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    Originally posted by 'rin View Post
    37k steps (16 miles. Wanted 20 but meh...have not done a long walk in ages, I need to get back into condition)
    AAaaaaannnnndddd now I am tired.

    That's really impressive. I only average like 5 miles a day, so now I feel like a lazy lump.


      aveoturbo ty for reminding me what my mileage looks like to most ppl... I needed that.

      yesterday was 11k steps.
      59 miles total last week

      Food wise, I am going to stick w bringing my lunches to work, plus try to work out pre breakfast, so I am not eating twice every morning (bc I cannot skip post gym food). My body was confused this morning but didn't fight w me. (Had coffee w like 1 tbl cream first.)

      Today was a Nia Day
      pulldowns, chin grip, 4x50x8 - added a set but lowered weight bc of triceps revolt last week
      shoulder press 4x10sx8
      Rdl 4x65x8

      Power up day 5 - total fail on 1st row, managed 2nd np
      45 sec plank

      353 dares, 270 w ec. 860 day streak


        Gun-damn, Rin. I average even less than 99% of the Bees here. You're a superhero if I've ever seen one.


          Mai Halestrom my superpower is my ability to ignore mild to moderate discomfort >.> I am, in turn, in awe of runners. I can trod along forever but omg, don't jostle or jarr me at all or I quit.

          Yesterday was 14.5k steps

          Day 2 of work before breakfast involved a walk to the gym + workout and is currently involving a pitstop of coffee + small snack (dunkin donuts ham wakeup wrap - so like tiny tortilla, 1/2 an egg, 1 slice plastic cheese, 1 slice ham, small bit of ketchup) bc my oats (1 serving oats, 2 powdered pb, 1 cherry jam, coconut water) was not enough. >.> hopefully as I acclimate breakfast will get smaller. For now I just need to build habit.

          1 min plank for challenge
          Power up day 6 - total fail on side planks
          Upperbodybuilder w 7.5s
          Apollyon lv1

          Was trying to get approx as much work as Monday class would of been w out 6 mile hike before breakfast. I think next week I will walk the 2 miles to my gym, do my power up/plank, eat, then walk the 4 to class. (Need to get out door early enough.)

          353 dares, 270 w ec. 861 day streak


            ​I am, in turn, in awe of runners. I can trod along forever but omg, don't jostle or jarr me at all or I quit.​​​​​​
            Yes, exactly!


              Wow! That's a lot of mileage!


                Glad I am not the only one Mamatigerj....and thanks CODawn.

                Yesterday I ate all the things. (And walked 13k steps)

                Today I felt off kilter, and only did top row of power tomorrow I will do double. Walked 2 miles to subway tho, georgous weather.

                353 dares, 270 w ec. 862 day streak


                  Yesterday was 15k steps, and again w eating all the things. Wtf body.

                  Nia day - supposed to do incline pushups in this phase. But. My form is shit on the 24in box, and getting at smith machine is a fight. So. Dumbell chest presses, go.
                  Chest press 5x15sx5
                  Bent row 5x20sx5
                  Goblet squats 3x16kgx5

                  Finished yesterday's power up that I had abandoned
                  Did todays
                  failed on 1:10 plank again >.>

                  353 dares, 270 w ec. 863 day streak


                    Yesterday was 18k steps.

                    Today I did my power up in the park, and am hiking.

                    353 dares, 270 w ec. 864 day streak


                      Yesterday I got 20 miles.

                      Today, did my Nia lifts
                      Pulldowns 5x50x8
                      shoulder press 5x10x8
                      Rdl 5x65x8

                      And my legs just would NOT do power up, will double up tomorrow

                      45 sec plank bc I retreated post failure.

                      353 dares, 270 w ec. 865 day streak


                        Nice pictures!


                          I agree, nice pics! And holy shit on the step count! That's A LOT of steps! I'm guessing that with being in NYC that you walk instead of drive car to get to places...I could only DREAM of walking that much with my medical issues lol...that's awesome for you though as walking is a great way to exercise and it's tons of fun exploring and noticing the beauty in life!


                            Wow...20 miles!!!


                              Thanks Mamatigerj MissMolly CODawn

                              yesterday was 14k steps

                              Today day 10 and 11 power up

                              353 dares, 270 w ec. 866 day streak


                                Yesterday was 11k steps. Last week was 58 miles.

                                I am trying to fix/change 1 bad nutrition habit a week. Week 1 was bring damn lunch to work. Week 2, not eating breakfast till post workout to break double breakfast habit. Week 3 will be no fucking snacks w coffee/vending machine bullshit w lunch are allowed. Snacks themselves are ok but not buying snacks while out, I need to bring my own (which will be less junky) (with the exception of bananas- those get so beaten up carrying them, if I want a banana I can hit up the street fruit guy or coffee shop).

                                Nia Day
                                Dumbell chest press 4x15x8
                                Dumbell rows 4x20x8
                                (Down a set from last but up total reps, from 25 to 32)
                                Goblet Squats w kettlebell 5x16kgx5 (up 2 sets from last)

                                Power Up day 12, but so fail at side planks, formerly injured shoulder still really hates these.

                                353 dares, 270 w ec. 867 day streak