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    Awesome job! The girl power week looked super tough!


      Thanks mogster aveoturbo twinkletoes TheLibrarian CODawn wjs daejamurrachan PetiteSheWolf Cabriel Nebulus Artemi Candace

      It was super hard. I want to redo it on lv 2-3 w out cheating pushups on knees when I am more fit. Not that I need more fittness goals.

      Going to do totals w my lifting for some structure/variety.

      Feeling low energy today but it's georgeous so I am getting a walk in the park in.

      Active Rest
      squats challange
      Totals day 1 - done 10/10/10/10 as a circuit
      Totals day 2 - while in park. High knees in 1 go, jacks 2 sets of 50.

      Pullup Work - scapula pulls on monkey bars. 4 sets of 5, alternating pullup and chinup grip
      Rows from picknic table - 4 sets 5, again alternating grip

      222 dares, 180 w ec. 412 day streak


        Power to the girls with badges! Well done!




            Thanks HellYeah80 and Gee

            1 drink last night (so 2/4 on the week) and a pint of ben and jerries and some doritos.... greedalox, go. But, also some killer corned beef hash so, whatever. Today is a new day. (I do not like traditional corned beef and cabbage but, I will cook corned beef just to cut it up and make hash w extra veggies put in >.> yesterday it was cartots and some spinach that was trying to wilt in fridge, topped w eggs I poached in reserved cooking liquid. Nom.)

            weird (accompanied by some light headedness) slight headache this morning so took it easy.

            Active Rest
            Squats challange
            Dare - balance lunges, no ec
            Totals day 3 - punches as a warmup then others as a circuit

            Tomorrow I get back to barbells

            223 dares, 180 w ec. 413 day streak


              I find corned beef is very good as a sandwich, too. But I'm with you, corned beef and cabbage is missing something. It's called flavor.


                Back to my barbells...after 10 days. I missed them. Had a hangover headache bc 2 mojitis last night (so I'm 4/4 w 2 days left) but powered through. Ignored dare bc jumping would of been bad.

                Barbell Restart (will properly restart Nia program Tues, and stick w it at least 6 weeks*)
                1x45x10, 1x115x10, 1x135x8, 1x115×10
                Deadlifts (superset w squat)
                1×45rdlx10, 1x135x7, 1x155x5, 1x135×7
                3x10 scapula pulls
                did squat challange w these bc realized I forgot it
                Incline bench
                1x30x10 2x40x8
                Shoulder press (superset w incline bench)
                1x30x8 2x30x6
                ​​​​​some yoga/stretching

                And the shirt/sweater I wore today are having some unfortunate drape/fit issue in the waist area that is magnifying my muffin top/pooch to a huge degree. Both fit seperatly but together....need to decide if I can deal w it (in which case I can read w my post gym latte) or if it will have me low confidence/fidgeting all day in which case I need to buy a tshirt at target and wear the emergency blazer I keep at work. Leaning towards the 2nd bc I can get some painkiller for my poor head while there.

                *an eternity in cat time

                223 dares, 180 w ec. 414 day streak


                  Ssoooo I bought a shirt. And then some pb fudge bc was annoyed. Great job..get alloyed at belly then cope by feeding it. Meh!


                  Gym w Friend:
                  did squats at home, first
                  dare, situps, w ec
                  fun w pully - 10lbs, 2 sets each side 15 rep each
                  high pulls
                  mid pulls
                  low pulls
                  Totals day 4
                  Ballance on 1/2 bosu and bounce ball (mostly bc I wanted to watch friend try, lol) 3×10 w small 4lb ball
                  Pullup work - assisted chins. 1x55assistx5, 1x70x5, 1x85x5, 1x100x5 (gave friend higher assists)
                  Between did plank w elbow on bosu, plank w feet on bosu, alternating ball slams, and ball toss/squat
                  Stretched, got out

                  Need to do basic groceries, have a lot of food in house atm but missing ingredients for things somehow...need to fill in lol

                  224 dares, 181 w ec. 415 day streak


                    You probably burned a few extra calories having to go into a store and buy a shirt. If you need justification.


                      And now, on top of being a greedalox and eating all the food... I really need to face the fact that I am hoarding food. If I had some sort of financial disaster, I could feed myself/husband/cats an actual balanced diet out of my freezer/cupboards for 3 weeks... 4-6 if I actually rationed things and did not attempt to make them taste awesome. None of my excess is stuff that will go bad, so I am not wasting food....


                      I just went to the store. Meant to get deli meat (so I can take sammiches to work on the 3 pkgs of English muffins I got bc buy 1 get 2 free last week), fresh salad veg, milk for coffee, and some meat. (Bc my stored protein is almost all beans/tuna/nuts/nutbutter/yogurt.)

                      My favorite chorizo was 3$ less then usual (but I should maybe not buy it often at 120 cal/oz anyway). Bacon for 2.99/lb (limit 2 pkg thank god). Mangos and grapes on sale and gee those bananas look good. Potatoes 99 cents for 10lbs! Pasta is 2 boxes/1$. One of the yogurts I like (that I am not out of) and cottage cheese (ditto) are on sale. 75$ later my farmers carry home is anything but fun.

                      Putting food away, I find bacon already in freezer as I add new. Apples and clementines already in the fruit drawer. Mindfully put the yogurts in the back of fridge bc I have enough inventory that I actually meed to rotate it. Needed a shoe horn to get more pasta on shelf. Thank god, at least, I did not fall for butter on sale bc I have 4lbs already.

                      Part of it, I know, is that growing up we shopped at a big box store (bjs) and overfilled cupboard every few months then lived off that/our garden and only rly bought meat/milk/bread... So I digested this "stock up" mentality (my bro did same, I listened to his wife freaking out at him abt "20 motherfucking lbs of rice wtf we are only 3 people not an army" once, lol). Like, if we were in the grocery store (warehouse) w dad we were filling the bed of a pickup truck w food. But, it seems that when I am stressed out it gets worse. I need to be more mindful.


                        It's good to be prepared, and I don't mean that in a sarcasm/justified way. I mean that as in, most people would be fucked if some disaster hit and there was a cut in the food supply. Having an ample supply is not something most people consider having as we tend to be able to just go and get what we need. I don't think there is any concern here and I personally applaud you for it


                          We also buy food in bulk, because it's cheaper and we need stuff like rice, spaghetti, canned tomatoes etc. anyways. If you have the kitchen space, I don't think there's anything wrong with it.


                            It's mostly that I do it in a hap hazard way currently that bugs me. Like, it is generally bc I see a good sale price but.... yes, 2.99$ is a great deal on bacon. But there was already 2lb of bacon in the freezer and 1 in the fridge. Now there is 5lbs (well, 4, I made monster blts yesterday) in my storage. I usually have a better awareness of what was actually in my cupboards/fridge so that I am only stocking about 2 weeks of transportation grid failure/financial system crash/zombie apocalypse supplies. Being so wprried lately has me scatterbrained, this is just another way it shows. I should make a list of my current stock before I next hit grocery store so I buy the right ingredients to compliment things I am over stocked on to use them up. (And so I don't get more frozen green beans.... those are always super cheap, my husband doesn't love them so I can only get away w them once a week or so and I probably have 10 packages in freezer.) At least I passed up sales on butter (bc it was also on offer just last week) and rice (bc the offer was a 20lb bag and I couldn't remember if I had a big enough tupperwear/bin thing to dump it into (I don't, so good call)(there is also 7 or 8 lb of rice already in cupboard)). So it's not that my preparedness bothers me, it's that I have a nagging feeling that grocery shopping is becoming a coping mechanism and idk that that is healthy.

                            Weekly Digest!
                            wins first. 4/4 drinks, no extra, no night w more then 2.

                            43.75 miles. Not bad. Its still fkn cold out. Can't wait for spring for some nice numbers. I think I will go for at least 1 100 mile week in May just bc.

                            2450 average. Compared to 2550 last least I am a bit better. But really. Trying to reel it in a bit more this week. Got a bunch of fruit and yogurt since I seem to be seeking sugar, maybe grapes will keep me out of icecream somehow.


                              My class is going away/moving gyms in May. I am torn bc, overall, it IS too easy for me but it has been a nice way to be social (I have hermit tendencies) and get some active rest movement in... and I have learned some cool things to incorporate in my own work. I like the trainer tho , and will see what I think of where she lands. Maybe I will just take 1 session w her every month/6 weeks as a check in/routine reset depending on price. Or I can negotiate something in summer, I know she has done outdoor classes w ppl before.


                              Active Rest/Casual training
                              Squats before breakfast, check
                              Dare - bridges - ec
                              Totals day 5, each exercise in 1 set
                              Class - some battle rope etc, and 15 mins of upper body work w 9lb dumbells. Shoulder press, alt curls, hammer curls, bent rows, lat raises, some strange curl at an angle that worked chest also, all in sets of 10-20
                              Pullup work - neutral grip assist 1x70x3, 1x85x5, 1x100x8, 1x115x10

                              225 dares, 182 w ec. 416 day streak


                                So, week 1(again) of doing this Nia Shanks program properly twice a week. Marking days to 12, then I will take a break and do yoga week, then prolly 6 more.

                                Strength, Nia (1)

                                1x45x10, 1x95x10, 3x145x8 (try 10 next) 1×95×10 1x45x10 (bar felt like a feather there lol)
                                2x45x10, 1x45x8 (bar was NOT a feather)
                                Kneeling rows
                                Prawn extensions
                                Pullup work - 3×8 Scapula pulls
                                Squat challange - did as 5 sets 10 jump squats
                                Iron bar

                                225 dares, 182 w ec. 417 day streak