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    I added a back set @8lb dumbells.

    5 sets of 5 reps of a combo, swing row to bent row to bent fly

    Then Chest and Back light bc it's been awhile.


      Today's streak keeping was a short walk, and I slept in. Taking a sloth day.

      Active 60min 38/41
      Fluid 100oz 38/41
      Fruit/Veg 3 38/41
      Food log 1st 26/26
      Wakeup 20/26
      Water>coffee 24/26
      Active 75 min 11/12
      Lean protein 12/12

      Day 48


        Yesterday was sloth and umbrella academy. Today is back to work. Did some yoga to get moving.

        Active 60min 38/42
        Fluid 100oz 39/42
        Fruit/Veg 3 38/42
        Food log 1st 27/27
        Wakeup 20/27
        Water>coffee 25/27
        Active 75 min 11/13
        Lean protein 13/13

        Day 49


          Time for new habits!
          *Mental/self care habit is going to be 15+ min on French learning (using duolingo app for now bc it's free...may buy Pimsleur set if I stay on track).
          *Food habit - no junkfood bedtime snacks (fruit w cheese or nuts is acceptable)
          *activity habit - 5 mins of basic yoga or stretching daily

          Today I did Upperbodybuilder w 8lbs and a warrior/reverse/triangle flow + palm trees.

          Active 60min 39/43
          Fluid 100oz 40/43
          Fruit/Veg 3 39/43
          Food log 1st 28/28
          Wakeup 21/28
          Water>coffee 26/28
          Active 75 min 12/14
          Lean protein 14/14

          Day 50


            This morning I wanted something light, and my sesrch of easy standing workouts found me Me Time. Did at lv2 w my yoga between sets.

            Active 60min 1/1 (40/44)
            Fluid 100oz 1/1 (41/44)
            Fruit/Veg 3 1/1 (40/44)
            Food log 1st 1/1 (29/29)
            Wakeup 1/1 (22/29)
            Water>coffee 1/1 (27/29)
            Active 75 min 1/1 (13/15)
            Lean protein 1/1 (15/15)
            Yoga 1/1
            Practice French 1/1
            No bednight junk 1/1

            Day 51


              Some redic headache this morning. Did some stretching etc. Will update later if I manage a real workout but wanted to do my habit tracking at least.

              Active 60min 2/2 (41/45)
              Fluid 100oz 2/2 (42/45)
              Fruit/Veg 3 2/2 (41/45)
              Food log 1st 2/2 (30/30)
              Wakeup 2/2 (23/30)
              Water>coffee 2/2 (28/30)
              Active 75 min 2/2 (14/16)
              Lean protein 2/2 (16/16)
              Yoga 2/2
              Practice French 2/2
              No bednight junk 2/2

              Day 52


                So ya. Yesterday's headache was a premonition. My job did a 2nd round of staffing readjustments. Basically everyone still on furlough and a chunk of us who were back just got "reduction in forced". Myself included.

                I have been talking, but not doing anything, about getting out of retail for awhile. Aparently I needed the Universe to kick me in the ass.

                I was crying whenever I talked to work people but, I think it is mostly shock/anger. I've never lost a job before. Wtf. Some algorithm based solely on #s w nothing to do w any non directly numbers related things we did for the company. The same week I taught 5 colleagues how to send marketing emails. I understand why they have to do it that way, big corporation, can't leave selves open for discrimination lawsuits (they have had in past abt age). Doesn't mean it amuses me.

                Dusting off my LinkedIn and stopping to think about what I might actually like to do. I paid into unemployment insurance for 25 years. I can draw on it for a few months instead of panicking and going to work at the grocery store.

                So anyway, yesterday had some questionable diet choices and not much movement beyond 15 mins of yoga that was mostly that curl into a ball/egg and hug legs pose.

                Today I did my French work, and started pricing out some certifications I can get (anything admin might like notary, that's cheap, altho I wish I could just challenge test w no payment for class lol...theres a class for salesforce I should do since my online customer support was in salesfloor which is less commonly used...), and went to bootcamp (and trainer is awesome and told me to just come to class and we'll sort it out later) and will have a pleasant afternoon and make some delicious but questionably nutritious dinner but try to stay out of the rest of the ice cream.

                Active 60min 2/3 ​​​​(41/46)
                Fluid 100oz 3/3 (43/46)
                Fruit/Veg 3 3/3 (42/46)
                Food log 1st 3/3 (31/31)
                Wakeup 3/3 (24/31)
                Water>coffee 3/3 (29/32)
                Active 75 min 2/3 (14/17)
                Lean protein 3/3 (17/17)
                Yoga 3/3
                Practice French 3/3
                No bednight junk 2/3

                Day 53


                  Hope your work situation better, I wish you


                    I am silly, noticed only now your "practice French goal"! J'approuve


                      I hope you will find something you like soon. At least now you don't have to deal with rude customers.


                        All my best wishes to you for finding a good job!


                          Awwww, virtual hugs and all that, @‘rin, I’m so sorry you got kicked by the universe. That really sucks. But, the silver lining is there, and you see it, already. Get your chin up after a good weekend off and you’ll be okay.


                            Thank you Fremen Amirsh DorothyMH Nebulus PetiteSheWolf ...from learning some tourist basics when I went to Paris and going to Quebec so often Jun compran Francis ...meh je parle un peu, pa tres bien. (And I am sure my spelling is worse than my spoken LOL.) I am trying to get from "can at least not be an asshole American while traveling" to at least "Quebecer from anglephone neighborhood" if not actually fluent. Everything being gendered is tripping me up SO bad tho. Like, why is a croissant masculine but pizza feminine?

                            I need to make an order to my days, so I stay well mentally and don't take some "just some random job" like at grocery store just to gtfo house. This can be a gift. I can stop and breathe and find an actual career. I need to be smart, and that starts w keeping self from sinking into a depression.

                            Today I will clean off my desk. I've started online training for Salesforce, free to start, to show some skill acquisition.

                            Morning workout was 5 sets, 5 reps each, w my 15lb bar
                            bent rows
                            Up rows
                            Reverse grip curls
                            Military press
                            Triceps extensions

                            Later workouts will get noted tomorrow, if any.

                            Active 60min 3/4 ​​​​(42/47)
                            Fluid 100oz 3/4 (43/47)
                            Fruit/Veg 3 3/4 (42/47)
                            Food log 1st 4/4 (32/32)
                            Wakeup 4/4 (25/32)
                            Water>coffee 4/4 (30/32)
                            Active 75 min 3/4 (15/18)
                            Lean protein 3/4 (17/18)
                            Yoga 4/4
                            Practice French 4/4
                            No bednight junk 3/4

                            Day 54


                              You’ve got a good plan and start, there


                                Originally posted by 'rin View Post
                                Everything being gendered is tripping me up SO bad tho. Like, why is a croissant masculine but pizza feminine?
                                I mean, clearly pizza is feminine, it ends with an 'a', and obviously croissant is masculine because of the 'nt' ending. >.> Oops, my American is showing...