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    Happy Badge Day and I'm glad you don't take shit at work. Stay safe!


      Happy badge day, and that sloth day sounds amazing


        Thanks LizardFriend95 HellYeah PetiteSheWolf Fremen CODawn sleep_twitch

        Today I started Foundation (again) w clientfriend. Who added an abs challenge he found on darebee's instagram. I will add my dumbbell days instead.

        Yesterday I had also added a biceps set I found on instagram - 1st 2 sets at 8lbs last 2 at 5. I have sort a sort of internal version of someone's mother hating on my big arms so I tend to shy away from biceps work to not make it "worse" arms will always be a bit big, that's just my build, maybe I should focus on them a bit so they are big but pleasantly shaped.

        Active 60min 7/8
        Fluid 100oz 8/8
        Fruit/Veg 3 7/8

        Day 18


          Congrats on BaseLine!!😎🥳


            Originally posted by 'rin View Post
   arms will always be a bit big, that's just my build, maybe I should focus on them a bit so they are big but pleasantly shaped.
            Sounds very good!


              Thanks DorothyMH

              And ya Nebulus ...part of my overall project to make being a big strong GIRL an ok thing lol. Arms are a weird hyperfocus, tho.

              Yesterday I mismanaged myself and was up WAY too late. So today I was dragging this morning. Put off Foundation so I need to double up tomorrow. Skipped making breakfast and bought egg on a roll. I need to put sleep in my next round of habits but need to think how best to. Just "bed on time" is bad bc if Im not sleepy on time I should not be in bed. (Former insomniac. Bed is for sleep, sex, and maybe 30 mins of reading. Not lying there not asleep, if I'm doing that I need to gtfo bed, I cannot have my body associate bed w wakefulness.)

              Did tendon +, tho, 5lbs

              And walked.

              Active 60min 8/9
              Fluid 100oz 9/9
              Fruit/Veg 3 8/9

              Day 19


                I think I have identified my next 3 habits. Food wise, I need to do food log here daily (bc I am good about using ate app but I don't actually LOOK at my patterns till I go to write it down). Fluid wise I want to try for more water than coffee (some days have 60oz coffee LOL). And instead of an activity goal, a wakeup/getup time between 530-6am. In 4 days, gotta make sure this is solid 1st (and catch myself from those days where alllll my fruit/veg is in 1 meal).

                today I walked 6k steps w 10lbs in my pack, did days 2 and 3 of foundation at lv1 while outside, and did a shoulder dumbbell routine x4. (10 up rows, 5 bent flys, 5 w press, 10 punches, 5 lat raises. 5lbs)

                Active 60min 9/10
                Fluid 100oz 10/10
                Fruit/Veg 3 9/10

                Day 20


                  Wtf... missed fluids goal by fkn 4oz yesterday lol.

                  Foundation day 3, and Upperbodybuilder w 8lbs.

                  Active 60min 10/11
                  Fluid 100oz 10/11
                  Fruit/Veg 3 10/11

                  Day 21


                    Originally posted by LizardFriend95
                    4 ounces isn’t bad though.
                    I think that's the point she was trying to make, hence the "lol" at the end of that statement. Kind of like "How did I manage to miss it by four ounces?"


                      wjs I know what point she was trying to make and what she meant by that statement. I just meant it could have been worse.


                        Thanks wjs and LizardFriend95 is just exasperating to be close but not quite. Health wise 96oz is much better than say, 50oz would of been. But mental state wise, 50oz would of been easier to deal with lol.

                        Anyway. Today's foundation was jumping and I did not want to go play outside before work so I get to double up tomorrow. (Why I didn't just swap days order idk).

                        Dumbbells for upper body!
                        3x @ 15lb dumbbells
                        10 alt curls
                        10 alt hammer curls
                        5 2 handed triceps extensions

                        3× @ 15lb
                        10 bent rows
                        10 shrugs w pause

                        3x @ 8lbs
                        5 up rows
                        5 bent flys
                        5 triceps kickbacks/skiiers

                        3x @8lbs
                        5 zottman curls
                        5 rope curls
                        5 out curls

                        Active 60min 11/12
                        Fluid 100oz 11/12
                        Fruit/Veg 3 11/12

                        Day 22


                          So.... this morning I did the abs foundation day (6) still skipping cardio bc I didn't feel like going outside... plus I did tendon + w 5lbs (I really like that workout) this was not 15 mins, but carrying groceries home from store will be so whatever.

                          Did dinner at Irish pub, outside seating, last night omw home and.... idk if I will again for awhile. I didn't feel super irresponsible bc my neighborhood in particular is pretty "safe" atm and nyc in general is actually doing really well and I was not going to sit indoors even tho they have opened that up in a limited way but.... main waitress was less than 100% w her mask (seemed to be tailoring it to her clients behavior, which I don't blame her for as a service person after tips, she took it off at the table where they sent their young son to hug her, for all I know they were her cousins or something but still....alarming to see as a client) but the young guy who was running food to tables had some contraption made of 2 masks on plus gloves and seemed pretty nervous (putting stuff on tables from as far away as he could stand). I just had a long strange day yesterday and couldn't stand the thought of cooking, and stopping for a burger was as cheap as ordering in... I think next time I will just stop at deli for a sammich.

                          Active 60min 12/13
                          Fluid 100oz 12/13
                          Fruit/Veg 3 12/13

                          Day 23


                            You’re a braver woman than I There is just too much *not* masking for my comfort, here in rural hicksville of WA state


                              DorothyMH NYers, at least NYCers, are pretty good about masks. Maybe bc it was so bad here to start, we got scared. Being forced to leave my apt at all for work (I gave myself exposure therapy the few days before going out for coffees LOL) means I need to be in some "risk accepting" mode. I can't stay in my home except for groceries like I wanted, so I had choices to make. I choose to avoid the bus otw, bc at least I see them washing the subway, and if I end up on the bus otw home I can shower immediately. I deal w customers, but not unmasked ones. I'll get close to someone if I need to take a measurement, but I won't touch anyone's skin. And I'll eat outdoors at a restaurant if the tables are far enough apart...but not deal with unmasked wait staff. Hell, I had my own mask on ordering and until my food came. To my mind, wearing a mask in public shows a certain level of carefulness/attention to hygiene about this plague. If you are wearing your mask you but are out in public you are probably being the same level of moderate careful I have chosen to be myself (wether or not I wanted to make that choice) so I can feel reasonably safe around you.


                                I failed on fruit and veg yesterday bc..I really didn't eat a ton. I was not hungry/purposely not eating, and I had a meals worth of cals between juices and an iced coffee w flavor, but when you eat twice it is hard to get 3 fruits and veggies in lol.

                                I need breakfast on work days or else I get grouchy, but sometimes on a day off I just have extra coffee instead.

                                But, all my habits were at least 12/14 so now I'll add 1- do food log 1st thing (so I look at yesterday while thinking what I might eat today) 2- wakeup between 530-630 3- drink more water than coffee (dt coke counts as coffee here).

                                Did Foundation day 7 and 3 sets of a complex w body bar. Will go to an outdoor bootcamp tonight if no stupid thunderstorm.

                                My Robin family on fire escape is doing well. I put some sliced apple out for them (I am not catching worms) and my husband is concerned..he doesn't want more pets lol.

                                Active 60min 13/14
                                Fluid 100oz 13/14
                                Fruit/Veg 3 12/14
                                Food log 1st
                                Water > coffee

                                Day 24