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    LOL...cats....they are smarter than they seem!


      Feeling better ish again. Not trusting it of course but, hopeful.

      I am well enough to be well and truelly annoyed about the lack of anything I want in my cupboards, LOL. Unfortunately, the grocery store is still a bit understocked so sending hubby becomes iffy bc he does not cook (like at all) so doesn't have instincts to improvise when things are out. And will add junk food. "Hey they were out of chicken but I got you some cheetos to cheer you up!" >.> 3 more days if I don't get worse again, since as of now I have cough but no fever.

      BUT I managed to make a really decent tomato soup in my instapot yesterday. Canned plum tomatoes, butter, chopped garlic, basil, herbs d provence, bay, water, and beef bouillon paste. Finished w a bit of half and half and parmesan when it was done. So our easter dinner was deviled eggs, grilled cheese sammiches and tomato soup to dip in.

      Had an awesome relaxed morning today, fought with computer issues to play some mtg commader with sleep_twitch

      Giving myself another day before I get back to hard workouts.

      Did Tendon+, Breath Easy, and Forarms and Triceps light



        Playing MTG today was so much fun - thanks again


          I am glad you're feeling better. Cracked up at the "out of chicken but I got you some cheerios to cheer you up..." Sounds like Scott but it would be chocolate instead of cheerios.


            Originally posted by 'rin View Post
            "Hey they were out of chicken but I got you some cheetos to cheer you up!"

            I am so glad I am the person in my household doing all the grocery shopping now.

            Hoping your recovery sticks this time, and you can get out to choose your own groceries soon!

            I think I may have found your mystery singing little brown bird. Any chance it was a carolina wren? The first clips I heard of carolina wren songs were much faster than your bird. But the rhythm is right. So I checked out All About Birds. The video at the top of this page is pretty close.


              CODawn it's not chocolate bc that I wouldn't share w him, lol...
              Rainbow Dragon I think you are right! Thank you, I didn't realize those lived here.

              Did Express tone day 26 today but, fatigue reps were super low.

              Yesterday I had no fever, but was coughing. Today so far, no cough, but fever is back (not high, tho). It's been 2 weeks since initial high fever spike. Stubborn virus is stubborn.



                We love our chocolate here!
                I hope your recovery speeds up!


                  Full Recovery


                    Thanks CODawn Gandhalfit

                    Today was a minor setback. Keeping myself moving at least a bit bc that is helpful to keep this shit out of my lungs but was not up for day 27.

                    Power Squat, Tendon + w 5lbs and some stretching.

                    Getting to the bottom of the cupboard w groceries. Probably pizza today to stretch things a bit.



                      I am sorry to hear about your setback. Sending you some healthy thoughts. I hope the cats are being nice.


                        Hang in there and just keep fighting it 'rin
                        You've got this! Lots of healing & positive vibes your way my friend!


                          Wishing strength for you 'rin. You can do this!


                            /hugs CODawn MissMolly Rainbow Dragon

                            Did day 27 today but, started at 15lbs ended at 5 lol.

                            Sent hubby to groceries store today, we are both going to be super exasperated.



                              Yesterday I did not post bc I was just exasperated. Woke up feeling sickish again. Did day 28 bc it was an easy day and it was hard. Decided to prep dinner early in day bc my energy has been higher/fever lower in mornings......and discovered ALL the ground beef (basically only meat left on shelf other then rly pricy steaks, fish(hubby barely eats) and a few giant hams) he had gotten (like, 7lbs) had sell by date of yesterday. I HATE freezing raw ground meat (rly, any raw meat other then sausages/bacon). I never like texture out of freezer. So I cooked it all >.> Made meatloaf, shepherd's pie, and tomato/meat sauce (which I froze, bc that thaws ok to my picky standards). This used all of my energy for the day and I listlessly finished watching Grimm and may have ordered ice cream sundaes for delivery to cheer self up >.>

                              This morning I am hopeful, tho. No nightmares/dreams last night (I only remember dreams when feverish) for 1st night since this shit started. Did day 29 this morning and working on some catbird edh deck to ambush my friend's friends with tomorrow.



                                The no nightmare thing is definitely a good sign. I am hoping this bitch is on it's way out!