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    Good luck with the meeting.


      Fingers crossed that all goes well!


        I hope your meeting went well.


          Business Punk... that would totally work. I hope your meeting went well.


            Thanks CODawn sleep_twitch Mamatigerj Gandhalfit meeting went... well? But am still stressed. Was thinking of this as a (huge) special order...which could of been essentially accomplished or at least started in 1 meeting. Instead, it is going to be a much larger process involving legal and marketing and etc (suits etc for just under 100 security gaurds for a large firm, on an ongoing basis). So, fingers still crossed bc marketing could trip me up hardcore. (They really had a sweet deal from store they formerly worked with....which just went under, in part bc a lot of places had sweetheart deals w them which the market used to support but rly doesn't anymore. And I can say to a client who wants free tailoring bc "they always did" "ya...that is part of why they're gone..." w a smile. Cannot do that w this size deal LOL.)

            Still coughing head off so did 360 Arms and days 6-8 of glutes to almost catch up to friend who restarted it w me.

            I am using some new app "ate" to track food w out looking at cal atm. You take pics of your meals and pick if it was "on path" or "off path" + can check boxes abt why you ate (hungry, it's time, taste, social, stressed, bored, etc) if you ate alone etc, where you ate, home cooked or not, and how you felt after. So you can see patters (like... 80% of the time I eat bc bored I feel guilty after might show up) but not stress #s. I will let you guys know what I think of it in a few weeks. Bc I need to not be 200 lbs unless I get way more muscular, but cal counting heading into stress season at work is a bad idea.

            Streak* Day 46


              Well it sounds stressful, I guess it'll take a while for you to get used used to the new intensity or put it behind you (I gathered it will take a while by the sound of it) But stress can be helpful, so I heard. If you utilize it.


                That's an interesting food app,


                  Gandhalfit the stress is that I need to depend more than usual on my buying/production/management/marketing team lol. Part of why I am a sales person and not a manager is I like problem solving on my own lol. This should actually be good for me.

                  CODawn so far I am liking it. I ate the universe in toast w toppings yesterday but, not looking at a number makes me less inclined to starve bc of it today.

                  Tendon + w 5lbs (usually use 2)
                  This easy leg one
                  Days 9 and 10 glutes of steel (caught up now)
                  some short hollow holds and planks during glutes rests

                  New Streak* Day 47


                    My pictures would be hilarious...especially the 4 mini peanut butter cups and 2 dark chocolate Hershey's kisses.


                      CODawn half my day is pics of coffee cups LOL

                      Took a walk yesterday before work - got off bus like 15 blocks early

                      today Chest and Back light + days 11 and 12 if glutes w some short hollow holds and planks between.

                      My obliques/intercostals on left side have some weird shit for ages now. They get a low lv ache whenever I engage them at all. Not quite pain but they speak up. And only left side. So strange.

                      New Streak* Day 49


                        I skipped yesterday. For no good reason. Woke up late and had a sideways morning but could of at night but no. Reset.

                        1 set of hour glass but could not bear a circiut today
                        Upperbody Tendon Strength which was bloody hard
                        Morning yoga

                        Day 1


                          Each day is a new start...We all have different things that work for us.


                            Weekly Digest:
                            not even touching scale
                            28.5 miles

                            71% on path · 38 meals Frequency: 3h 4m · Fasting: 9h 59m (many meals = coffee but I'd still like to get them 4 hrs apart on average)

                            4 drinks- 2 red wines w dinner 1 night, mojito and gin and tonic on separate evenings (this week will include more, I am going to Montreal for a concert w friends)
                            8hrs 22 mins average- still sickish, guess I needed it


                            I see potential w this new diet app. It may take me a bit longer to get to "acceptable" diet this way but it is less stressful then looking at numbers so it is what I need atm. In order to keep my "disorderd eating" from becoming an actual eating disorder I need to be mindful of how I handle myself when I have other stressors present- so altho I do need to address the fact I am over 200lbs again and this is not healthy for me, I need to do so with kid gloves on.


                              Upper body day
                              1 set of hammer at 5lbs to warmup (planned 3 but someone was eyeing machine I wanted so...)
                              Assist chin
                              12@145 assist 6@140 5@135 3@130
                              Chest press (machine)
                              12@30 4@35 (wtf lol I think pin was set wrong these were hard) 6@40 6@45
                              Shoulder press
                              12@5 10@7 8@8 6@10
                              Lateral raise
                              12@2 10@3 8@4 6@5

                              Forearms and triceps light

                              12, 13, 14, 15 of Glutes challenge bc can't con friend into doing then stop so had to catch up to him

                              I am not super happy w my performance but, I need to just carry on and not freak out entirely.

                              Going to aim for 3 to 5 days lifting. 1 upper, 1 lower, 1 full body if 3. 2 full body if 4. Extra upper day if 5. 2 days of tendon strength (1 upperbody , 1 lower). If not lifting other 2 days yoga or easy stuff. ((Full body day can be my barbell complex, a class, or something like power row/jacked.)) Going to work on planks/hollow holds/my abs hit set 2-5days a week as a finisher.


                                Love your plan re: gym! I miss lifting weights, but my gym was so sh*tty and that was an extra barrier besides time, transporting gym clothes etc., so I couldn't make myself go regularly.