12
                          No bednight junk 10/12
                          Leave fkn house 7/8
                          Tidy 15+min 7/8

                          Day 62


                            Good that you may have a better idea of what's wrong with Shark Cat, and IBD is treatable indeed with good quality of life for kitty, it seems to me (though I am no vet, so grain of salt here). Hope the next results confirm a good reaction to the steroids. Allez, kitty, allez!


                              Thanks PetiteSheWolf ...I am tempted to record her antics w pill for you guys. She growls like a damned tiger.

                              Yesterday's plan to continue Spellbound was foiled by sunburn. Punches made burnt skin interact painfully w sports bra. Abandoned pretty much immediately and just went for a decent walk.

                              Lol... 3 ( is a frown so 13 was problematic... leaving the rest bc it's funny.

                              Active 60min 11/13 (50/56)
                              Fluid 100oz 12/151/56)
                              Fruit/Veg 3 11/151/56)
                              Food log 1st 13/141/41)
                              Wakeup 12/133/41)
                              Water>coffee 13/140/41)
                              Active 75 min 11/123/27)
                              Lean protein 11/125/27)
                              Yoga 12/13
                              Practice French 13/13
                              No bednight junk 11/13
                              Leave fkn house 8/9
                              Tidy 15+min 8/9

                              Day 63


                                I love the frowning statistics.