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    Thanks sleep_twitch ! I always get sucked into ppl watching at big events. (Need to remind self it is life not an anthro project.) I really enjoyed the crowd at this show especially, I have to say. Band had to stop a few times bc if they gave us more then a tic of silence between things we were singing ole at them and had to be shut up before they could go on lol. Also it was totally respectful when leaving, no pushing shoving bullshit which was a pleasant change of pace for me lol.


      Originally posted by 'rin View Post
      Band had to stop a few times bc if they gave us more then a tic of silence between things we were singing ole at them and had to be shut up before they could go on lol.
      There's this Swedish metal band ( Amirsh probably knows which band I'm talking about) and they once made a joke about German crowds singing "another beer" between songs. Now people won't stop singing "another beer" at their shows, and the band even made it part of a song. It was funny for some time, and now it seems that the band wishes that the whole thing never happened, because their lyrics are about serious topics and "another beer" does not really fit ​​​​​

      It sounds like you had a lot of fun at the concert ​​​​​​​


        Still hangover recovering, I am olde lol.

        Tendon + w 2lbs and a walk before work

        Day 10


          Rinsplit version pyramids week 2
          Bent row
          12@45, 10@55, 8@65, 4@75 =
          Chest fly dumbells
          12@7.5, 10@10, 8@12.5, 6@15=
          Tricep kickbacks (superset w above)
          12@7.5, 10@10, 8@12.5, 6@15=
          Face pull
          12@5, 10@10, 8@15, 6@20 ++

          Days 22, 23, 24 glutes
          3 x 20 sec planks & 3 x20 sec work on hollow holds

          Day 11


            Iron bar + day 25 glutes + hollow holds. Tendon day.

            Day 12


              Leg day! On just coffee, so I have a feast now lol.

              6@65, 5@95, 4@115, 3@135 = work form
              Good Mornings
              12@45, 10@55, 8@65, 6@75 +
              Calves Zercher
              24@45, 20@55, 16@65, 12@75 +
              glutes - 100 extensions

              2 min abs

              Day 13


                Whole body day

                Tried barbell for my rinish barbell complex on millitary press, even if push. In part bc heavy but also just the legnth vs my fixed bars. Maybe in a few weeks.

                8@25, 5@35 push last rep, 8@25, 5@35 push all, 8@25

                glutes day 27
                30 sec plank, 30 sec hollow hold, 30 sec boat pose

                As a finisher I did stand on half bosu/bounce ball...86 bounces before I lost ball lol.

                Day 14


                  30 seconds hollow hold, nice.


                    Amirsh it is more "30 sec working on hollow hold" either my legs OR my arms are in propper spot and other set of limbs is in 100s position >.>

                    Tendon + w 2lbs today, and a walk

                    Day 15


                      Well it's a killer so well done


                        Weekly digest:

                        34.51 (goal 35, I'll take it)
                        68% on path · 29 meals Frequency: 4h 20m · Fasting: 10h 1m
                        Better at meal spacing but man oh man I ate a lot of junk
                        1 had a day I just could not calm down after work
                        7 hrs 35 mins
                        3, acceptable
                        4 but none of them were much, but, still abs work
                        tendons check


                          Rin split pyramids week 3, upper A
                          Assist Chin
                          12@145 assist 8@140 6@135 3@130=
                          Chest press machine
                          12@30, 10@35, 8@40, 6@45 =
                          Shoulder press
                          12@6, 10@8, 8@10, 6@12.5 = (push presses last rep last 2 sets)
                          Lateral raises
                          12@3, 10@4, 8@5, 6@6 +

                          Need to hold weights and clean up/add reps another round here except on lat raises of all things...bodies are so strange

                          Glutes challenge days 28 and 29

                          Day 16


                            Wanted to sleep in today

                            whole body day
                            Jacked at home, 8lbs
                            Finished Glutes of Steel
                            2 min abs

                            Day 17


                              Good exercise despite the urge to sleep in, good job gal!


                                Thanks PetiteSheWolf !

                                Still wanted to sleep in today so....

                                Anywhere Abs, go.

                                Day 18