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    I got some good "get up in the morning and go" momentum started bc was touristing w friend who is also a morning bug/much more of a fitness person than me so was hotel gym peer pressure also. Decided to keep that rolling. It is 9am and I am already over 9k steps >.> Not going to worry about following a proper program for a few weeks, just going to get back into "just get damn self to fucking gym" first.

    Starting a new "meal unplan". W my unpredictable work schedule + morning gym going + I want to eat after gym always I am often ending up with 4 meal sized meals. BUT. I don't NEED a heavy breakfast (altho I will always eat one if not paying attention, hungry or not) unless I am not really eating lunch, or vice versa. So. Instead of 3+ meals, I am going to try for 2 meals + 1-3 snacks (depending on timing/activity lv). On a day like today that can be a yogurt snack pre gym, meal after, kind bar etc if hungry before meal time at work, meal at work, some fruit or more yogurt in evening. Some days that might mean huge breakfast and kind bar/fruit snack for lunch and normal dinner. Basically since I am a hobbit and I like to eat many times a day, I need to actually pay some attention to the portion sizes.

    kettlebell set w 12kg, 5
    5 swings
    5 goblets
    5 bent rows
    5 up rows
    5 rdls

    Off Day



      Yesterday's steps were 19k (going to start posting this again for accountability gdi)
      Yesterday's food was not quite reasonable, but not a debacle. (Starving counts as much as a debacle as overeating, since my bad pattern is a yoyo between the 2.)

      Mid shift today so was at gym near job at 9am which is, it seems, peak barbells being used time. Hamstrings are sore anyway so this saved me from temptation to deadlift >.> and ppl were on assisted chin/dip machine AND trx, but I was in the mood for a back day.

      Bent rows, fixed bar
      4x45x10 - 1st set was easy, last was pure stubbornness
      Alt hammer curls
      Upright rows, fixed bar
      4x20x10 - working on keeping elbows high

      Daybreak - but, scap shrugs from knees. Body is still a bit "wtf no pjs yoga streak?!?" so being a bit easy.



        I miss pj yoga days too...


          12k steps yesterday
          almost reasonable eating

          Have to go in early to work. A colleague left somewhat suddenly and there are some filing things and customers left hanging in the wind to be sorted out so no surprises.

          So Forearms and Triceps Light and some stretching.



            11k steps yesterday
            fairly reasonable eating (someone opened the candy in desk at work so I was in it a bit but otherwise on plan)

            I SUCK at water at work.

            Today was leg day + aggravation at gym

            Someone tied up: barbell w plates on, rack, landmine, another barbell (in landmine), 5 random dumbells, close grip handle thing, resistance band, assisted chin machine, pec/back fly machine, some kettlebells, AND put her phone on top of whipes dispenser so you'd have to move it to get whipes. She would be using 3-4 of these at once in some Circuit but not cleaning up any she was done with + she has habit of being absolutely nasty to anyone who uses a thing she is "using" or asks her to clean up.... in the 45 mins I was there she had just finished deads w barbell #1 and never touched it again but glared at anyone who went near it. I got dirty look for moving her phone to get whipes. I get it, you are in some top % of fittness, you need some redic optimal workout to stay there but... go to a private gym, princess. You HAVE some private studio bc you are a trainer/nutrition person (soooooo calorie/weight loss focused), get the equip you need there. You won't get yourself clients by being an inconsiderate jackass even if you do look ripped. (I was actually considering buying a meal plan from her bc she does have a degree and they don't look totally stupid but a- done w calories atm for sanity sake and b- not paying someone who behaves like that.)Wtf.

            My back is pretty sore anyway so instead of squabling for remaining racks I did machine leg day.

            4x10 everything, 1 set light 3 working
            leg press 90+press weight, 180 (calf raises here between)
            Abductor 80, 130
            Adductor 80, 130
            Single leg press on assisted chin
            55, 85 (each leg)
            glute kickback
            30, 70 (each leg)

            Was going to do iron bar but got annoyed just watching so got out of there.



              And like that she lost a potential client. I'd have reacted the same as you did .


                Me too. What a B***H


                  Me too! What an inconsiderate twit.


                    Wow, 'rin. You have the worst luck with gym arseholes. I'm sorry you had to deal with that. (And from a supposed fitness professional too. I can--kind of, sort of, on a good day when I'm feeling especially magnanimous--understand the occasional instance of less-than-neighbourly behaviour from someone who may well be having a bad day dealing with stressors I have no idea about allowing their bad day to spill over into their interactions with other people in an environment in which they're maybe not entirely familiar with the social norms. But for someone who is obviously a regular gym-goer and who works in the industry to boot to behave like that is inexcusable.) Good job you for getting in a decent workout in spite of the situation.


                      Thank you so much PetiteSheWolf DorothyMH CODawn Rainbow Dragon I am glad I am not overreacting in my annoyance. I think next time I will just go like, take the barbell she is obviously no longer using and say something uncharitable about people who don't clean up to her, as if I didn't know it was hers lol. Bc fuck it. Don't give cookies to assholes. She just counts on ppl just letting her slide.

                      For someone who can be an absolute princess when she knows she is with ppl who care about her/will take care of her I really fucking ppl who just expect the entire world to be at their beck and call.

                      Yesterday was semi reasonable eating and 20k steps

                      today I was willing to do a nice chunk of work, as long as none of it was very hard. My everything is sore.

                      Cheeky Monkey lv1 w ec
                      Tendon +, 2.5s
                      Iron bar

                      grabbed a 20lb kettle, 5x
                      5 swings
                      5 bent rows
                      5 up rows

                      Went over by trx, 5x
                      5 rows
                      5 knee pushups (don't love my rom but, just need to do them)

                      Some 7.5lb dumbells for shoulders
                      lateral raises but w palms forward
                      shoulder press w neutral grip
                      Front raises
                      Shoulder press palms forward
                      1st set 5 of all
                      2nd set all 5 except last press was 6 alternating (so 3 each hand)
                      3rd set..5 of 1st, 6 alternating for the rest



                        "Don't give cookies to assholes." I love it.


                          CODawn I can't claim credit for it, a gal I went to college w used to say that, I have whole heartedly adopted it, tho.

                          Yesterday was reasonable eating and 12k steps.

                          Today, my brain/insecurities were the asshole I needed to avoid feeding. Having to go super light/low rep on things that I had made real progress on before tendon massacre + weight regain makes me want to nope right on out the gym.

                          Legs are still angry so did a chest and back day:
                          Incline Bench
                          6×45×3 this had me so frustrated I wanted to cry, honestly. But at least all my sets of 3 were nice pretty form.
                          Barbell bent rows
                          Upright rows w barbell
                          Dead hang to flex hang w short hold
                          x5 (I miss my easy sets of scapula pulls so much)
                          8 trx rows + 10 shoulder taps x 3
                          Chest and back light



                            Originally posted by 'rin View Post
                            I am glad I am not overreacting in my annoyance.
                            Overreacting? Pffft, I don't even know her and I already feel an urge to put her in her place.


                              Great work powering through against that negative head space, 'rin!


                                Originally posted by Rainbow Dragon View Post
                                Great work powering through against that negative head space, 'rin!
                                Exactly. I would probably fume about it for a few days then quit going, so you're doing great.