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    Thanks Amirsh CODawn sleep_twitch

    I have been feeling low grade meh, w some minor headache etc, for days nos. Either I am fighting some virus or I am mentally overstressed/in introvert crisis. So I called in sick today. Not leaving apt except maybe to drag recycling to basement.

    Got an instapot to replace rice cooker that died and am making some lentil/chorizo soup bc that should be soothing either way. Altho idk if I set this thing properly >.> I need to go read abt instapots lol.


    Back & Core and Power up days 3.

    Day 56


      making some lentil/chorizo soup
      mmm good idea


        Feel better soon


          Soup helped. Still a bit "off" today but, not as bad.

          Did back and core day 5 bc wasn't in mood for planks lol
          Power up day 4

          Day 57


            Some general malaise still. Meh. Took an easyish upper body day.

            3 rounds
            10 goblet squats @20lb
            5 trx rows

            3 rounds
            10 hip thrusts @20lbs
            5 tricep dips

            Power up 5
            back and core 4 - my reordering things bit me w this fkn combo lol
            builder w 7.5lbs

            Rope/ball/rope/ball 30 sec each

            My colleague found on the sale rack this sort of wrap dress (but would be nearly jlow low cut/high slitted if fastened) in a georgous fabric (pic on insta stories, upload hates me) that I decided would it be a killer duster over black tank/skinny black pants/black martens. It even has pockets! I felt great abt it when I tried it on. And bought it. And put in gym bag last night. Aaaannnnddd today I feel like a cow in it. Fuck. Whatever. At least I am a fashionable cow. Trying to find a mindset where I can be zen abt taking up this much space.

            Day 58


              space zen... The universe needs you to fill that much space


                Love yourself and rock it despite what your inner dialogue says! Be you & shine!!


                  What MissMolly said - be the rockstar that you are! Some days, body neutrality ("the sky is blue, and this is my body") is all I can manage.

                  I'd love to see that dress, but it's not in your insta story somehow


                    Thank you Amirsh MissMolly ... and ya sleep_twitch body neutrality is a much more reasonable goal for me. I put the fabric only on insta, was not trying to take a pic of myself and make self worse LOL. Here is a link to a model in it


                      Ah thanks, I didn't figure out it was the fabric of the dress LOL I think it looks cool and you should definitely wear it with black boots ​​​​​​

                      Sometimes it's the lighting - I always think my lower belly looks HUGE when I look at it in our bedroom mirror, but we have awful lighting in there, and it doesn't look like that in any other mirror LOL


                        Hmmm....yeah...that is NOT a flattering cut for any woman imo when worn as a wrap dress, but I totally dig the idea of it for layering with tank top and slender cut pants....I'd definitely wear it more as a "trench jacket" vs dress style! And OMG!!! that price!!! I'd die if I spent that on ONE piece of clothing! Nope nope, but you said you got a deal, so...


                          It kinda looks like a bathrobe. And I think one of the models is a man. Hardly anyone would that off.


                            sleep_twitch there are DEFINITELY "friendly" and "unfriendly" mirrors, this is a thing. There was one at my old job that was so bad we would put manequins in front of it so ppl couldn't use it bc they would NEVER buy anything that they looked at in it.

                            MissMolly LOL ya... It was clearance + employee discount, would not of bought full price. Would of looked at longingly and put back on rack at customer's clearance price, even. Still not cheap but, was reasonable for how much I will wear it if I can stop being an asshole to self + how long it will last.

                            As a side note, I really don't like the production standards (how workers are treated, materials used, longevity of garment) etc of clothing that is technically in the price range I should be shopping in so at some point I just decided that I will own less clothing overall (can fit my entire wardrobe in a small closet + a basket for socks...) but buy nicer things. There are still a few fast fashion pieces bc sometimes my line of work demands being current, less are getting bought as I go along.

                            Last week I walked 26 miles, ate on path 73% of the time, had 3 drinks on new years and drank more coffee then water lol.

                            Today I am hiking to my gym class.

                            Day 59


                              Yesterday's class included letting me play s sled at the end. Assuming sled is 45lbs, I can push 315.

                              Today, doubled back and core and did 1 power up, will double power up tomorrow.

                              Day 60


                                Congrats on your badge upgrade!