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    Thats unusual tbh. Most of the time, with the way insurances are signed up for, you have like 2 weeks past your quit/lay off date with work insurance since it will come out of the last check, you are technically still paying for it. That said I don't know and dont want to know the details of the lay off pkg so this is all just off hand.

    I would still look into getting together with a resource coordinator. Serious. Im not going to tell you what to do, but they are generally amazing and can do a lot for people who suddenly get into situations like yours. You really dont know how long this will play out. I can only offer my experience and knowledge.

    I feel for your husband as I have been in this role before, and if I knew then, what I know now, it would have made my/my families time much easier.


      Losing the job is a major suck; I know how this feels. Don‘t let it discourage you.


        'rin - loss of existing coverage is a qualifying IRS "life event", you should have no problem signing up for insurance through your employer, you will just have to provide the term letter (which you should have received with or around the same time as your COBRA paperwork.)

        Sorry you're dealing with all this right now Hopefully he's able to find something quick.


          Just checked - you have 31 days from the "event date", which would be the date your coverage termed.


            Ugh. I am really sorry to hear about your husband's job.


              Thanks K e l l y eand aveoturbo for practical advise and BlackButler sleep_twitch zorg CODawn for encourgament. This happened on the 13th so, it explains a lot of my shit over last few weeks. He just got his last paycheck but severance pkg doesnt kick in for a few more weeks somehow so thank goodness for unemployment. I wish he had bartending experience bc a few bucks under the table wouldn't hurt and it's harder to get a waiter gig >.>

              That said, I need to find anxiety management tools that do not involve self sabotage.

              Going to institute a no more then 2 drinks a day/4 a week rule, and not let myself procrastinate on my phone on my commute bc reading is more soothing to me. ......And try not to get frustrated w myself if I need to reorganize lifting schedule for extra recover.

              KnightTraining, casual training
              Dare -30 sec crunches, ec
              1:15 active plank - 25 elbow, 25 each foot w other crossed over
              Athena day 18, lv1
              6 sets 5 chinups at 85lb assist between things
              Armageddon lv rin...7 sets but, sets 1,3,5,7 were done at 10 reps only holding 2lb hand weights. Was fun to alternate that w full 20 sets w no weight somehow

              Class which was fun today.... somewhere in the circuit she had me stand on an upside down half bosu (so, round side on floor, me standing on flat) and slam a ball. Instead of going to the next thing when time was up I just stayed there, for like 5 mins maybe. I would not do that outside class bc I lost ball a few times and needed it brought back - I can see how I could hit ppl w it lol - but it was awesome, and I honestly was surprised I could do it. I think she filmed me, if I don't look like a total fool I'll post it lol.

              ​​214 dares, 175 w ec. 395 day streak


                Sending serious hugs there, for you and your hubby. This situation is tough. Been in unemployment, hated every second of it. Think of here as a safe space to vent, we're there to listen. Not much, but at lleast that I can do (plus other people's smart advices on coverage ).
                Mademoiselle Luna sends extra purrs.


                  So sorry your family is having to deal with this 'rin. Hope your husband finds a new and great gig soon.


                    Thanks Rainbow Dragon and PetiteSheWolf (and Luna)

                    Yesterday was 2300 cals/11k steps and 1/4 of my weekly booze allowance.

                    In the name of extra recovery/less cortisol, Im swaping to NiaSharp 2 days a week strength training, and will do lower key strength work on my 3rd day (calisthenics or fun w dumbells) and extra pullup work ofc. Except it seems to have an a and b and I did both today. (Thanks sleep_twitch for this idea)

                    Knight Training, NiaSharp
                    Squat 1x45x10, 1x115x10, 1x135x8, 1x115x10, 1x95x12 (will try 3x135x8 next, this was a lot of seeing what was comfortable w this volume)
                    Bench 3x45x10
                    Kneeling rows 3x30x8
                    Back extension 3x25x10
                    A dropset of pullups - 2@70assist, 3@85assist, 8@100assist (was tempted to do more but listning to body which had started bitching)
                    1:15 active plank
                    dare, calf raises, ec

                    A cookie actually fit in my macros (I was short abt 350 cals and under on fat/carbs) as hobbit breakfast. Let's see if I can stick to my smart choices the rest of the day after it. I am beginning to thing I need to ONLY eat sugar as dessert at night bc it often leads to moar sugar all day...let's see if knowing I get a guilt free pb and jam english muffin after work if I behave is enough to head off that shit. ((Only acceptable cheat, which is always an acceptable cheat, is if my collegue makes her homemade cupcakes...she uses Magnolia's recipe and they are divine.... unfortunately she no longer makes me the tiny 1-2 bite one she was making when I was really dieting lol.))

                    ​​​​​​​​215 dares, 176 w ec. 396 day streak


                      Glad I could inspire you with the twice a week workout! That Nia Shanks blog is a great resource for someone like me, who has tried a lot of fads out there and tortured herself with ridiculous training schedules and tries to find something that works long-term.


                        ​yesterday - 2000 cals, 15k steps

                        Felt meh this morning

                        KnightTraining, casual training
                        Athena 19
                        and stretches

                        215 dares, 176 w ec. 397 day streak


                          Extra coffee day!!!


                            A NORMAL day, for me, is 1 whole french press (ie, 3-4 normal person cups) in the morning, a 24 oz coffee to go post gym/otw to work, and at least 2 cups during the day/maybe a dt coke as well. So rly, every day is extra coffee.

                            Actually, this morning was emergency resume and cover letter and online shopping thing from work (bc other company I'm looking at uses same tool...) update because w this whole 'unemployed husband' thing I am probably not going to be able to get a mortgage unless we somehow do some shenanigans where we attribute all our shared debt to him and then just put only me on the damn thing and will have to resort to disaster plan (ie, raid almost entire 401k) so...... going to use a few former collegues who work for the same other dept store chain (including my awesome manager who just fucking quit YESTERDAY and I can't even hate him bc he got an awesome raise... I am not sposed to know where he is going but see above, I has spies) as references and see what sort of offer I could get from them, just in case. And now I somehow feel slightly better about the entire situation bc at least I am doing SOMETHING productive other then insurance research (wtf it would cost 500/month to even get a catastrophic plan that would ONLY cover basic wellness visits or things over 10k...) and trying to make sure husbando does not sleep all day bc he is, of course, depressed bc he actually enjoyed his job.


                              'rin I'm really sorry to hear this what did you husband do might I ask? x


                                BlackButler he worked for Barnes and Nobels, head cashier/front end mgr...previously he worked for waldens/borders as assistant more bookstore chains left to jump to, sadly.