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    So, apparently my hoarding impulse is for chia seeds.

    Yesterday I finished the bag of hemp seeds I have been sprinkling on my salads. I thought I had another bag in my pantry, so was looking for that this morning to put on my breakfast fruit salad. Alas, I do not have a spare bag of hemp seeds. I do, however, have 2 small bags of mixed "super seeds" and 2 of "ancient grains and super seeds" which I got with the intention of putting them in bread. Both mixes contain hemp and are all ingredients that can be eaten raw, so I sprinkled some of them on my fruit salad.

    While searching my pantry for hemp, I also discovered 4 bags of chia seeds--three factory-packaged bags, plus one huge bag I scooped myself from a bulk bin. I also have a bag of ground chia seeds because the last time my mother did go shopping I asked her to get chia seeds and she got ground ones by mistake. And the seed mixes? They both contain chia too!

    I guess if I ever get really bored I can dig up some clay from my backyard, shape it into figurines, fire them in my fire pit, and grow myself some chia pets.


      I really appreciate that we all hoard different things, it seems like some mammalian instinct that we all revert to if stressed lol.

      Yesterday I added Home Workout and Anywhere Abs to my evening.

      Today I was up in time to read an hr before I went on my walk. Did espress tone in park bc it was leg lifts. Also 3 sets of 3 rows hanging under a picnic table. (Got a nice vid of a territorial swan for my efforts.)

      Shower and fresh cloths (still athleisure pjs but whatever) check. Tidy 15 mins, half check (got mail and dealt w recycling at least). Work 30 mins, check (made a cool thing to send clients tomorrow and sorted out a password reset issue). I think dinner tonight will be pesto pasta so that counts for my final check. I feel a bit more cheerful then I have in awhile so..guess it's working. Still anxious as all hell but at least I feel better for uncurling from my ball a bit.



        I am so glad you're feeling better.


          'rin , same swan here, flying and chasing the geese from one side of the pond to the other.


            Originally posted by 'rin View Post
            Got a nice vid of a territorial swan for my efforts.
            I guess being bigger and more aggressive than everyone else is one way of ensuring social distancing.


              Nice vid 'rin

              same swan here, flying and chasing the geese from one side of the pond to the other.
              Swans, what are you gonna do


                No swan on this morning's walk but, some arguing geese (who are ok w seagulls and ducks but can't be near swan lol), a woodpecker I failed to get a nice shot of and some drab little bird who was super freaking loud lol.

                I got a bit of clarity from work. (Paid at least through next week so, paycheck on the 10th..they will give us further answers next week before friday but off the record from my boss it will probably be furlough (w benefits paid awhile prob, looking at the rest of my industry peers) not layoffs..(if not reductionin force, which I should be safe from bc I'm in good standing) my 401k won't get fucked up but I will be qualified for unemployment, without needing to jobhunt stringently bc job comes back as soon as store reopens.) What that will mean for my salesfloor selling online idk, but it's been a fun toy for now at least. A client I really like had me help her w her husband's bday gift this morning, and Ive enjoyed crafting cheeky updates. At least now I can let that anxiety go. My 401k can safely sit till stocks go back up a bit and they are keeping us on payroll at least long enough for ny state to sort out unemployment at the new enhanced rates. I might be able to leave my index fund alone, thank goodness. There isn't much in it but atm it is lower then usual LOL.

                Did Express tone w 15lbs this morning but subbed 2 handed triceps extensions.

                Today is my 10th wedding anniversary... and we are in quarantine for it... woohoo? I will make nice stesks for dinner at least.



                  Also, selfish but, I have been low lv anxious that step mom would go back to work (retired nurse) bc of crisis and.... she broke her ankle in the back yard (probably on a ladder bc my dad mentioned feeding the birds and squirrels). I am not happy she is hurt but I am selfishly relieved now she won't somehow get redrafted into workforce. >.> My dad is aparently still working but 70% of what he does is at home on his computer anyway even before this mess so at least he will be safely at home doing it.


                    I don’t blame you: I would be secretly jumping up and down with joy that she can’t go back. Your state is freakin crazy with this shit😱


                      Happy Anniversary and best to your step mom


                        Understanding your relief re. your stepmom. Though I am torn between relief to be in a safe and comfortable situation, and guilt of neither working nor volunteering...


                          May I say congrats on the 10 years! All the best with the work-related stuff and hopefully your stepmother gets better.

                          It's may sound selfish, but you want the best for your stepmother. Wanting to protect family isn't selfish.


                            Happy Anniversary! Make the most of it


                              I hope you could find a way to celebratethat wonderful anniversary!


                                Thank you DorothyMH Amirsh PetiteSheWolf Mai Halestrom MissMolly Mianevem

                                Had a nice day yesterday. Made steaks for dinner and cookies for dessert(and my breakfast today...) and warched a silly action movie (angel has falled) w my hubby.

                                Today I did not follow morning schedule but that's ok, I had a nice reason. Played some mtg w a gaming friend and his mtg friends, lol. My commander deck that I threw together did not underperform, and it was nice to chat with a group of ppl. Even if they were a bit "wherefuck did he find this gal from nyc?" lol. Started at like 6am my time bc was on their schedule (they usually play in person Sundays but..).

                                Bagged Express tone for the day bc Im ahead of friend I am doing it w, anyway, and just went for a walk. (On the street bc rainy and park would be muddy.) Ppl were.... 80% good at social distancing, and went quickly when needing to pass on sidewalk etc.

                                Went to store for 3 things (seltzer, potatoes, yogurt so I stop w sugar breakfast) and spent 70$ bc aparently I am more anxious then I thought and in hoard mode. Goal is to stay the fuck out of stores for 10-14 days, now. At least things I got won't go bad. Should be fine but cats might be on dry food a few days bc their normal delivery is delayed. Also, was super happy to see store has put plexiglass things in front of cashier now, and I told mine as much.

                                counting my walk + groceries carry