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    sleep_twitch hope some awesome gym opens down the street from your apt /hugs

    My "bad" tendon felt tetchy today so....
    Iron Bar and day 16 of glutes bc forcing it to do shot when it felt this way was how I hurt myself...

    Day 3


      Had a fucking awesome morning. Up way early. Cat cuddles and coffee and a gaming fix. Read on bus otw in. Got my workout in. Came to work to eat breakfast I packed (overnight oats w powdered pb, few chia seeds bc I put too much water in, and cherry preserves; 2 hard boiled eggs, an apple). Made lunch plans w a colleague (we brought each other lunch we had made for ourselves lol) (but brought big breakfast bc she eats lunch later then me). Today is going to be awesome.

      Full body strength day + abs
      5 sets of
      5 bent rows
      1 messy hang clean
      5 front squats
      5 millitary press (no push presses omg)
      5 good mornings
      w 25lb bar

      3 sets of
      30 sec plank (altho last set was high plank)
      30 sec dead bug w ball (4lbs)
      30 sec alt slams w ball
      15 sec between things, 1 min between sets

      Day 17 Glutes challenge

      Day 4


        Leg Day
        Rack pulls
        6@65 5@95 4@115 3@135 +
        12@air 10@45 8@55 6@65 =
        Calves barbell
        24@65 20@95 16@115 12@135=

        will do double glutes day tomorrow bc lolno

        ​​​​​​​Day 5


          Going to count bag wrangling for time, but:

          Did Tendon + (2lbs) and days 18 and 19 of glutes

          Day 6


            Your new plan sounds good. I hope it will work fine to you.


              Thanks Cabriel

              I am traveling today but did Power Row w 15 lbs (so... ec) bc friend has dumbells


              Day 7


                Going to a concert tonight (Sum 41 and Offspring) so jumping around will be most of my workout but...

                Did Posture Perfect and glutes challenge for good measure.

                Day 8


                  Offspring - I'm totally jealous, they were really important for me when I was younger. Have fun!


                    Originally posted by sleep_twitch View Post
                    Offspring - I'm totally jealous, they were really important for me when I was younger. Have fun!
                    The old times, when influencers were musicians



                        Weekly Digest:

                        31.36 Better.
                        75% on path · 37 meals Frequency: 3h 11m · Fasting: 10h 5m Also Better, I'll take it bc vaca.
                        1 cocktail w dinner Friday at airport restaurant. 3 gin tonics Sat night w friends. 2 big margaritas (standard on the rocks)(sizes were normal/big/redic), 1 shot tequila at restaurant pre concert. 1 beer at concert. Friend offered to buy drinks so....
                        7 hrs 40 mins average
                        check. 4 days, 1 upper 1 lower 2 full
                        1 abs hiit, 1 hollow/plans practice, check but needs more
                        tendons, check

                        8 drinks is more then I want to make a habit of in a week but for vacation w friends it is not rediculous so whatever.


                          Thanks HellYeah and omg sleep_twitch it was a great show. You would of enjoyed it! Both them and Sum 41 have gotten "heavier" in their newer stuff (still more rock/punk (omg they covered a Ramones song and crowd went apeshit so it was a v punk crowd lol) then metal but obv influenced by it) and there was a credible pit going including a few surfers.

                          Side note: I have avoided tequila for years, as much as I love margaritas bc lime and salt are 2 of my fave flavors, bc I used to get in some kind of bar fight/brawl any time I had any. (And never w anything else except one time a guy literally tried to carry away my tiny friend in college and I decked him to rescue her lol.) It's a fucking miracle and mostly only bc no guy wants to admit a gal kicked his ass that I never got arrested honestly. Since I am "too old for that shit" I stopped drinking it. But...I figured there had to be some sort of mosh pit at this sort of concert even tho crowd was older and mostly Canadian (ie terminally polite) so if I did have some temper issue there would be safe outlet and so I had a few. Ofc my friends and I were not in floor area (just above it in seats) and I did not want to risk loosing them in the end so I contented myself w jumping around in front of my seat and shouting etc and actually did not have any temper issue for once. (Altho shouting "you stupid dumbshit goddamn mothetfucker" helps w burning off anger.) Maybe curse is broken.

                          Counting bag lugging today.
                          Day 9


                            Did they do the usual Ramones cover* or a different song? Also, Bad Habit is one of my favorite driving songs and always has been, but has taken on new meaning since having to drive in Texas.

                            *I Wanna Be Sedated, for those that don't know The Offspring's standard Ramones cover.


                              wjs not that one. Blitzkrieg bop, I think, but am (ashamedly) not certain. That I would of remembered tho. But they covered that + some acdc thing and I was too busy noticing that crowd was much happier abt punk then rock to pay attention to what they were >.>


                                wjs 'rin It was Blitzkrieg Bop and Whole Lotta Rosie