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    Yesterday's workout was not allowing self to sit diwn groceries (30-40lbs, loaded unevenly) from store to front door where I needed my keys (1/2 mile).

    Today I did some stretching/active warmup shit and fought w compression socks (and may have won this round, will see).

    353 dares, 270 w ec. 904 day streak


      Perhaps a different style is in order to better accommodate body style. Here is a link with the most current best ones...


        I need something at least thigh high - bc troublesome vein atm is through to just above knee area. I am leery of full length/pantyhose ones bc I am tall. In even regular panythose I need to size up to get enough legnth to have crotch area actually anywhere near my body and not 3 in low impeeding my moving/falling down...and sizing up compression garment will fuck up its compression. The torture socks + bike shorts combo seems to be working today, so I will stick w that + dress till current issue abates. Then I will look at knee high ones and hope those will help just enough to prevent further outbreaks of this fucking shit >.>


          Lost my streak.

          It is 95+ degrees F here

          My leg is uncomfortable (actually, it hurts, but I CAN walk w out limping so I guess uncomfortable is right word). And like half of it is the wrong fucking color bc now the affected veins are dark (which aparentlty is not something which should alarm me esp bc I am pale).

          I have some time off work which I had grand plans for working on reno during but instead I am playing ffxiv and watching/rewatching CSI on hulu with my leg up, wearing the torture sock 1 hr on/1 hr off give or take bc it is too fucking hot to leave it on I am sweating just sitting here in my fucking underwear.

          Could I count having walked to the store? I guess, except I skipped even that one day.

          This has totally waylaid me. I feel like a fucking failure.

          BUT. I kept my calories within my goal (a bit under even) and my net carbs at 48 average for the week even with yesterday's choice to have and ice cream cone bc it was so hot I simply wanted to die.

          My cat is lying like a rag doll on tile kitchen floor in front of the fan I put there just for her bc why is she not on couch where I have aimed my (innadequate but still helpful, replacing it tomorrow w more btus) ac for myself, and meowing every so often for ice cubes (which I bring her bc she is princess, lol).

          Today I went out for brunch bc free bloody mary w the 11$ entrees + benedict w salmon cakes added is wowzy but I am not worried it will throw off my week diet wise, I got fried tomatoes w it instead of hash browns and really I have been living on bagged salads bc unwilling to fkn cook to meal prep anyway. I just did not want to turn on stove or just eat yogurt. (I need to turn on stove tonight bc I have a piece of tilapia that needs to be cooked today, but I will just eat dinner at 10 pm when it fucking cools down.)

          I willl catch up on eveyones theads when I am back to being able to work out and it is not just depressign to do so >.>


            Hey...I was just about to check in on you and your kitty. I'm sorry you're going through this. I am thinking about you and hope that you can get back to working out soon.


              Forced downtime sucks, even more so when it's super hot outside.

              Don't worry about the streak, it sure was impressive, but somehow, it was a good feeling when it was gone, because all the "does this walk / yoga video count as a workout?" is just a waste of mental energy, for me at least. Now I count every little activity I get in as a win, no matter if it's 15mins or not.


                Heat waves are bad for workin out, and for kitties, hugs and hope it gets better soon!


                  You gotta take care of you, and the leg issue concerns me. Self care is important. It is stupidly HOT everywhere atm it seems...just get your legs better and get through heat wave! Warriors don't become warriors without obstacles!


                    hugs and healing prayers



                        Thank you so so much CODawn, sleep_twitch, PetiteSheWolf, Mamatigerj, MissMolly, daejamurrachan. The support structure here in general, and you gals in particular, are fucking awesome.

                        Last week... only walked 26 miles, slept something like 9 hrs average despite heat, and all out binges but several 3k-3.5k days of just having a cookie here a muffin there chips w lunch then pizza or beef patties or spoons of pb from the jar at 11pm. Being still is depressing me, so I need to cut that out.

                        So, what CAN I do w bum leg? I can try to get 10k steps average at least, bc gentle movement might actually help. Can't do legs rly, bc the affected vein is in crook of knee so squats etc are OUCH. Can do upper body np. So new schedule:
                        day 1 - all 4 Nia upperbody lifts in 2 super sets; something like builder or hammer to hit accessories; an "arm waving" or tendon str cool down.
                        day 2- Iron Bar or a leg tendon day from that program, so that when I do get back to leg work I don't injury myself.
                        day 3 - abs or yoga or a walk in the park

                        Going to see a vein specialist next week. Never bothered bc insurance doesn't cover and I always considered it cosmetic and I don't expect to like how I look so whatever. Now that I know they can torture me? Fuck this. Got a recc from a friend who is a schoolteacher (so similar walking/standing at work to me) for a guy. Initial consult is free. Shots are 350 for 10. Big veins might take 30 shots. I think I will be getting a 10 shot treatment every 3-4 months for next few years. Recovery from treatment is 2-3 weeks so I will use my modified training schedule for recovery then lift properly for 2-3 months then repeat. /sigh Or maybe they will do the crochet hook type thing on my biggest ones. Fucking gross but aparently teensy scar >.>

                        Todays set:
                        Pulldowns (close chin grip kneeling on floor) 3x52.5x10
                        shoulder press

                        Chest press (on floor) 3x12.5x8
                        Bent row 3x15x10

                        Upperbodybuilder- 5lbs only. Zottmans, pause on lat raise, added kickbacks on triceps

                        Shoulder Work - last set involved cussing lol


                          Ugh. Hang in there. It sucks when shit gets in the way of your workout program.


                            Originally posted by 'rin View Post
                            last set involved cussing lol
                            It's not really a worthwhile workout if you don't cuss at least a little bit.

                            Good luck with the shots. I hope they'll get the job done.


                              Focus on upper body lifts would have been my recommendation here, but I see that's what you're doing already, so that's awesome! When I couldn't use one of my legs for an extended period of time (two fractures in one foot), I also did a lot of non plank abs work (crunch variations with small dumbbells or wrist weights) -- it's super boring, but I don't focus on my abs enough when I'm not injured, so it was probably a productive use of the downtime.

                              My mom also had severe problems with her varicose veins, and years after they messed up her surgery (which is not even recommended anymore), she got the shots and it completely solved the issue. I still remember how she got geocaching with me for the first time, because walking was the doctor's recommendation for after the shots LOL I hope the shots help you too!


                                Thanks CODawn Redline sleep_twitch .... and ya, Ive heard scary things abt the old operation so am hopeful about shots (even tho it will be a several year treatment bc I am not made of money).

                                Yesterday I made lunches for the week (but not today, have some lunch meeting, they will prob bring sammiches) so at least 1 nutrition point....but was still in super "want junk" mode so instead of dinner my hubby and I went out for icecream at this place that serves it on a fresh waffle. At least I did not also get pizza.

                                Tendon day today
                                Iron Bar

                                Day 2