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    Thanks DorothyMH and CODawn. I always had the "line in the sand" in my head but, actually discussed it with my husband before we got the cats. (Because w a person he would spend a lot more time doing things like life support than I would.) A long term managable thing like thyroid or diabetes? Sure. 1 off heroic surgery (like, cat eats a non food item or falls out window)? Most likely, based on prognosis for after. Mid to long term expensive shit the cat will think is torture anyway(like chemo)? Nope.


      Anyone willing to spend tons of money on a long-term illness in a pet is at least one of three things: A) incredibly well off financially, B) a sadist, and/or C) far too attached to the concept of "pet" and not so much to the actual animal in question.


        wjs yeah..... I will pay for things that can be managed bc... giving a cat a few pills or a shot a day is not hard/doesn't torture cat/is not expensive. (Shadow's thyroid costs me 200 a year for a blood test + about 50 cents a day for a pill, that's not completely rediculous. ) (If the cat's temperament is such that they start to hate you for pilling them and are always hiding, I'd reassess this.) But at a certain point you are just throwing money away and torturing a pet who doesn't understand why.


          Yesterday I added 10 min of deadlift/front squat/press w 25lb kettlebell x3 emom to get to my 60 actuve mins.

          I have failed at "out of bed on time" so that will be 1 of my 3 "new" habits again.

          I think I will try 1+ serving lean protein (yogurt, chicken, pork loin, deli meat, skim latte, protein shake) bc I like to live on fatty things like egg/bacon/nuts/cheese/beef and increase active time to 75 mins. My average for the week is usually 90ish but, I am getting like 61 on days off quite often /sloth.

          Today I did 1 set of stopgap just to shake out cobwebs and will walk.

          Active 60min 26/28
          Fluid 100oz 25/28
          Fruit/Veg 3 26/28
          Food log 1st 13/13
          Wakeup 10/13
          Water > coffee 12/13

          Day 35


            Originally posted by wjs View Post
            Anyone willing to spend tons of money on a long-term illness in a pet is at least one of three things: A) incredibly well off financially, B) a sadist, and/or C) far too attached to the concept of "pet" and not so much to the actual animal in question.
            Hindsight is 20/20. Looking back on the treatment course of both Willow and Whisper, I wish we would've made different decisions. Although, neither of these treatements were "long-term". Willow's was a week. Whisper's was a little longer (a few months) but also not as harsh as chemo. These decisions are incredibly difficult and heartbreaking.


              Hugs CODawn . Sometimes I wish vets were more responsible about their recommendations w/r/t *quality* of life. We listen to them bc they're the doctor >.<

              This morning I did Chest and Back light to shake out the cobwebs. And bc my back has been SUPER tight in the mornings.

              Habit reset: keeping wakeup, adding lean protein, upping activity goal.

              Active 60min 27/29
              Fluid 100oz 26/29
              Fruit/Veg 3 27/29
              Food log 1st 14/14
              Wakeup 11/14
              Water > coffee 13/14

              Day 36


                Yes. With Willow they said she had 50% recovery and a couple more good years. But her test results weren't good and she wasn't good. I think her cancer was really agressive. Ugh.

                I need a habit reset. My new habit lately is sitting on my ass.


                  Sending love to shark cat - hope everything turns out okay


                    Thanks Whirly15

                    Today I did a 10 min emom w my 15lb bar. 3 bent rows, 3 up rows, 3 press w some warmup and cooldown that was 15 min.

                    Active 60min 28/30
                    Fluid 100oz 27/30
                    Fruit/Veg 3 28/30
                    Food log 1st 15/15
                    Wakeup 12/15
                    Water > coffee 14/15
                    Active 75 min 1/1
                    Lean protein 1/1

                    Day 37


                      I liked emom yesterday so, today I did 3 each min/25lb bell - deadlift to goblet to press.

                      Active 60min 29/31
                      Fluid 100oz 28/31
                      Fruit/Veg 3 29/31
                      Food log 1st 16/16
                      Wakeup 13/16
                      Water > coffee 15/16
                      Active 75 min 2/2
                      Lean protein 2/2

                      Day 38


                        Heading to meet gym ppl for outdoor class <3 <3 <3

                        Customers have me hating ppl lately so I have set myself up for a day to hopefully reverse that a bit... meeting gym friends then playing cards against humanity online w friends.

                        Active 60min 30/32
                        Fluid 100oz 29/32
                        Fruit/Veg 3 30/33
                        Food log 1st 17/17
                        Wakeup 14/17
                        Water > coffee 16/17
                        Active 75 min 3/3
                        Lean protein 3/3

                        Day 39


                          Did a "barbell" complex x5 w my 15lb bar.
                          5 bent rows, 5 reversed curls, 5 up rows, 5 press, 5 triceps extensions

                          Needed just enough to be a workout, not enough to kill self, Sunday is not my favorite work day.

                          Active 60min 31/33
                          Fluid 100oz 30/33
                          Fruit/Veg 3 31/33
                          Food log 1st 18/18
                          Wakeup 15/18
                          Water > coffee 17/18
                          Active 75 min 4/4
                          Lean protein 4/4

                          Day 40


                            Had a weird morning yesterday. There was an agressive panhandler in my neighborhood for the 2nd time ever (in 15+ years). Have had the occasional "hey do you have a quarter for the bus" person or "can you get me a sandwich" but never this... will follow up street pestering, knock on cars windows at stoplight... this is not ok. I don't want to call the cops bc I don't want him to get hurt but, I am NOT going to give money to someone acting this way, especially not in a place where they could literally follow me home. Ofc he is out on the morning when my plan is to get a bite at cute coffee shop omw to work. Him sticking his head in the door to heckle me did not improve my mood >.<

                            THEN my subway wasn't working but, the D train left me walking past Magnolia to work so, I basically had to get a cupcake. (Vanilla w chocolate buttercream.....I love their icing.)


                            Today I did an emom 10 min w 25lb kettle 3 per min
                            dead, squat, press complex. Then 5 min w 15lb dumbbells bent row, hammer curl, shrug.

                            I like this style lately.

                            Active 60min 32/34
                            Fluid 100oz 31/34
                            Fruit/Veg 3 32/34
                            Food log 1st 19/19
                            Wakeup 16/19
                            Water > coffee 18/19
                            Active 75 min 5/5
                            Lean protein 5/5

                            Day 41


                              The panhandler thing is creepy...esp if it’s around your home😒


                                It is DorothyMH .... things are tough atm so I'm not surprised ppl are in trouble neighborhood is "nicer" than that usually >.>; that's why I bought my apt even tho it is crappy, it's in a good neighborhood so we will be able to sell well....damnit.

                                Took a sloth day yesterday. Slept in. Sat still.

                                Did Tendon + w 5lbs and some yoga/stretches today.

                                Active 60min 32/35
                                Fluid 100oz 32/35
                                Fruit/Veg 3 33/35
                                Food log 1st 20/20
                                Wakeup 16/20
                                Water > coffee 19/20
                                Active 75 min 5/6
                                Lean protein 6/6

                                Day 42