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    Seeking Some Duct Tape

    So... rolling into a new "workout year" with a new thread. Setting some actual defined goals that are (hopefully) not as far away as the motherfucking moon (along w some fallback positions in case they are).

    1- 20 pushups. (Or a least 10. Currently at 2-3)
    2- A Pullup. (Or at least a chinup. Currently at 1/2 my weight on assist.)
    3 - 5 min plank. (Best is 3 mins. No fallback here, I can do this.)
    4 - Squat 1.5x my weight (or at least 200. Currently at 125.)
    5- Deadlift 1.5x my weight (or at least 225. Currently at 170.)

    This is, of course, along with the meta goal for the rest of my life which is "Find some way to continue to be roughly the size I am now, even tho I'm a goddamn greedalox". This is arguably the most important goal but it is also the least fun, which is why I need other things to focus on along the way.


    201 dares, 164 w ec. 365 day streak

    You got this hun! May the greedalox in all of us be foiled yet another day!


      The goals 1-3 seem reachable with a good progression, don't know nothing about weights. If you stay this commited, you definitly got this.


        Good luck with your new thread, your new goals and please stay true to your greedaloxiness!

        New profile pic looks nice, is that your cat?


          New goals, new thread, new avatar You've got this, fellow Greedalox!


            Thanks shanna123ify HellYeah twinkletoes and mogster yes, that is my cat ^-^


              Good luck to your journey towards your new goals. You can do it!
              I have a black cat too, they're the best


                Thanks Katia cat is also a greedalox, look at this mean mug when I won't open treat bag omg.


                  The Plank and Five Minute Plank challenges will get you to a five minute plank without much difficulty, depending on which plank you're working toward. It'll even take less than a month given your advanced state of already having a three minute plank.


                    Originally posted by 'rin View Post
                    my cat is also a greedalox, look at this mean mug when I won't open treat bag omg.
                    Ahaha just like mine, a little black panther, with a strong personality.


                      Thanks wjs I did one of them before, which is how I got to 3 mins. Just need to focus again. I fail planks from my shoulders as much as my abs, and it is tricky for me to figure out just how much I can train involving shoulders w out making them angry at me. (Idk why they get angry so easily other then they are weak and I am stubborn... I did not ever damage them etc as a kid like I did my ankles.)

                      Rin-split - recovery
                      Bear crawls! Failed as much bc I was laughing at myself as bc of muscle failure, these were fun
                      Rambler Lv2 Just could not push out 2 more sets, but, I was sweaty and legs were annoyed at least
                      40 boat folds/v up practice - bc idk why
                      Dare, 30 sec squat hold, w ec

                      Maybe I will do yoga later, maybe not. I am going hatchet throwing today w the college roomates.... this counts as exercise right? It should be fun... Idk that they will let me pick an activity again every tho lol. (we were having some discussion about 'We always just go for lunch, we should go do SOMETHING' but neither had a clear idea of what... and I did not want to end up somehow going to church w them bc then the argument would be over which of their churches etc, or let's go to the botanical garden in the cold in January bc one of the is a plant nut and the place is right near other's apt so it is easy to suggest, and I saw some ad for an axe throwing place and just booked us before I told them "We are going hatchet throwing, my treat, already booked it, 230 so you gals can go to church first if you want".)

                      I need to remember the fact that working on building up absolute strength is actual WORK. Even tho it feels like I am not doing "enough" because the sets are small, I really am asking a lot of my body. Twice now I've had my legs go out from under/try to go out from under me on lifting days (jump squat fail, and a woobly walk home from gym on thursday). That should really clue me in that I am actually getting enough exercise. It somehow "feels" like more work to do larger volume sets at lighter weight (like with iron born) but those sort of sets are not going to help me meet my current goals. I have to get past this mental block and stop trying to overdo things/beating myself up when my body tells me to fuck off when I try. Like, today's cardio was as much about the fact I walked to the gym (2 miles each way) then it was about the fact I spent 15 mins really sweating, and that needs to be ok, bc I need some lower activity days to recover.

                      202 dares, 165 w ec. 366 day streak


                        also I wouldn't mind some feedback from lifting sorts like zorg or aveoturbo on wether or not I have set achievable goals with squats/deadlifts >.>


                          Originally posted by 'rin View Post
                          also I wouldn't mind some feedback from lifting sorts like zorg or aveoturbo on wether or not I have set achievable goals with squats/deadlifts >.>
                          To be honest, I don‘t know what my max weight looks like with DL and Squat. I stopped training with single rep, max effort lifts after a time, as it gets really tough after a while; and I wasn‘t that interested in seeing my PRs. So I‘m not that experienced with max effort single reps Maybe I should give it a try, though...

                          That said, I think your goals look pretty achievable. Squat and DL use big muscle groups, and therefore can lift a lot of weight. Test your max once in a while, and follow the program; that will see you along for quite a while. I don‘t think it helps much to theorize about limits due to age or sex or whatever. Just go for it, and see what happens. 👍


                            So.... weekly (monthly) digest, go.
                            Jan 1 173.4lbs. Today, 167. So if I stay the course I should be where I want to be in 2 months. Maybe faster if I can focus.

                            2450 cals average. 140g protein average. I ate all the motherfucking things last week. Thank god I'm tall or I would be round, lol.
                            11.8k steps average last week. Not bad.

                            Axe throwing yesterday was fucking awesome. And you cannot take the roomates and I anywhere, we are rediculous together even if not drinking (the place has beer but we didn't). I love these 2 pics bc it is just so us...try to take a nice pic, one of us does something silly (C, the axe is not a baby) and we all loose it. I hate that all I see in the first one is my damn belly. ((Note, friend is wearing a blue plaid shirt I passed to her bc it was too big for me now... I don't look critically at HER size. I need to fix my head.))

                            Rin-split, laxidasical monday
                            Stepped funny or something otw to gym and knee just hurt...had to like shake it out and heard it literally pop back into place. Meh!

                            Dare - half jacks, no ec bc knee kept acting like it wanted to mess up again.

                            fun w pullys, 10lbs
                            3x15 high pulls
                            3x10 punches
                            3x15 mid pulls
                            3x10 twists
                            3x15 low pulls

                            12 mins beginner 1 down dog short practice

                            Class - prisoners squat to shoulder press w kettle, mt climbers and funny burpee variations w hands on box, battle rope, ball throwing, squat to upright row w kettle, more of all of those, some abs.
                            I meant to more today but meh. Knee threw me off. Going to go home and do my meal prep for the week. I need to focus on diet more then I need to spend more time at the gym. Might do more yoga later just bc it's soothing.

                            203 dares, 165 w ec. 367 day streak


                              Somehow I imagine you with some evil villain laugh and it fits perfectly.

                              Great pictures though!