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    I'm sorry I can't give a concrete advice about what to do financially (I don't really have more than a basic understanding of it) but it looks like you have a few options to consider. I'm sure you could manage it. Hang in there and all the best to you and Shadow.


      Yesterday I did 15 min of downdog yoga.

      Also, putting yesterday's food into mfp showed me why I have put weight back. Without eating anything "absurd" or binge quantity, just a bit of whiskey w my apple and pb for bednight snack...2,800 cals. At least now I know what my idea of a "normal" day is actually more food then I need.

      Altho cheesy eggs WERE awesome so I had them w a bit less butter/cheese and only 1 slice of bread this morning bc nom.

      Today I did Iron Bar and Chest and Back Light

      Going to go back to streak tracking bc it seems this is what works best for me.

      New Streak Day 3


        Wanted. All week. To go to class w trainer. Then this morning I lollygagged and would of been almost late, and txted her to make sure there was one...nope, her kid has sat prep lol. Good thing I checked LOL.

        Was near gym when checked, so.

        Abs hiit (30 on, 15 off, 1 min rest) (8lb ball) x3
        Dead bug

        Builder-ish 7.5s. Zottmans, front raises to lateral negatives, triceps kickbacks added to rows

        Legs hiit (same timing) (8kg bell) x3
        March steps
        Side to side lunges
        Calf raises

        Dead hangs, 5 count, times 3


        Having my emergency kind bar and hiking home

        New Streak day 4


          Last week:
          2200 least I ate enough protein. This is about what maintenance should look like when I'm done w this project. I was seeking baked goods all week so I am going to make myself some pumpkin protein muffins to have instead.

          26 miles. Sloth week.

          not even going to annoy self w this till I get a good paytern a few weeks

          but, good stuff this week - I liked my awesome salad for lunches, and I relearned my favorite breakfast pattern (dairy (yogurt or cottage cheese) + fruit). This week I might get greek yogurt to stir my powdered pb into and some apples.


            Protein pumpkin muffins sound yummy! Would you be willing to share your recipe?


              Mamatigerj I basically replace some/all the flour in a standard recipe w whey protein (plain or vanilla) and omit or way cut down sugar in a standard recipe. Will post this week's ratios if they are nice, tho.

              went to gym to get steps in and did a quick and dirty "barbell" (smaller fixed bar for now) set. Plus some pushup work bc project w a friend.

              2 x 10 "wall" (smith bar at countertop height) pushups w 2x5 bonus rows between

              30*lb bar
              5 sets
              3 bent rows
              1 hang clean (form needs work)
              3 front squats (same, need to sort elbows)
              3 millitary/push presses (1st of each set was strict, 2nd of some..all3rds were push) dropping last rep behind head
              3 good mornings - I like everything about these except getting bar off me after.... once I get to heavier I will do this in a rack so I can get out that way. On last set I fucking kneeled down and bent sideways and snaked it off that way bc I could not bear to take it over head again and didn't want to drop.

              *I wanted 20lb bar to practice, the smaller bars the #s are worn off ends, so I just grabbed smallest off rack..when I put it back I see 2 smaller (20 and 25). So, go me I guess.

              I am going to stay at this weight until form cleans up and I am up to 8 reps then grab actual barbell. Going to do this 1-2x a week bc it is a nice short everything set.

              New Streak day 5


                I basically replace some/all the flour in a standard recipe w whey protein (plain or vanilla) and omit or way cut down sugar in a standard recipe. Will post this week's ratios if they are nice, tho​​​​​​
                That's brilliant; thanks!


                  Mamatigerj they are awesome!

                  Pumpkin Protein Cheesecake Muffins
                  1 can pumpkin (the normal not the elgrande)
                  3 large eggs
                  roughly 1 cup (3 scoops) vanilla whey protein
                  same unflavored whey protein
                  (you can use different powder as long as it will bake well (I only know about whey)... if you only have plain add a bit of brown sugar or molassass, if you only have vanilla it may be a bit sweet, maybe use 1 cup that and 1 cup flour or oats ground up in blender, or if you like sweet then it's fine)
                  pumpkin pie spice, salt, vanilla extract, pinch of baking powder or soda, etc to taste
                  8 oz lowfat (or normal if you are ok w a few more calories, not fat free that shit is fucking plastic not cheese) cream cheese

                  Mix everything except cream cheese (pumpkin and eggs first ofc) (if you want fluffier muffins you can beat the egg whites and fold them in at the end, whey makes a slightly denser muffin then flour). Put batter into muffin tin and top w a dollop of cream cheese per muffin. Bake at 350 for 20-30 mins depending on size of your muffin pan.

                  I made 6 nice big muffins for 278 cals, 11g carbs, 12g fat, 29g protein per muffin.


                    Walked to far gym for group class. Got to spend 15 mins playing w a landmine press (intercostals were already angry, this should be fun lol) and did a bunch of abs work.

                    New streak day 6


                      Pushups wotk was 10 sad shoulder taps bc my poor obliques and intercostals are so angry.

                      Some morning yoga

                      Will walk home from train if light allows

                      New streak day 7


                        Rinish barbell complex w 25lbs (the 30 at gym near work was bendy bar I wanted straight). 3 reps, 5 sets, strict military presses. Elbows are still wrong on hang clean/front squats and idk why. I have the mobility to get them into right place they just... don't want to while I am moving? Grml

                        2x 30 sec plank 30 sec dead bug w 4lb ball 30 sec ball bounce

                        Hammer. 10lbs. Last set was pushpress tho.

                        Like 2 mins of but kicks and March steps

                        Stretched, got out

                        New streak day 8


                          Thanks for the Pumpkin Muffin recipe; i am looking forward to trying it out soon.


                            Originally posted by Mamatigerj View Post
                            Thanks for the Pumpkin Muffin recipe; i am looking forward to trying it out soon.


                              ​​​​​​@loba5472 Mamatigerj take the extra 5 mins to beat up the egg whites if you will keep many days, bc they get dense as they sit. (Still good but, texture suffers a bit.)

                              Active rest day, chest and back light and my morning stretching

                              New streak day 9


                                Possibly tmi sidenote. Every month there is one day of my period where I bleed like a stuck pig. It is rediculous, can change tampon once an hr and still wreck cloths. Tried to use mooncup on that day once and...trauma. Cup is now relagated to at home use or that last day barely spotting business. Am fucking STARVING CREATURE then. So today I added a Starbucks apple/cheese box thing to my planned lunch bc grar.


                                Rinish barbell complex, 3 sets, 5 reps, 25 lbs bar
                                Hang clean is a bit better but elbows still not right. I should practice w a broom stick maybe.

                                3x 10 stepups + 10 bridges w shoulders on step, 25lb bell.
                                3x 10 climbers 2 hands on step + 10 triceps dips

                                Lots of stretching

                                New streak day 10