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    Originally posted by 'rin View Post
    Merry fucking Christmas
    I recently discussed with a friend that "Christmas is the best time of the year" is the same kind of lie as "Santa Claus is real"


      I don't know if that is the same kind of lie. One is an opinion based on social traditions and the other a belief. But the best time of year changes from person to person and can be dependent on social events.


        I agree with you Gandhalfit, from my belief standpoint Christmas is awesome but we put heavy limitations on the spending money and gifts side (acts of kindness are heavily promoted). I can also agree with sleep_twitch and 'rin though because I can be found openly cussing the "Christmas" decorations in stores that start showing up in September.


          Thanks Gandhalfit sleep_twitch Azercord

          My half non-Christian family did big xmas when I was a kid but it was "Santa claus day" and "let's cook something cool for whole family" (as opposed to Thanksgiving w set menu, we did everything from chinese food complete w extra ppl in kitchen folding dumplings to beef Wellington...this year my dad is making homemade lasagna including making the pasta/sauce/sausage and I so wish I could be there) with a side of boxing day being as important/fun/big (mom's side of family is Canadian) and if I remembered I went to xmas eve church w the neighbors (my parents compromise on raising us not religious but not not religious was we went to a lot of different churches w neighbors and family friends whenever we mentioned wanting to/being curious about church). My husband's family was pretty disfunctional and his dad's side is barely practicing Jewish so they did some small tree + a menorah and he got presents early bc they sucked at surprises. So I hate doing nothing for it but do not have some huge wellspring of tradition to pull from. Am going to end up having a few friends by for a small spread of appetizers as dinner I think. But I am still bah humbuging.


          Day 42 was a walk after work w a colleague/friend bc she wanted to go to tjmax for a cheap shower curtain. (These sorts of stores overwhelm/annoy me and I feel lucky to be not quite so broke so I can go half a step up to target/home depot for such things.)

          Today I realized my "nothing" workouts must of been decent after all bc my everything is sore. Did some stretching and Jacked except the 12 rep sets empty handed rly thinking abt form, 10 w 2lbs, 8 w 5, 6 w 8. So I did not overwork self and made a pyramid out of weights I had at home lol.

          Day 43


            Long day yesterday, just walked
            day 44


              Weekly digest

              84% on path · 25 meals
              Frequency: 4h 29m · Fasting: 12h 28m
              3 - Coquitto to ensure not poisonous, irish coffee out w work friend for her bday, mojito Sunday night to end my week
              7 hrs 27 mins (altho this seems disingenuous bc rly it was either 6 or 9 lol)
              1 day abs such fail lol
              2 tendons check


                Originally posted by 'rin View Post
                7 hrs 27 mins (altho this seems disingenuous bc rly it was either 6 or 9 lol)
                Averages.... do that. You're still doing well, though.


                  I am eating a lot of sugar atm (she says as she finishes her lunch donut).

                  Next month I am going to do back and core + power up again and just lift twice a week. I need to get core restabalized and shore up these fucking tendons before I manage to damage myself (again).

                  Upper body day
                  Bent row
                  12@45, 10@55, 8@55, 5.5@65 =
                  Chest fly
                  12@10 10@12.5 8@15 8@15 +
                  Triceps kickback (super set)
                  12@10 10@12.5 8@15 8@15 +
                  12@22.5, 10@27.5, 8@32.5 6@37.5 =
                  for bent rows, I think I will drop reps (6,5,4,3) and up weights so I can see some progress, then put reps back later.

                  Did a finisher, 2 super sets of 20 alt biceps curls and 10 bent rows w 15lbs. And my fucking intercostals/obliques on my left side got mad abt that somehow so ya, hence my shore up plan. Going to start Jan 1 so easier to keep track.

                  Day 45


                    This the season...I am the Jelly Bean Queen right now.


                      CODawn my consumption of gummies is...absurd lol.

                      Some low weight/high rep by the end type str endurance work.

                      10 sets
                      10 goblet squats (20 lb bell)
                      5 trx rows

                      10 sets
                      10 hip thrusts w shoulders on step (same bell)
                      5 tricep dips (same bench, bent knees)

                      and to finish
                      30 sec battle rope/30sec alt ball slams (2lb)/30sec rope

                      Day 46


                        Merry Christmas


                          Thanks Fremen !!

                          Merry, Happy, just peaceful, or Bah Humbug as you all see fit, for whatever you are celebrating this seasin. <3

                          A Christmas ish story for you, lol. So. My dad (atheist) and step mom were supposed to sing in a church choir last night - they know the choir leader from his glee club and she needed a few more good voices. They went to a few rehearsals and were all set to go. My dad had joked to a friend earlier in the day that he was going to "go test the structural integrity of another church by walking his pagan ass into it" that night. (This is a running joke, I got married in a historical church and joked w him "np dad, so many tourists are through it, we know it can withstand non believers".) They hit a deer otw. Didn't get to go sing. They are fine. Deer is fine (it ran away) car was fine enough to limp home to driveway but needs work. He is claiming "Jesus didn't feel like shoring up his architecture".

                          Did tendon + w 5lbs and yoga today

                          Day 47


                            Lol...funny story (glad everyone is ok).


                              Same, glad everyone is OK,, deer included!


                                Wow. Deer + automobile usually doesn't go so well. Glad everyone is fine.