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    They get away with everything because they are so damn cute!!!


      How to stay angry before those eyes?! She is adorable! (and yes, CODawn , there are no bad kitties, just hungry, stressed out, or bored kitties )
      Now I got "my cat from Hell's" jingle in my head "I'm not a bad cat, I am not a bad cat... I'm just misunderstood!"


        Lol...i want to clobber my cats every day! From meowing ridiculously loud at 3 AM, to running across the pillows by my head, to pawing at the wrapped Christmas gifts, playing with tree ornaments, knocking over vases of flowers, pulling coats of racks for the famous nest, taking my puppy's food, spilling my water glasses, head butting my arms when I type, trying to take my food, Etc, etc. They drive me nuts - 3 cats - plus my 2 dogs lol


          Glad I am not the only crazy cat lady here, lol... and MissMolly if I had a yard/more space I'd have a similar zoo.

          I ate better but a lot yesterday..starting period = starving creature.

          Leg day! (Only coffee pre gym)
          Rack pulls
          6@65+ 5@105, 4@125, 3@145=
          12@air+, 10@45, 8@55, 6@65=
          Calves (barbell)
          24@95, 20@115, 16@135, 12@145 + last only
          6 mins punches for arms of steel - up to 1700, maybe I will finish ornament tomorrow afterall

          2 min abs

          Day 36


            See, this is why I am a dog person. My dogs go to bed before I do. And when I get out of bed in the morning, they give me the evil eye for awakening them.


              Tendon + w 2lbs at bed time, and a walk on my lunch.

              Day 37


                Weekly digest
                did actually investigate on drs scale at gym (dressed, post breakfast, etc) 216... I has work to do.
                72% on path · 29 meals
                Frequency: 3h 56m · Fasting: 11h 12m1once schedule regularizes post holiday I need to get down to 3 meals at least most days

                2 gins, separate evenings
                7 hrs 27 mins
                4, better


                  Today i caught up w arms of steel and am going to class w trainer for social fittness fix, calling this whole body + abs bc she always makes us do abs.

                  Day 38


                    1 - I was right, she made us do abs
                    2- was v. nice to see the other gal who came, esp bc her hubby has had kidney transplant so I could ask her questions abt what my dad will go through (and she offered if my dad wants to talk to someone to share his number)
                    3- omg! My trainer was like "I don't have to ask if you are still lifting heavy, I see your traps" /smug



                        Thanks HellYeah

                        I am so taking solace in the fact that even tho I am a bit fat atm I still have some obvious muscle tone. I like that the set of my shoulders is obvious as a gym goer somehow. Now to get diet a bit sorted so I can better show my work >.>

                        Today I dodged 50 snowballs, did arms of steel, and tortured leg tendons w a power up day. (I may redo this program in January...)

                        Day 39


                          Best of luck for your dad.

                          I also have that definition in my upper body. When it's hot, if I just wear an undershirt and suck in my tummy, it scares people.


                            Lol Gandhalfit

                            Leg day but ppl using all the racks/bars so, improvised

                            Single leg press assist machine
                            12/12@55, 10/10@70, 8/8@85, 6/6 100
                            Glute kickback
                            12/12@40, 10/10@55, 8/8@70, 6/5@85
                            Abd machine
                            12@100, 10@115, 8@130, 6@145
                            Add machine
                            12@85, 10@100, 8@115, 6@130
                            day 40


                              On one hand, I sort of had a shitty workout today.

                              On the other, I am stressed out, slept 6 hrs last night, and am retraining body that it may not get fed before a morning workout.

                              Merry fucking Christmas and bah humbug.

                              Assist chin
                              12@145 assist, 8@140, 6@135, 3@130 - go down, work volume
                              Incline bench fixed bar
                              12@20, 10@25, 8@35, 6@40 = this felt nicer then machine
                              Shoulder press
                              12@6, 10@8, 6@10, 6@10, =+ wtf
                              Lateral raise
                              12@4, 10@5, 8@6, 6@7 =

                              1 set of posture perfect (just was done, mentally)

                              Having a latte and some almonds then I need to be a grownup and clean house and pay bills.

                              Day 41


                                I get you on the grownup thing totally faking it over here