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    Going to walk the 40ish blocks from Guggenheim to work today

    I feel guilty bc I need to catch everyone's threads >.<



      I feel guilty bc I need to catch everyone's threads
      oh that feeling... yep, I'm there also


        22, 23, 24,25 were all walks, one of them over 12 miles.

        Not counting the 3 days I had to work, I hiked 75ish miles around nyc w my friend while he has been here. Across all 3 bridges to manhattan from brooklyn, as well as queensborough bridge. Hit a ton of museums. Heading to Boston tomorrow w friend and hubby for pax east (so tomorrow's main workout will be fucking lugging my bags).

        Day 108


          I hope you enjoy PAX East in spite of all the luggage wrangling. I've noticed the trend of you liking road trips except for the baggage handling involved.


            Dragged my ass out of bed and to hotel gym.

            Jacked. Just 10s except bent rows were 15s. This hotel has no coffee makers in rooms/available till 7am. Uncafinated workouts suck so much.

            Day 110

            And wjs you are very correct


              No coffee?! That's a travesty!


                My beloved Upperbodybuilder w 10 lbs (fucking lateral raises) and I am taking my whiny self for fkn coffee.


                  I conclude that it is not a good day, can I join too?


                    I hate hotels with no in-room coffee ability. I paid extra for an upgraded room in Vegas so that I could have a machine in the room. It just burns my ass that it’s an “extra” in some places😖😒


                      DorothyMH Fremen I should of taken upgrade. But. Traveling w pile of ppl who might/do want a common place to meet, the person w big room becomes party central and I crash early.

                      This morning was a later start so, I was able to buy coffee in lobby at 7 and take this into gym. Holistic and a bunch of stretching.



                        I love Holistic.


                          Hubby and I don’t leave home without out our Keurig mini Gotta have good coffee.


                            CODawn so do I. It is a fave "but I don't wanna" workout

                            K e l l y I might just have to.... I did not put that on criteria list for hotel for my friends and I should of.

                            Today I had a nice walk (mileish) otw to convention.

                            I survived! I fkn love PAX. But. It started as a thing my hubby and I did together (we actually planned our wedding sort of around the original PAX east). Then it morphed into a thing we might take our friends to. Then this year it ended up being a thing that a pile of MY (guy) (single or left wives home) friends came to. I was super worried that I would be pulled in 10k directions and end w ppl mad they visited but didn't see me enough or sulking husband but nope, everyone had a good time. They all got along and I was only herding cats a tiny bit.(So far, we travel home tomorrow lol.)

                            I even had a taker for the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum side trip (I generally will go by myself). If you are ever in Boston, go there, seriously.



                              PAX - that's cool that you have that as an anniversary thing


                                So ya. Travel day.

                                Chest and back light and Hammer w 15s (except 10s on last shoulder presses bc idk why but that felt weak today)

                                It was barely a workout but, hotel gym was barely a gym /shrug