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    Amirsh honestly tho, idk if I am more scared of things not calming down or things going back to old normal. Old normal is a system that doesn't work for the majority of us economically and is physically dangerous for a large minority, so hopefully people stay angry JUST long enough to cause change lol.

    Might take less time then ppl think, really, since there are more potential protesters than cops... ppl in LA have started peeing themselves in cop cars (bc, if you tell cops you need to pee and they don't get you to a bathroom you cannot be punished for that, at least in that municipality) bc then the car has to be taken off the road 24-48 hrs for sanitation/cleaning...and hey, they don't have unlimited cars.

    On a light hearted note.

    I did baseline day 7 lv 3, and will go carry some groceries then maybe march around w backpack a bit.



      Originally posted by Amirsh View Post
      doesn't Yellowstone has enough gazers to let pressure from that huge lava depository, safely?
      Yellowstone is actually mostly a gigantic caldera that goes off very rarely. The geysers help reduce the pressure, but it's still only a matter of time before it turns most of Wyoming and parts of several other states into an obsidian mine. How long until it blows again is anybody's guess, really.


        Oh she's so cute

        Not a lot is going to change and that's for sure.


          Not a lot is going to change and that's for sure.
          Which is maddening. There have been periods of similar upheaval repeatedly in this country, and if you look at recommendations made after it is always the same, and hasn't been followed yet. What the hell...this shit is not enjoyable, why not just fix it to save grandkids the fucking hassle? I hate people.

          Anyway. Diet shit day below workout, if diet pathos will mess with you don't read.

          Baseline 8 lv3, the new workout that looked cool lv1 between (3 sets baseline > 1 of this > 2 > 1 >2 >1).
          Then 3 sets of 10 bent rows/3 up rows w 25lb kettlebell.


          So. Standard Sunday morning mtg w friends in EU timezone. So I'm up at like 5 w some light breakfast at 530 (2 apricots, like 1oz each cheese and chorizo, ofc coffee).
          Much coffee playing. Lol one of the guys asked if I'd had coffee/enough coffee bc I was playing more aggressively then usual.
          Then hubby was heading out for work so I made a hardboiled egg and peeled an orange for him so he wouldn't eat a deli sammich otw. Made myself an egg on a slice of rye toast w a touch of butter at same time.
          Had some strange guilt happening about "double breakfast" when really both of those together are less cals then scrambled eggs/toast/bacon which I would of eaten and felt ok about so wtf.
          But, bc of strange guilt, just kept drinking coffee and didn't have lunch.
          Hubby txted me that he'd eaten a late large lunch (his job has been feeding the not quite reopening crew pizza and snacks) so not to worry about cooking dinner for him....
          .....and my immediate thought was "oh good, I can just skip dinner". Including cream in coffees I had maybe 800 cals tops. Even tho I did not do a ton yesterday that is so not enough food, where the fuck did this thought come from? I usually have to watch self for overeating, starving is a thing I have done *TO* myself but I have never accidentally fell into it.

          I ended up spending 30$ I shouldn't of on Indian delivery even tho I had food in house (even shit that I wouldn't have to cook) but I didn't trust myself to actually make anything. I ended up having a nice dinner (butter chicken - not my normal choice but I just wanted easy food), some samosas, rice, got naan but it wasn't great so I didn't eat it. But wtf. I do not like this trend, and spending extra money to bribe myself to eat is not sustainable.


            wjs there are basic timelines on pretty much all major volcanoes and Yellowstone is overdue (between 5-20k years depending on the model). That being said it isn't showing any major signs of going off any time soon (remember in geology soon is still an long time). Small tremors even in clusters aren't concerning as it just shows shifting and near surface pressure release, the magma body is super deep so there would be major quakes from it shifting. You are spot on with the crater size though, it would level everything within 20-30 miles each way. The biggest concern would be the ash cloud that would blanket the Earth but hey at least it would stop global warming.


              Yesterday had baseline and builder w 8lbs, today had carrying paint from hardware store and baseline. Everything has grouchyness this week.



                Baseline, tendon +, and some mischief.



                  Originally posted by 'rin View Post
                  . . .and some mischief.

                  hmmm . . .


                    Mamatigerj it costs a political campaign about 2$ to cash a check. (More if it is not an unpaid volunteer handling it.) And then it generates mail, also, bc they send thank you's etc. Since I am not fond of a few politicians who are out to wreck the post office...sent some checks for 1 penny. 2 birds, 1 stone.



                        That's a good kind of mischief ​​​​​


                          Baseline. Also, thought of a few more deserving politicians and bought thank you cards and glitter from a little minority owned shop on my street. Bc, you know, pride = glitter. Writing "thanks for being such a jerk that I risked getting glitter in my apartment just to get it on your desk" lol.



                            Originally posted by 'rin View Post
                            Writing "thanks for being such a jerk that I risked getting glitter in my apartment just to get it on your desk" lol.
                            I feel sorry for the poor interns that have to deal with this, because the politicians themselves will not be opening their own mail.


                              wjs oh I know. But they decided who to intern for. And some of them are small time enough (Buffalo Mayor...) that they might >.>


                                So. I don't lose my streak when sick, even w some Schrodinger's Probably Covid illness. I do when I just...can't be bothered. Yesterday I sat on the couch and watched Eureka all day and ordered junk for dinner instead of cooking food that was already in my house.

                                Had an awesome morning playing mtg today, even if I was eaten by both snakes and goblins.

                                Yesterday one of my former colleagues who's a gym buddy posted a pic from when we used to have an outdoor training group....and tagged the trainer, and ppl commented, and some txts went out....

                                And we had a group class this morning. Outside. Iimited equipment but a lot of fun.

                                Although saw pics from it and fucking hell my lack of movement lately shows. When I move enough, even when my diet is shit, I can deal with my physique even when it's a bit heavy/fluffy. Add lack of motion and I look like a damned marshmallow. Ofc the fact I'm on my period is not helping what I choose to eat OR how I feel about myself so whatever.

                                At least I know wtf to do. Just get moving again.

                                Also did 13 and 14 in baseline, to catch up.

                                Also, my husband's cat is fucking rediculous when around strawberries. So strange.

                                Day 1.