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    It's maddening to see such things happen. It is also the reason I stopped going to the gym - so I applaud you for your courage to go, whatever clothes you want to wear, however you look. If anything, people should be cheering on each other, and if that's out of some people's league, at least keep their narrowminded thoughts to themselves.

    Imagine all the bees from here coming to your place (such a crowd!), being supportive - I'll hang up an imaginary banner in your gym, just in case Good luck on your work out!


      Thank you so much Jette, that is a great mental image. And Azercord some of my "meh" ness is I am still recovering from angry tendon to where I can lift "heavy" again. But, that said I could still probably pick up any of the gals trying to be intimidating and carry them right out of the gym so, heavy enough for now LOL.

      Day 64 was an active rest walk

      day 11 power up
      days 11 & 12 back and core (I cannot double those both in one day, willpower wise)

      Pull day (A)
      Bent rows
      12@45, 6@65, 5@75, 4@75, 3@85, 12@45
      Good mornings
      12@45, 12@65, 10@75, 8@85, 6@95, 12@45
      Alt hammers
      24@7.5, 20@10, 16@12.5, 12@15, 24@7.5

      Day 65


        Weekly Digest
        36.82 better
        -50% on path · 4 meals
        Frequency: 6h 41m · Fasting: 10h 48m

        lack of water was a big culprit there. Not enough water = night eating.
        7hrs 45min average
        4 drinks - 3 on concert day, 1 otherwise
        deload week but still got work in


          walked 5 miles to class
          Misscomunicated w trainer, class had been cancled, but I was there and she had a client for after it anyway...
          so 30 mins on rower waiting (just shy of 5k meters)
          Trap bar carries (185)
          some accessories work
          Did 15 more mins on rower + stretches waiting for her to finish next client bc I did not want to walk home again and she is near me.

          I have a lot of challenge catching up tomorrow

          Day 66


            I hate when that happens


              Catch up day...
              energy boost to get self started
              days 12, 13, 14 of power up bc fuck
              Day 13 of back and core

              Still not caught up but, I need to get started on next reno project already.

              Day 67


                Originally posted by 'rin View Post
                days 12, 13, 14 of power up bc fuck

                Day 67
                Holy shit! 3 days of Power UP!!!!


                  CODawn ya. I was not happy with my life choices which lead up to that LOL. But, am doing these 2 add ons w a friend and they were MY idea to do so, I cannot verywell let him get ahead of me/done before me >.>

                  Yesterday I also put down some laminate flooring in a small hallway (odd shape, from entry way off to a closet and down to a bathroom). (I left shitty old bad lineolium in closet bc this closet has a door and is my husband's black hole of shit I'd rather he throw away but he doesn't feel like it so...... it can stay fucking closed, I am not moving out his absurdities to fix it's floor lol.) It was super easy except..... it is not actually square, I had some really fun times getting planks cut to do edges (those planks are SO easy to cut across in one direction but absolute nightmares in other)...and the fucking baseboards. I fucked up the wall in a few spots getting them off... and then didn't actually have nails so I tried to put them back using the original nails which did not go well. I got them back on the wall enough to call it a day bc I was just super annoyed at that point (the last few planks around the bathroom doorway involved so much cursing and much creative use of tin snips on the fkn planks). So today I went out to get the right nails (as I only had little teensy ones or huge ones that idk why the fuck I needed those, but no long thin ones for something like that) and some spackle bc OFC I fucked up the bottom of the wall in a few spots getting the damn things off in the 1st place and I get to continue project. (NOT finish, I get to paint fucking baseboads/bottom of wall tomorrow once spackle dries.)

                  This on top of the fact I have some cold happening (I have been ignoring intermittent cough and tickle in throat and now I am all nose full of snot and slight light headedness when I do much). Thank goodness I used some vacation days this week /sigh.

                  so ya.

                  Today was 2 days back and core, 1 day power up, and I am counting fighting w baseboards as it's own workout.

                  Day 68


                    I need to make some better life choices as well. At least I started eating blueberries. Anyway, I hope that you don't get too sick. Ugh.


                      Good job with that floor! Renovating can be such a nightmare, ugh.

                      Here's some healing vibes for that cold!


                        Lol you describing doing the floor brought back memories of when we ripped up the floor and redid it in the RV!! Fully understand where you are coming from! It makes for a great Upperbody and mental workout though lol. Breathe in, breathe out and don't let it get to you! Use some spearmint & eucalyptus to help clear out that cold....and tea, hot tea with honey!!


                          Thanks CODawn sleep_twitch MissMolly I am 90% done w that part of flooring project... I will fkn paint the baseboards next week. Whomever eventually buys this place from me will curse my use of spackle for damn sure but idk. It looks better for now. (Really I hate these walls. I want to tear them down to the studs and put up normal fucking drywall. But then I would want to have the place rewired while that was open anyway and ya.... Maybe if I hit lotto we will stay in a hotel for a week or 2 and get this shit done properly.)

                          Still sickish. meh. I have to go back to work tomorrow >.< Drinking pepperemint tea like it's my job

                          Day 16 back and core
                          Day 16 Power up
                          Energy boost workout

                          Day 69


                            I went back to work sick last week too. It sucks. I hope the tea works quickly.


                              Gdi. Back to work today. I always get sick in January. No fever. Not wretched. But energy is "wrong" and I got 5 hrs sleep bc cough. Going to pick up some meds today.

                              Power up, and some stretching. I will double abs (and cuss myself for it) tomorrow

                              Day 70


                                Still coughing. No sleep.

                                Yesterday I did some stretching.

                                Today 2 days of abs to start catching up.

                                Day 72