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    Thanks Mianevem Rainbow Dragon Amirsh !

    Yesterd was semi reasonable eating and 12k steps.

    Today I've had a tantrum on Instagram and am marching over to class lol.

    I think in our current climate it is pretty important for #motivationmonday pics to exist that are not of "traditionally fit looking" bodies, so I am trying to put my money where my mouth is.



      Love the shirt! Keep rocking it YOUR way 'rin !!


        I love that Instagram post! It's so important to show that fitness doesn't have to be about weight loss / physique goals. I don't follow a lot of fitness accounts, but when I was looking for some triathlon inspiration / information, all the pictures showed super lean bodies. So I looked for #athenatriathlete (>150lbs, which is ridiculous), and all I found was "triathlon for weight loss" stuff


          Love it, 'rin! Keep on rocking being healthy (and working on being happy about it--the fashion industry/cultural standards lie, but you know the truth of how you feel in your body and what your body can do).


            Originally posted by sleep_twitch View Post
            I agree with this sentiment.

            I was on Instagram for a while, following some accounts which were purportedly of yoga teachers but which turned out to be primarily a form of advertising for the yoga fashion industry. (The account holders in question do engage in some teaching of yoga, but many of them make far more money from posting photographs to IG of their hyper-lean bodies performing extreme yoga poses in over-priced spandex.) I don't have time in my life for that.


              Love your instagram post!


                Thank you so much MissMolly sleep_twitch Rainbow Dragon CODawn ... I am having a tantrum at Instagram as a whole atm and basically using it bc I feel it is important to hold space for other women (as long as it is not damaging me to do so). There is starting to be a decent chunk of higher bmi powerlifting types, and a few similar yogis, but by and large the women talking fittness on Instagram (even the dietitians preaching freedom from diets) are...not large. Or even medium sized. Like, I fucking love what Jamela Jamieson is trying to do but, it's easier to do so at her weight then mine.


                I am back to doing meal preps, even made dinners for hubby for days I work late (hotdogs and rice and corn, but, it's what he wanted so ...). Made a nice goulash (if any German bees come to ny pls bring goulash cream, I do not want to pay 10$+shipping a tube for stuff you can get for like 2$ lol) (my friend brought me like 8 tubes of this and maybe it will last 2 months bc I am playing w it in everything) for dinner for us yesterday + 2 meals for me. Some garlic pork chops and nice haricot vert green beans for less heavy work meals. And even pre prepped some protein oats.

                Yesterday was 17k steps and purposely unreasonable eating bc I wanted an ice cream sunday.

                My everything hurt today so I went easy.

                Greasin groove work - 3x 1 flex hang, 3 knee pushups
                Bright and Beautiful lv1
                Builder- 12.5 and 10. 10 for all sets lateral raises, 2nd and 3rd sets shoulder press, and 3rd set upright rows.
                2 min abs


                  I make goulash often, and lived in Germany as a young teen, plus German ancestry, but never heard of goulash cream...enlighten me, please!


                    MissMolly it is by Univer, and is basically all the spices you need + tomato paste. Comes in mild or hot. The friend who brought it doesn't really cook so uses it as a short cut, I have decided it is awesome in non goulash things like instapot chicken and rice as well as actuallactually using to make goulash.


                      And now all I can think about is the joy of having a big bowl of traditional goulash soup right from the cauldron over an open fire...


                        I know right Mianevem ?

                        And MissMolly do you have a favorite recipe? As much as my family ate authentic stuff from everywhere when I was a kid (the 1st thing I learned to cook was chapati) my family goulash recipe is v much an American one w hamburger beef and elbow noodles (altho we at least use more paprika then some, lol). Being handed a shortcut ingredient I just braised beef w that/tomatoes/carrots to get something closer to a true goulash but, I don't have a good recipe when I run out of tubes of cream >.>

                        Today I took a bit of a down day, bc I've been super tired.

                        Rookie, lv1, and will walk to subway.



                          I make goulash like this (it's not traditional, but sooo good): Fry goulash beef cubes in clarified butter (or butter, but not oil), heat as high as possible, until dark brown. Remove from pan, don't clean pan, fry onions and button mushrooms in it. Remove onions and mushrooms, add tomato paste, fry for a few minutes on medium heat, deglaze with good quality red wine. Combine everything in a large pot, add beef broth until covered. Add black pepper and different types of paprika powder (mild, hot, pinch of smoked). Let simmer for at least 2.5hrs, or 6-8hrs in slow cooker. We add fresh red bell peppers before serving, because we don't like them soft. Add some heavy cream before serving. We eat it with mashed potatoes.


                            Lol, I don't think mine is traditional, but...
                            Brown ground sirloin in pan with butter (or without) , add in desired amount of dry elbow noodles, cover with beef broth, add in garlic/paprika/red pepper/parsley/basil and tomato sauce and simmer until most liquid is gone and noodles cooked. Then I add in some corn, shredded cheese and heavy cream to my liking and heat until combined and gooey. I also top with more cheese! I've also made it with green beans, but corn is my family's preference. It's basic, but my family really enjoys it. When I was a kid, my aunt always made it with venison - yum!


                              sleep_twitch WINE.. this is what I was looking for/forgot. I just used crushed tomatoes/water as my stewing liquid and I think it came a bit tomato heavy bc of that. I might not use mushrooms as my hubby likes those less then I do but... I will def use wine.
                              MissMolly this is pretty similar to my family's recipe, altho we used green bell peppers instead of corn. I might make 1 batch this way w this seasoning just to have height recombinant american cuisine LOL.

                              2 days ago I walked 19k steps and ate reasonably
                              yesterday I walked 14k steps and ate reasonably until I got home from work, and realized I was really going to start avoiding takeout/restaurants overall (except coffee, it is hard to contaminate boiling water) until this mess is contained BUT my neighborhood is safe so far so.... 1 last pizza. So I may have eaten half a pizza (3 slices) while taking a hot bath. Sent hubby out to get it and he was like "I'm not bringing you pizza IN the bath am I?" yes.. yes he was. LOL.

                              Today I am taking a pjs day. I was going to go for a hike bc it is nice out but... meh. I have been on the go/around people every fucking day since feb 10. Either work, or friend in town, or pax, or went to gym class and was social w the ladies. Just NOPE. I am in some junk/comfort mode so I may go to grocery store to get some supplimental groceries bc I want a hamburger and tater tots. But. Going to take a gaming/reading day otherwise.

                              Chest and Back Light and my walk to the store to preserve streak.



                                Yesterday was 2k steps, lol, and rly strange eating (coffee breakfast, big lunch + some snacks). Pj day ftw.

                                Rainy day so didn't want to walk to gym.

                                Wanted to start Express Tone.

                                Had 8lb dumbbells (bit light)
                                Mcguivered a bit w 5lb ankle weights on wrists + those.
                                Not totally comfy so took them off after 3 sets lol and finished w my dumbbells.

                                Day 1 Express tone