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    Easy Abs lv 3

    353 dares, 270 w ec. 853 day streak


      I need to get out of this bare minimum training streak....

      As I walk to the train today and call 2 miles my workout.

      353 dares, 270 w ec. 854 day streak


        I am basically starting over. Which fucking sucks. But whatever. Going to do this Nia Shanks beginner thing for 4-5 weeks to ease back in, along with the tendon program when it comes out and getting my step counts back to my normal rinish lvs.

        Goal today was to resist urge to obliterate self

        Apollyon lv1 as a warmup (w ec)

        Goblet Squats 3x8 w 12kg kettle - will add more sets next time, this was work but not a challenge

        Superset - Scapula pulls 3x3 with Incline Pushups (24in box) 3x5 Both were a bit sad (push ups more so then pulls) will stay here next time and clean them up a bit. If pushups are still sad will move to wall grml.

        Some abs circiut x3 w 8lb ball
        10 high crunches
        10 dead bugs
        10 sitting side to side bounce

        353 dares, 270 w ec. 855 day streak


          Starting over does suck but you can do it!!!


            Yay, we're on the same program again ​​​​​​

            I started logging my workouts in the free Android app Strong for some extra accountability and motivation. It shows me when I'm making progress with exercises, no matter which program I follow, as long as I log my workouts.

            Power Up is out for Hive members btw ​​​​​​​


              thank you for the encouragement CODawn. And sleep_twitch thank you for reminding me of this awesome program (and for nudging me that the other is out already, will start that w a friend tomorrow). I downloaded that app, it is the one w the purple icon right? Can you set different workouts in it, or do you need to put in the whole thing each time?

              I am not using MFP atm bc somehow calorie counting has gotten troublesome for me atm - I need to get into a better headspace and get my workouts back on track first I think... I am using it as an excuse to eat crap bc I have "extra" cals left etc >.> But I think i need to log food somewhere/some way to get myself sorted out a bit so I will do it here for a week or so. Today's goal was to minimize sugar, bc I have been cookie/cake/icecream monster of late.. week's overarching goal is to minimize buying takeout/eating out for lunch (both for my waistline AND my wallet) and to try to eat 3 meals + maybe a snack instead of 3 meals + 2 meal sized snacks + 1 snack which is what I have been eating of late.

              12.9k steps
              6am: english muffin with pb and cherry preserves, blueberries, coffee w cream
              730am: iced coffee with milk and butter pecan flavor (my sugar for the day)
              11am: Sesame bagle w cream cheese, more coffee w cream
              4pm: tomatos, homemade pickles (not proper fermented but quick refridgerator my dad's formula/recipe when I visited last), burger (90/10, roughly 8 oz) w awesome 8 year old chedder in middle, waymany brocolli/cheddar tots (whole stupid 5 serving bag), dipping sauce of mayo/sirracha/ketchup for the tots
              planned bedtime snack if starving: greek yogurt w cherry preserves (bc I am a bit short on protein now that I look at my day)

              I made work lunch/dinners (white beans, deli ham, arugula, lemon, parsley, marjoram, tomato saladish bowls) and 2 flavors of overnight oats (1 w pb powder, coconut water, and cherry preserves; other w vanilla protein powder, raspberries, blueberries, and frozen mango (also w coconut water)) to use for breakfasts for the week so that I don't 1- eat half my calories for the day before 6am by having a huge plate of eggs w ham and cheese and buttered toast and 2 - don't go out and eat some sammich etc from deli bc "i'm running late". Between my oats and the fact I bought kind bars and clementines I should be covered.


                The first time I lost a bunch of weight, I used calorie counting and it worked great. The other times, it just became a pain the ass or it made me feel bad about myself. Sometimes a different strategy is in order.


                  Originally posted by 'rin View Post
                  I downloaded that app, it is the one w the purple icon right? Can you set different workouts in it, or do you need to put in the whole thing each time?
                  You can save the different workouts (either before you first use the app at the gym, or after performing and logging a workout for the first time:

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	2019-05-29 08.40.49.jpg
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                  Click image for larger version

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                  While you perform the workout, it gives you the numbers (sets / reps / weight) for last time and you simply adapt what you did this time. For me, the most helpful thing is the notes you can attach to each exercise -- I used to carry a bunch of loose paper with me to the gym with my bar/safety heights and PRs etc. The person who showed me the app has been using it for a year or so, and she has all those nice statistics of her progress over time which I think is really motivating if you're a numbers person.
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                    Thanks for the reminder CODawn I have lost in the past w "little old lady style dieting" as well, maybe I can try that atm.

                    and sleep_twitch, that is not what the interface looks like on the one I tried, lol. Let's see if I hate this less after a few weeks, bc a reccord might be nice.

                    I know I know Nia says non conservative days but, my week is all sideways.

                    Rdl - 3x65x8 - 4 or 5 sets next time
                    Shoulder press 3x10x8 same
                    pull down 3x70x8 maybe 4th set

                    5 min plank day 1, 20 sec
                    power up day 1 - was surprisingly hard

                    353 dares, 270 w ec. 856 day streak


                      I just try to manage portions. My weekends are a disaster!


                        22k steps
                        I eat so strangely on late shifts
                        530 oats w protein and fruit, coffee w cream
                        830 leftover fried rice w 3 poached eggs, more coffee w cream
                        1130 bananna, triple venti nonfat latte
                        330 my meal prep - beans and ham w arugula tomato and herbs
                        530 coffee
                        630 granola bar swiped from collegue

                        I did not buy food, at least >.> but oy.


                          Going on a big walk today
                          day 2 5 min plank- 25 sec
                          Day 2 Power up (had to shake out arms during 2nd hold)

                          Let's see how far I get today before I get rained on and go home

                          353 dares, 270 w ec. 857 day streak


                            37k steps (16 miles. Wanted 20 but meh...have not done a long walk in ages, I need to get back into condition)

                            6am - 3 eggs scrambled w cheese and ham, English muffin, blueberrys, coffee w cream - I ate giant breakfast thinking it would hold me through more miles, meh, next time will just eat my protein oats or yogurt since I snack while hiking either way.
                            10am coffee w cream
                            1030 kind protein bar
                            12 beef jerkey
                            1 kind granola bar
                            230 ham and cheese baguette, coffee w milk
                            dinner plan - pork chop, broccoli, salad

                            meh. The baguette was unnecessary/unplanned/bought w coffee but, it was a better choice then a cookie and perked me up enough to get the last 3 miles in. I was going to eat rice and beans w my pork chop but, since I had bread I'll do double veg instead.


                              My Nia beginners (or restarters) program
                              pushups w hand on bar (waist high) 3x5 super setted w
                              inverted rows 3x5 - these were made interesting by the fact upper back and triceps were super domsy

                              goblet squats 4x12kgx8

                              5 min plank day 3 - 30 sec
                              Power up day 3, should of coppied Mamatigerj and held onto a wall lol

                              Stretched, foam rolled back and hamstrings, getting iced coffee to get me home and to work lol

                              353 dares, 270 w ec. 858 day streak


                                Yesterday was an odd food day. I think bc I was in so much doms pain, partly, I could not go to bed hungry and ate all the things at night.

                                23.8k steps
                                530 pb oats, coffee
                                730 iced coffee w flavor
                                830 protein oats w fruit, coffee
                                1130 banana, more coffee
                                330 beans/veggies meal prep w rice added, blueberries, cheese
                                630 kind bar
                                10 pm pizza at bus stop >.>
                                1030 can of soup
                                1130 hubby had peanut m&ms, stole to eat in bed

                                I have a LOT of late shifts comming up. I need to better manage what I eat on them.

                                Today I did Supermans for 5 min plank, And had a failish time at day 4 power up bc wtf legs still mad.

                                353 dares, 270 w ec. 859 day streak