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    Thank you CODawn daejamurrachan sleep_twitch PetiteSheWolf Amirsh
    I recently ish changed litters (and sadly cannot go back to old bc the reason had to do w clumping clay litter + our building's trash compactor) and am hoping it is just some combo of she is mad abt meds/hates new litter. Altho previous "my box is dirty" protest spot was bath tub. Which at least was easy to clean. Going to set up a 2nd box w another alternative and hope she likes it better. Gdi tho. Why his stuff? Bc now I have domestic drama on top of trying to figure out if she is sick, demented, or just angry.

    Feeling... not sick but off kilter like I may be fighting something off so, easier workout today.

    12@air, 10@45, 8@55, 6@65

    Good mornings
    12@45, 10@55, 8@65, 6@95

    Calf raises
    24@45, 20@65, 16@96, 12@115

    Then just did challenge and a few dead bugs and got out

    New stresk day 23


      Cats...fighting about cats...I hope things get easier.


        Cat being unhappy with new cat litter makes total sense! My other cat Loki will use the space next to his box when the super expensive cat litter he likes is not available LOL

        Hope she will be happy with the alternative!


          The right litter aien't easy... Hoping the transition gets easier!


            It's never easy with cats lol ...I have 3 and they all respond differently to things! My now ex would only clean up after pets if I really bitched at him, but animals have always been my responsibility. Of course he would get annoyed with them and then mad at dogs for chewing...just sacrifices and adjustments for our furry loves


              Took a low day. Just did Porter lv 1 and my challenge and stretching. This has been an odd week and I am not 100% healthy.

              New Streak Day 24


                way to maintain the streak!


                  Thanks daejamurrachan

                  I think streak keeping is important for me, mentally as well as physically. Accepting that some days that might mean v lazy yoga in pjs lets me listen to my body if it needs to rest. But committing to moving, somehow some way, daily is a commitment to take care of myself...and to admit that includes taking care of my body instead of trying to crawl out of my skin. Also I eat slightly better w out trying + have a better attitude when I work out in the morning.

                  Mid to low impact whole body day
                  Builder w kickbacks added, 7.5lbs
                  Iron bar
                  Super abs

                  New Streak Day 25


                    Fried back/arms in 3 moves

                    Chin grip pull downs
                    27.5 @12 to 72.5@ 3. Going up weight each set and dropping reps when necessary

                    Face pulls
                    12.5@12 to 42.5@3 same scheme

                    12.5@12 to 32.5@3 each arm, no extra sets here lol

                    Challenge and out.

                    Feels like not much but, arms/back were shaking so...

                    New Streak Day 26


                      Ofc. When I decide to get up my cat comes to join me. Did Rainmaker 5 times just to do something.

                      New Streak Day 27


                        Originally posted by 'rin View Post
                        Ofc. When I decide to get up my cat comes to join me.
                        Of course. They have to make sure their silly Hoooomans don't get into things they should not, and don't forget them
                        You should see the possessive looks I get from Mademoiselle Luna when I telecommute and sit at my laptop !


                          My fkn leg exploded again and I didn't even notice consciously till post gym so I guess that is why I changed plan away from leg day. Bruise larger then my hand on my calf. Doesn't hurt unless I poke it, tho.

                          3x35x5 my "barbell" complex
                          wrist mobility is still not there for hang clean/front squat but at 35lbs it is not taxing to hold wrong >.>

                          2 days of challenge bc I forgot

                          Upper body Tendon + @2.5 lbs

                          some nice stretching

                          New Streak Day 28


                            I'm sorry to hear about your leg.


                              That leg bruise sounds pretty rough. Here are some vibes so it hopefully gets better!


                                Oh no - I hope that bruise heals soon!