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    12k steps and eating was... reasonable until I wanted an extra meal at 10pm bc was so stressed I was hungry. At least I picked healthy stuff from fridge.

    work is 1- dead 2- strange and stressful bc someone quit from a position I would like but ofc we are in hiring freeze so who knows if promotions are possible BUT the work needs to be done anyway so I may be doing some of it.... I better fkn get this when things calm down.

    today I slept in so couldn't easily go to gym so did Express Tone day 2 w my 8lb dumbbells...w my dad on speaker bc he called to check on me. My 1 legged deadlifts are less flaily, at least. Walked to subway since workout while chatting was not 100%.



      Hope things work out for you with that promotion (and that your employer doesn't use the pandemic as an excuse to avoid giving it to you). If you're doing the work, you should be compensated for it accordingly. (I know the market is in upheaval and all, but corporations still need to step up and do right by their workers in the trenches. People who were wealthy enough to take massive hits to their stock portfolios are not the ones who are hurting in any honest sense of the word.)


        *fingers crossed* for promotion!


          Thank you Rainbow Dragon and MissMolly. I spent 4 hrs yesterday going through fabric "books" to pull out shit that is unavailable that should of already been out.

          Yesterday was 15k steps and reasonable eating.

          Today I wore ankle weights to walk to gym, and discovered ankle weights suck. I think I will carry them home, or put on wrists lol. They will become weights to put in knapsack >.>

          Groove greasing - 3 x 5 rows from smith bar + 3 knee pushups.

          Express tone day 3, 12.5lb weights. Pretty sure I did not do the knee to elbows right lol.



            Made poor hubby haul me home some 15lb dumbells so I have them for leg dumbbell days >.> will just use my 8s and more reps for arms. Not going back to my normal gym till this is over, might go to boutique one IF my job decides to fucking pay us when we inevitably close. I will walk laps in the park carrying the stupid ankle weights, whatever. They strap together w velcro, maybe I can strap them together around my waist lol.

            Express Tone was leg tendons, so I also did Tendon+ for arms (2lbs)



              Good news!!! My store is closed for roughly 2 weeks (timeframe subject to change). We are getting paid (base only w no offset for lost commissions but...better then unemployment would be and no disruption in insurance/401k/accumulation of vacation time etc).

              Bad news. I am sick. I am ALWAYS sick this time of year, and not feverish, so I refuse to think it could be covid19 but... I am slightly scared, honestly. Refused to kiss hubby as he left for work (his fucking store is open ofc). Altho he NEVER catches shit I bring home/I always catch shit he does and it must be genetic immune system bc I have healthier habits lol.

              Did Express tone day 5 but "fatigue" was at low rep even w my 8lb dumbbells. Going to sit on couch rest of day.



                Ohhhmigoshh hope you stay well. Congrats on the dumbbells And paid staying home...good news.


                  I'm so happy you are home (hopefully safe) and that your employer is doing right by you w.r.t. the pay.
                  Try not to worry too much about your diagnosis. There are still lots of common colds and influenza going around out there, and even if you do have Covid-19, you are otherwise healthy and will most likely be able to recover at home without serious complications. Practice good hygiene and social distancing (including from your husband) as much as you can.
                  I will keep you in my thoughts.


                    Fingers crossed for that virus to go away quickly!


                      Get well soon and take care.


                        It's nothing, I'm sure. Take of yourself


                          Good news on job front! Just take care of, hydrate and relax! Stress will only heighten symptoms...but most likely just a cold or allergies plaguing you since you say it's normal for you to be ill this time of year.


                            Thank you WSMC27 Rainbow Dragon sleep_twitch CODawn Amirsh MissMolly

                            My diet is fucking hilarious atm, yo.

                            But I'm out of Cadbury now so, at least that trend is over.

                            Did my Express Tone legs day today and have otherwise been on my couch.

                            Still some cough/fatigue/weakness. But no fever. So just being still.

                            Hubby's job has closed for 2 weeks at least now. He will get paid for at least 2 weeks. Go go trying not to kill each other.

                            Check my insta if you want to see a truely pathetic cat, lol.



                              FEED ME MOAR! Lol, she’s a sweetie. Looks small, is a baby?


                                Chaotic eating in new situations is normal - the first few days, I ate all the time to calm my nerves. It's gotten better now that I have figured out how to structure my day while staying indoors.

                                ​​​​​​​WSMC27 It's that "black cat body type" - we have a black cat who looks just like 'rin's, he's 17 years old and never weighs more than 4kgs, although he's eating like a champ LOL