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    Originally posted by 'rin View Post
    Like, why is a croissant masculine but pizza feminine?
    As a French, don't expect French to make sense >_>


      You'll come across the genders in a lot of European languages, today I was just thinking about if I wanted to talk about a male zebra I'd still need to call it a she


        Genders, in any language, are so fun to navigate. French numbers are also a pleasant experience.


          I am so glad I'm not the only one confused w gendered language, LOL.

          Yesterday's extra workouts were a biceps set x4 (10 each pulse curls, rope curls, half curls, out curls, 5lbs)
          and a superset x4 of 10 alt hammers 5 bent rows @ 15lbs.

          Today I did my yoga and a 10 min emom w my 25lb bell - 3 dead to goblet.

          Adding 2 "emergency" habits to list, even tho it's not time yet. 1- leave fucking house 2- tidy at least 15 mins.

          Active 60min 4/5 ​​​​(43/48)
          Fluid 100oz 4/5 (44/48)
          Fruit/Veg 3 4/5 (43/48)
          Food log 1st 5/5 (33/33)
          Wakeup 5/5 (26/33)
          Water>coffee 5/5 (31/34)
          Active 75 min 4/5(16/19)
          Lean protein 4/5 (18/19)
          Yoga 5/5
          Practice French 5/5
          No bednight junk 4/5
          Leave fkn house 1/1
          Tidy 15+min 1/1

          Day 55


            I'm sorry to hear about your job. I am glad you have a plan though and I hoping something great comes out of this for you.


              I love your “emergency habits” additions Especially “leave fkn house”🤣. I need that reminder for social sanity maintenance, as well.....


                Gosh, I had missed the part about employment. Hugs very tight... You are bright and strong and motivated, someone else will be very lucky to get you in their team. Hope your thinking about jobs other than retails is fruitful too. Re-hugs, because.


                  Learn Hungarian, we have no grammatical genders, not even gendered personal pronouns

                  I wish you find a great job soon and be grateful for Universe's kick in the ass!


                    Thanks CODawn and PetiteSheWolf and I am glad I am not the only one whk needs that reminder DorothyMH

                    Today I am going to have to drag self to get activity in, new update in ffxiv. Need to remember that I'm home awhile, will need things to do, no sense doing it all in a day.

                    Yesterday I added Friday (lv3) and Anywhere Abs.

                    Today I started with my yoga, Tendon + w 5lbs and then Upperbody builder w 8lbs BUT did hammers, front raises, kept grip neutral for press, and added tricep kickback to rows. May do a few other builder variations throughout day.

                    Active 60min 5/6 ​​​​(44/49)
                    Fluid 100oz 5/6 (45/49)
                    Fruit/Veg 3 5/6 (44/49)
                    Food log 1st 6/6 (34/34)
                    Wakeup 6/6 (27/34)
                    Water>coffee 6/6 (33/34)
                    Active 75 min 5/6(17/20)
                    Lean protein 5/6 (19/20)
                    Yoga 6/6
                    Practice French 6/6
                    No bednight junk 5/6
                    Leave fkn house 2/2
                    Tidy 15+min 2/2

                    Day 56


                      Originally posted by 'rin View Post
                      Today I am going to have to drag self to get activity in, new update in ffxiv. Need to remember that I'm home awhile, will need things to do, no sense doing it all in a day.
                      Pick up something with regular updates. In my case, that's Forza Horizon 4, which has daily, weekly, and monthly* updates to keep the game interesting. New cars, new challenges, new stories... although there hasn't been a new story in a few months, so maybe something in that vein will be coming soon?

                      *Every week is a season**, every four seasons is a series. And like I said, there's daily things, too.
                      **By season I mean they actually cycle through spring, summer, autumn, and winter. This is the big game-changer that was touted when the game first came out. Winter in cars that go 200+ mph/380+ kph is... interesting.


                        All the luck in finding your career. If you deciding to take a mining path let me know


                          wjs I am so picky about games....I might just restart skyrim if I get really bored, honestly.

                          Azercord well, I can't move away from nyc area atm (mother in law w dementia, own a shoebox apt that will be hard to sell w out more reno) but....if mining has some need for remote data entry or customer service to take care of the people buying what you dig up .......

                          Yesterday I added
                          Builder 2nd - zotmans, front raise lat lower

                          3rd - elbow clicks instead of press
                          1 set clair shoulders, 2lbs
                          2 sets 100 punches, 2 lbs

                          5 sets, 15s
                          10 alt hammers
                          5 bent rows
                          Chest and back light

                          Today I will go on a nice walk, going to see former colleague in Brooklyn.

                          Active 60min 6/7 (45/50)
                          Fluid 100oz 6/7 (45/50)
                          Fruit/Veg 3 6/7 (45/50)
                          Food log 1st 7/7 (35/35)
                          Wakeup 7/7 (28/35)
                          Water>coffee 7/7(34/35)
                          Active 75 min 6/7(18/21)
                          Lean protein 6/7 (20/21)
                          Yoga 7/7
                          Practice French 7/7
                          No bednight junk 6/7
                          Leave fkn house 3/3
                          Tidy 15+min 3/3

                          Day 57


                            'rin we actually do both on our sales and logistics side. While many positions didn't used to be remote that has recently changed. I'm not sure of availability but it may be worth checking into especially with your skill set in programming.


                              Bet of luck on your search


                                Azercord my programming skillset is....rusty at best. But knocking the rust off is one of my projects now that I have time.

                                Trbrat75 thanks!

                                Going to switch my log a bit, put habits log from yesterday in morning and post yesterdays workout w it.

                                I need to take shark cat for an ultrasound. And I need it to give them a clear picture bc that is IT on cat diagnosic money. So I couldn't let her eat from midnight till I drop her at 830. The begging has gotten so pathetic, I really wish I could explain it to her. I gave her some plain chicken broth but she is so unhappy.

                                Yesterday's walk took me across the Brooklyn bridge, which I so needed. There is something up w my ankle but I think it's possibly just stress.

                                Active 60min 7/8 (46/51)
                                Fluid 100oz 7/8 (46/51)
                                Fruit/Veg 3 7/8 (46/51)
                                Food log 1st 8/8(36/36)
                                Wakeup 8/8 (29/36)
                                Water>coffee 8/8(35/36)
                                Active 75 min 7/8(19/22)
                                Lean protein 7/8 (21/22)
                                Yoga 8/8
                                Practice French 8/8
                                No bednight junk 7/8
                                Leave fkn house 4/4
                                Tidy 15+min 4/4

                                Day 58