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    CODawn you are nicer then I am, I just thought they don't respect our space/right to be there.

    Thanks for solidarity DorothyMH and LOL Amirsh I have definitely gone and stood in a corner facing a wall a few times >.> fucking mirrors

    Today was early on insufficient sleep (schedule based, not insomnia).

    5 sets
    5 trx rows
    10 jump squats

    5 sets at 25lb bar
    5 rows
    5 front squats
    5 millitary press
    5 good mornings

    Tendon + w 5lbs

    Active rest


    Day 96

    now to see if this breakfast meeting at work has acceptable breakfast and my oats are lunch, or if Im eating my oats to avoid pastries >.>

    I need to catch up on threads this week.


      It has become a way of life for me to try to meet as few people as possible when I leave home


        'rin I am sure there was a lot of "stink eye" and mumbling under my


          Lol Fremen... CODawn I meant you assign a nicer motive to said lunkheads then I do. Showing off at lesst means they want us to like them, my idea is they are trying to push us out of "their" space.

          Yesterday was supposed to be up early and gym and I had a horrible night's sleep then napped on couch in morning till work. Free floating anxiety is a bitch. So yesterday's workout was stretching and a walk. + plank.

          Today running through Energy Boost a few times to shake cobwebs + counting walking bc doing a tour of hole in wall pizza joints w friend that will be long.

          day 98


            Walked just under 13 miles around city yesterday >.>

            Today, am going on an actual hike (breakneck ridge)

            Day 99


              Breakneck ridge was beautiful, I am less in condition for up/down hikes then I'd like, and we found some section of trail that was basically a rock/mudslide at the end but were too stubborn to turn around lol. Did 7-8 miles, tho.

              Today I did some arm work Google frontpage reccomend w my 8lb dumbbells lol.

              Day 100


                Woo hoo 100 days!




                    Happy 100!


                      Congrats on your 100 days, 'rin!


                        Happy re-100 days


                          Happy 100 and nice picture from your hike!




                              Thanks MissMolly HellYeah sleep_twitch Rainbow Dragon Amirsh CODawn Fremen

                              Today I did Chest and Back light this morning. Bc I thought I had a short day.

                              Then 1 of the 2 museums planned (Guggenheim) was mostly closed to put up a new exhibit.

                              So we had time. And had had giant cupcakes (Two Little Red Hens is a fucking awesome bakery, fyi). Walked across all 3 bridges to Brooklyn for a total of 13 miles.

                              Day 101


                                Yesterday I got a nice walk w friend (not a kill self walk this time, lol) and found a new favorite place - took Roosevelt Island Tram for basically no reason (he has a train mad buddy who wanted a report) and damn it is peaceful, there.

                                Today did some yoga and have to work, boo hiss.