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    Ugh. I hope the cough let's up soon.



        thanks CODawn and TheLibrarian

        Today I am counting carrying groceries (bc rly, I could make hubby do it or I could get delivery) as my workout. I am well and truly sick, I actually remembered dreams last night. At least it is in my sinuses and not clogging up my chest /sigh.

        Day 73


          Ugh...get well soon!!


            Oh no, I hope you can at least stay at home and get some rest?

            Get well soon!


              Thanks CODawn and sleep_twitch. Starting to feel myself a bit but still this cough. Unfortunately I am out of sick time so.... forward!

              Did Upperbodybuilder w 8lbs, front raises instead of lateral tho, bc I wanted to get moving but did npt want to follow program lol.

              Day 74


                I am still coughing! I feel like it lasts forever!


                  Originally posted by CODawn View Post
                  I am still coughing!
                  Me too


                    Still. Argh!

                    Yesterday I did 2 days abs 1 tendon

                    Today 2 tendons 1 abs

                    Day 76


                      my sleep has been shit all week, bc I worked many late shifts and my husband had grand jury duty and I was all concerned he would not get up in time for it and so was awake myself at 530 most mornings (when getting home, nvm to sleep, at 930 or 10pm). This shitty sleep has led to a lot of junk food (both for energy and for comfort) and ya.

                      Yesterday I Just did energizer several times and stretched.

                      Today I was going to be all gung ho but really that would of just been penance. I slept as late as I felt like, I am going for low sugar/healthy but not going to let myself be hungry, and did a workout that was enough to feel like I worked but not enough to kill myself.

                      2 days of tedons, 1 day of abs, 5 mins of rower, and Power 25.

                      Day 78


                        Going to do a push/pull plan, 3 days a week, alternate push/pull + an a/b day for each. Will run this through march then reassess.

                        pull a = bent rows, good mornings, bicep curls
                        pull b = assisted chin, deadlift/rack pull, face pull
                        push a= goblet squat, incline bench, tricep dip, shoulder press
                        push b = squat, chest fly, tricep overhead, lateral raise

                        Pull A today
                        Bent rows
                        12@45, 6@65, 5@75, 4@85, 3@85, 12@45 =
                        Good mornings
                        12@45, 12@65+, 10@75+, 8@85, 6@85=, 12@45
                        Alt curls
                        24@7.5, 20@10, 16@12.5, 12@15, 24@7.5 ++
                        then 3 mins of 30 sec intervals ball bounce/battle rope

                        Then day 23 power up which sucked on "dead" arms... I did it in 2 sets of half times and dropped self few times on 2nd.

                        Going to get some brunch, and commit to 3 days of back and core this afternoon.

                        Day 79


                          Bc I said I would.

                          Power up 24
                          back and core 24 23 25 and 26

                          so now I only need to double power up each day, and not fucking skip abs, and Ill be done in time. Fuck I hurt atm.


                            Sounds like an Epsom salt soak is in order!


                              MissMolly that would of helped, ya.

                              did not have much in the tank today.

                              Power up 25 and 26. Back and core 27
                              Pull A
                              Incline bench (try les reps bare bar if bench free)
                              12@25, 10@25, 8@35, 6@35
                              Millitary press (small bar)(stay add volume)
                              6@20, 5@20, 4@25, 3@25
                              Goblet squat (stay add volume)
                              6@20, 5@25, 4@30, 3@30
                              Tricep dip (knees bent)
                              12, 10, 8, 6

                              Day 80


                                Power up 27
                                back and core 28

                                Day 81