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    I love your cat.


      Awww, poor overloved kitty Mademoiselle Luna is really getting spoiled by my parents, and the access to the garden... I am a bit wondering how she will react to "normal" life again, with just me and in a small Parisian appartment. Hope she doesn't beg too much at lunch


        Thanks CODawn, I love her too. And lol PetiteSheWolf ...cats are usually smart about who they beg from, so hopefully Luna doesn't bring habit home w her.

        yesterday had just under 6k steps, and 60 swings

        Today I decided to start Baseline as filler, and did 1, 2, 3 on lv1 between my gaming.
        Ironborn back and biceps w 15s except 8s on up rows. Balked at renegades and did double the reps of bent rows >.>
        w2r day 3 was a success

        Work wants shared ipads back prior to reopening date. I want to minimize time spent on subway. Maybe I will walk >.> (13 miles)



          I have been remiss in my logs >.>

          I have had a nice weekend, though, with way more people then I have interacted with in ages LOL. Yesterday I played mtg w sleep_twitch , had a socially distanced coffee chat with my 2 college roomates (so so happy one of them thought of this and facilitated), and then did some actual endgame raiding complete with having to be on discord and learn mechanics and not cuss like a sailor bc someone had kids nearby and no headphones (which is pretty much par for the course with like 80% of my raiding experience in any mmorpg) on ffxiv. This morning I played mtg again w a gaming buddy and some of his friends (and omg my redic 2mana lurus deck actually fucking worked) and am going for a drive/to a nice grocery store that sells meat that is not from the fucking infected large meatpacking plants (I am not worried about chicken from them bc that is cooked well done and will kill everything... but I want steak for my bday next weekend damnit and that is not to be cooked well done) w one of the old roommates.

          anyway, logs
          may 15th Yoga, baseline 4,5,6, balked at ironborn, did my walk for w2r. 10k steps
          16th Yoga, baseline 7,8,9, balked at both w2r and ironborn, 3k steps
          17th yoga was meditation, baseline 10,11,12, got shamed by buddy who is doing ironborn w me and finally did leg day w 15s... but it had 2 lunge variations, I replaced one w b stance deads bc I that is what I was balking about. W2r was run/sprint intervals did those


            Yesterday was 5k steps.

            Today was 12k steps. That was my movement for the day. Walked to/from subway to go return ipad to work. Grand Central was a ghost town w pidgeons indoors. 5th ave was super empty. I managed to get all the way there touching nothing till I got to the door which opens out, lol.

            My "trick ankle" which has not flared up in something like 5 years (but which spent over 15 being bitchy after I sprained it badly twice then had a hairline fracture that I thought was another sprain and walked off w an ace bandage) decided to get some minor twinge while I was out that turned into a full on crisis after I got home so ya, thats it for the day. Atm I have a compression knee sock on (folded down to double up at ankle) bc I can't find my ace bandage/ankle brace.



              Ugh. I hope your ankle feels better soon!


                Yes, hoping ankle gets better soon.


                  Thanks CODawn and WSMC27 ankle is not sprained I think but is def unamused with me. Will send hubby out to get me a proper brace/ace bandage later.

                  Ironborn abs day was planks... nope. Did 2 min abs twice through.

                  Was not testing anything w downward dog or pressure on one foot for yoga so did my own self guided yoga to round out 15 mins.

                  Going to try very hard to stay still and not feel badly about it today.



                    Stay still and don’t feel badly, @‘rin!! You must take care of angry ankle


                      What DorothyMH said - and healing vibes


                        Healing vibes for your ankle


                          Speedy recovery to that ankle!



                              Thank you DorothyMH sleep_twitch Amirsh Mianevem oneironaut !

                              Ankle is sligisly better but still not ok. Definitely twisted rather then a full sprain, but I have a compression bandage on it and am being still.

                              Ironborn was done kneeling, making shoulder presses harder lol. 8lbs except an attempt at 15s on chest press (did the 1st set and half 2nd then retreated) and 5s on lateral raises.



                                Kneeling work again.

                                Ironborn back and biceps. 15s except 8s on upright rows and flys. Did kneeling good morning instead of deadlifts.