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    Yesterday I walked a bit for day 48

    Working boxing day always pisses me off. To me as a kid it was as important a holiday as Christmas (my Gramma on mom's side was Canadian, we would go to her sister's house for Christmas leftovers potluck and dessert and I would see my distant cousins). And w the roots of it it annoys me that it is a day ppl in service industry get shit on...just wtf. Huge sales right after big shopping season? Recipe for pissed off customers trying to do questionable exchanges. It is just assanine. (No, I cannot give you the difference between what you paid for the sweater for your son and today's price...bc your son has already returned that sweater at another branch and gotten the full value you paid on a gift card...yes, I can stand here getting shouted at while it takes 10 mins for a mgr to show up bc he's being shouted at elsewhere.) Yesterday involved some bad angry/tired food choices.

    Today, Face the Day was perfect + some further stretches. Game face back on.

    Day 49


      Dealing with the public sucks.




          Thanks CODawn and HellYeah


          6@45, 5@65, 4@75, 3@95 - start over fkn goblets/small bar to bench - I am cheating depth, need to reset self here
          Good mornings
          12@65, 10@75, 8@85, 6@95 +/=
          Calves (zerchers)
          24@55, 20@65, 16@75, 12@85 +

          Iron Bar for leg tendons

          1 round battle rope/ball bounce/battle rope. 1 ball/rope/ball

          Day 50


            Congratulations on surviving Boxing Day, 'rin! (I don't even go near any kind of shopping establishment on December 26. My hat is off to you for having the strength of character to survive working in such a nightmare.)


              Thanks Rainbow Dragon

              I am splitting my upper body days up a bit bc I realize I liked iron born style back/biceps & chest/shoulders/triceps days.

              Bent row
              12@45, 6@55+, 5@65, 4@75, 3@85 =
              Barbell shrug
              12@45, 10@65, 8@95=, 6@105+
              6@10, 5@12.5, 4@15, 3@17.5=
              Alt Hammers
              12@10+ 10@12.5 8@15 6@17.5=
              Trx rows
              12, 10, 8, 6
              Scapula shrugs
              10, 10, 10cat cows
              10, 10, 10
              Day 51


                Today possibly included more exercises then necessary but I was just in the mood to wreck myself.

                Incline bench
                12@20+, 10@25, 8@35, 6@40=
                Bar skull crushers (superset)
                10@20, 10@20, 8@20, 8@20 up rep
                Cable triceps down
                12@10+, 10@15, 8@20, 6@25=
                Triceps press machine
                12@30, 10@50, 6@70 (-weight+rep),6@70=
                Pec fly machine
                12@10, 10@15, 8@20, 6@25 +
                Face pulls
                12@22.5, 10@27.5, 8@32.5, 6@37.5 =
                Elbow clicks
                12@2.5, 10@5+, 8@5, 6@7.5 =
                Lateral raise superset
                12@2.5, 10@5, 8@5, 6@7.6 =
                I ended w chest and shoulders light and it was actually really hard at that point.

                Day 52

                Last week was a shit show, lol. 55% on track w meals, under 30 miles walked, just a fkn debacle all around. And sleep.... average was 7 but rly it was 5 or 9.


                  Last week was also most likely among the top five worst weeks of the year for your profession, so remember to take that into account.


                    Yeah wjs ... that's why I am not memorializing it in a weekly digest, so I don't have to look at it later LOL


                      Thankfully I can move my arms today. Triceps are beginning, finally it seems, to accept training with just normal doms not torturing me for any effort.

                      Finished punches for arms of steel but I had given up on taps awhile ago >.>

                      That and my stretching was all today bc woke up a bit late.

                      Day 53


                        Both new plans look super cool but...sticking w my Jan "injury prevention" plan.

                        Bright and Beautiful- love this as a "just get moving" workout. Triceps decided they are indeed miserable so I did lv1 + 4 extra sets of top row.

                        Power Up - day 1

                        Back and Core - day 1

                        Since these are both "add ons" I am adding them to each other + keeping up w lifts 3-4 days a week

                        Day 54


                          Making a separate food log in kitchen. I need some outside accountability to break some bad habits and a public journal is cheaper then a nutritionist >.> but, I realize that not everyone is interested in food minutiae or won't be triggered etc by it so I am putting it separately. Stronger not Smaller. I really am sick of diet culture and this idea that women should be fragile/delicate looking. Health wise I need to be a bit lighter or a lot more muscular but, that should work itself out eventually if I keep up w gym and can stop eating like an asshole.


                          Was feeling meh today so leg day was light.
                          3 sets
                          10 goblets to bench w 20lb bell
                          10 hip thrusts 35lb bell
                          25 calf raises (no weight)

                          Power up day 2
                          Walker w ec
                          Back and core day 2

                          Day 55


                            I agree with what you said about the diet culture and how women "should" look. And, I am also eating like an asshole. We ordered pizza last night...using the vacation excuse.


                              You should eat to feel better, to nourish yourself. And you should post whatever helps you.
                              Happy New Year


                                It's kind of you to think of others who might be triggered by food discussions I don't mind it too much, as long as no calorie counts / macros are mentioned (but when I know somebody will post those regularly, I just scroll past it) or someone wants to sell me that "gluten free is the answer to the world's health problems" LOL, but I know that there are people recovering from eating disorders / diet culture sh*t in general who get triggered more easily.