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    Sinus infection right after finally defeating Schroedinger's illness..rly? That's just mean..

    You'll get a chance tp play your new deck against my goblins this week for sure!


      Thanks MissMolly CODawn Gandhalfit HellYeah and I'm looking forward to that sleep_twitch.

      was comfort seeking yesterday so had some awesome Strawberry Shortcake.

      Wanted to fix my leaky sink today but I think faucet is so old I need to replace entirely. Started taking it apart to replace washer and v quickly saw it was just going to break if I kept messing w it so.... ya. This is a bigger project and not for right now.

      Did ironborn day 6 w 15lbs... but the real farmers carry was 2 cases of seltzer home from store.

      not getting steps in bc it is rainy out and I want to limit my time out on that while not 100%.



        I love that the farmer's carry was carrying "real life" stuff.


          CODawn right? I was like "15lbs is too light.... I need stuff anyway"

          Examined sink further. I need a new sink. I am hoping I can find a wall mount sink that fits the space/has fasteners to the wall in similar spots to current one. If I can, this might only be an 80-200$ project. If I can't then I need to redo whole stupid bathroom, which will run at least 5k. I cannot put a sink that has a cupboard under it in bc of where tub is, can't put a pedestal sink bc of where plumbing is in wall... I have some fucking old fashioned exterior drain plug thing for bathtub (which is what occupies what could be footprint for vanity) so that is a huge project to put a regular tub. Realistically I need to move out for 2+ weeks and spend 20k and get wiring, kitchen, bathroom all redone but... not right now. Going to wait till post covid to fuck w sink in case I make a debacle and need a plumber >.> For now, my hubby's cat likes to drink from leaky faucet.

          I paused ironborn bc friend is a day behind anyway and started Walk to Run.



            It looks like your hubby's cat is making the best of the We have some things we need to get done after COVID too. Our kitchen faucet sucks. Too hot or too cold.


              Hubby's cat (she decided this, btw, favors him specifically and men > women in general) is a goddamn furry terrorist atm. Thinks she should be fed at 2am and will bite him until he does so. Won't eat if I feed her if he is up. Will bully Shadow if I don't stop her. Think she has caught our stress.

              My personal timezone is somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean (I am going to bed around 8pm and getting up around 4am). I am completely unmotivated to clean this place beyond like, spraying cleaner at toilet bowl and taking away trash/recycling. Can't seem to pick up a book even tho I have like 5 new ones. Am not bothering to wash hair until it is trying to start locs bc I'd rather bathe then shower. I am in some weird state of not quite coping with anything but...I also am not doing maladaptive shit (not spending a ton of money, no excessive day drinking (haven't been drunk or even had more then 1 shot's worth or 1 glass of wine in a day), not quite binging or starving, not killing self w workouts or skipping them) so I think I am just going to accept this as current baseline and only worry about it if it worsens. I could beat myself up about not being productive while home and wtf I have a job after this and nice benefits meantime but....why? Situation I am in is NOT normal, why expect myself to be? I would be stressed about my dad even if we weren't in a fucking pandemic...that making it impossible for me to go there fucking sucks. Not knowing how busy (and therefore well paying) my job will be after this is over fucking sucks. Going to try to read today tho, bc that trend/behavior annoys me.

              Today I did day 7 of iron born w my 15lb dumbells. Also day 2 of from walking to running, saw some nice ducks while out (mallards, I think, he had a greenish head). I like being out early and I really like trail vs pavement/sidewalk for trying to run. Still not sold on running but, I can try anything for 30 days.



                Thanks for the ducks. Shitty times, indeed. I went for over a month just not caring about workouts (just did walking and 4 minutes of yoga). Weird baseline will pass to another weird one.


                  That sounds like me for the last few days. The stress is taking a lot of the energy.
                  Hang in there


                    Thanks CODawn and Gandhalfit

                    It is fucking pouring. IF I was further along w this running thing AND I did not have sinus misery I would prob make myself go out anyway. But, I need to get properly healthy. It seems I won't be back to work till mid June at least, and maybe step mom/dad could use help once they don't need a driver/if bro heads back home. I can't go if it means dragging germs so I need to behave. My dad is back in hospital- some infection, I think they sent him home early in 1st place bc Covid fears.

                    Gravity Hold bc couldn't get started
                    Ironborn 8 but could not get self to do up down planks, did crunches but doubled reps.
                    wanted cardio to make up for lack of jog. Did Takeoff lv 3 but modded for apartment- step jacks and skiers.



                      Ugh...I hope your dad is better soon.


                        Health vibes for your dad, and for you


                          Hope your dad's infection goes away fast...


                            Healing vibes for your dad and you!


                              Speedy healing vibes for dad and you both!


                                Thanks CODawn Gandhalfit sleep_twitch PetiteSheWolf MissMolly

                                I am much more stressed abt my dad bc I can't be there. I want to visit and read to him and make notes when drs/nurses are in room. To help my step mom around house so she can do the same. Just to be THERE. (Altho my bro is better helper atm bc driver was/is needed and that I am not.) He is out on Monday if numbers continue up. I super overspent on flowers (fucking 80$ highway robbery) to get some delivered to brighten up his room. Somehow tho, my mother had perfect timing, she has been going through and making copies of all the old photos she has as her retirement project. She got most of the pics from when we were kids in the divorce, and she just sent a huge package of them to my dad via my bro (I think some were for me but, he can hold for now) so he's had those for entertainment.

                                Did Ironborn 9 today w 8lbs except lat raises were 5 bc those can diaf.

                                Played some mtg w Twitchy and got saved from a hoard of goblins by cyclonic rift

                                Then despite rain bc it was not bad rain went out for Day 3 of walking to running. My current running pace is only marginally faster then my normal walk and definitely slower then my "go mode" walk but oh well, need to get body used to different mechanics. Then I will worry abt speed. (Altho if I don't sort speed by the time I can get a 5k I may just spend more time walking in go mode.)