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    Damn! Sorry about the leg bruising...ugh...hang in there!


      Ouch, healing vibes for you

      Whenever a kid gets injured or insulted adults say "it will pass in time for your wedding/you'll forget all about it long before your wedding" - which I always found annoying. It's a way of saying It may seem like a huge deal now but time will heal it. As an unmarried adult, I was starting to get that sentence thrown at me whenever I complained about whatever out loud so I simply stopped trusting people around me and complain to them. This is why the Hive is so great. We know how annoying and sometimes depressing even a simple hidered to our training and life routine can get. Why am I bringing this up? Because I almost wrote it here and thought better of it.

      But don't worry, it will heal. The body wants to heal.


        Thank you CODawn ClaymoreBadguy sleep_twitch MissMolly and LOL Amirsh

        I am just glad nice weather is over so I am not even thinking abt bare legs at work. And also hoping if these blow up I will need less Scoliotherapy bc maybe body won't rebuild them.

        Going to walk to see trainer today. Asked if we could do chest and shoulders and see how much I can carry on trap bar.

        Going to put redic bruise in insta stories just bc it is spectracular.

        New Streak Day 29



          Yesterday, bench at 15lb dumbbells was hardish (my left wrist does stupid shit. I don't notice this w bar but prolly just bc right being correct gets it alligned).

          Also my 1rm on deadlift w trap bar is all the way back down to fucking 175.

          Which is hilarious rly, bc I can march across whole gym and back w 155 np.

          Bodies are weird, and I've got work to do.

          Kept my streak today w chest and back light + stretching. Need to double challenge tomorrow.

          New Streak Day 30


            Congratulations on 30 days non stop And the new avatar

            Healing vibes to your wrist


              I didn't know you had a new avatar since they don't come up automatically on my computer. Nice picture of Shadow. And Happy Badge Day!


                Congratulations - Awesome avatar you have there - Meow!


                  Happy Badge Upgrade!


                    That avatar is too cute to pass up!

                    Bodies are a weird bio-machine, aren't they? Formal congratulations for the new, shiny badge - Nice going!



                        Happy 30, and meow! Your Shadow looks so similar to our Hokori, he's also tiny and all black (with about 3 white hairs on his chest LOL) - black cats are super cute


                          Congrats on reclaiming the 30 day badge! And of course Shadow is adorable!


                            grats on the streak, and Luna sends purrs to Shadow Nice new avatar!


                              Thank you Amirsh CODawn TheLibrarian Mamatigerj ClaymoreBadguy HellYeah sleep_twitch MissMolly

                              Shadow also has a few white hairs on chest. And like 3 on one paw. Not enough to be a patch but...not quite tuxedo cat lol.

                              My wrist is not injured but it is just..uncoordinated. my right wrist only behaves bc 3 years of throwing shotput in highschool >.>

                              Wanted to do legs today but...lower back felt tetchy, upper back is fucking sore, and I still have a giant bruise on calf so.... easier leg day + a bit

                              Foam rolled back

                              Tendon +

                              My abs hiit w 2lb ball

                              Hip dips

                              2 days of challenge

                              Nice stretching

                              New Streak Day 31


                                I finally got around to trying to catch up on your thread. I'll admit I skipped around bc I freaked out over your kitty and just wanted to know If shadow was ok. I knew the thing on your shoulder turned out bc facebook.
                                regarding the post in September abt bleeding through overnight feminine products; I did that for a long while! Couldn't go out at times. I wore overnight tampons and pads and still bleed through in abt an hour. I ended up getting surgery to remove polyps. It helped alot.