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    Level Up ~ val.lavigne86

    My old thread was getting kind of long and since I've spent a fair amount of time thinking about where I want to go with my fitness goals I figured a new thread was a great idea to help me sort it out!

    In 2017 I met most of my personal fitness goals that I'd been working on for a while (20 pull-ups, 50 push-ups, unassisted head stand to name a few) and it left me with a sense of uncertainty in regards to what I wanted for myself fitness-wise.

    Feb 2022 Update:

    It's been five years since I've done an update on fitness goals so probably about time I put an update here!

    I did a real generalized update here, but I'll maybe explain a bit more here and talk a bit about what has been going with me in the last few years.

    To start off, I've not been very active around the Hive until this past year and very intermittingly at that, but I've missed it terribly.

    In late 2018, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer and it got worse before it got better - not going into it - and as of this past Fall after my last biopsy and a (hopefully) final surgery, I was declared cancer free! I don't head back to the hospital for a check-up in this regard until late summer unless something hinky comes up before then, but so far so good!

    Some fun news - I started BJJ in the later half of 2019 and wasn't very consistent with it even though I completely adored it as my health interruptions just wouldn't allow for regularity. Going into 2020 I was excited to focus on it [jits] and physically felt the best I had in a long while, but at the beginning of Feb 2020 we started the beginning of the first Covid lockdown here. Since then the lockdowns are kind of just a part of life now and somehow I managed to get in enough, and consistent, training in to test for my blue belt this past December and walk away with some new colour before the latest lockdown

    I tell people all the time that BJJ was one of the best decisions I've ever made because I don't think I'd be physically or mentally where I'm currently at without it. I think several things would've been very different and I'm grateful for the community that exists in this sport.

    Some of my goals for this year are not specific in nature as I'm more interested in being functional and just enjoying myself. I have more specific goals around jiu jitsu, but I won't get into those here since I do in a thread post already later on.

    BJJ is the most important fitness aspect to me at the moment and so I'm hoping to move my daily fitness around in such a way that it compliments my jits training, has me all of the happy, but also puts me on track for some steady progress on things that need work.

    Some physical things that need some love are - stronger core, glute activation, more flexibility in my hips and shoulders, high intensity cardio conditioning (just running is fine for me, but the step up from there is not great), some toning up and losing a maximum of 15lbs, but ideally no more than 10lbs.

    If I can find a trail, or even city, race in my area that I haven't done before then I will set a more regular running schedule. I miss running so much, but I struggle to stay consistent with the training if I don't have a reason to do it.

    There is a BJJ tournament coming up the end of April that I am leaning towards doing right now. If I can get my training schedule sorted out and one-on-one time with coaches then I'll do this one. If I'm not, then I'll do the following one that should be in either the late summer or fall sometime. There's always another one if the one this Spring doesn't work out

    Jan 2nd - Tuesday

    Cardio HIIT Challenge D2 ~ 30sec elbow plank / 30sec rest / 2 sets

    I intended to pick up Roadwork where I left it off today but... I could not motivate myself to do it. The biggest reason why is the 'sameness' of nearly every day and it's tough to run just over 5km daily not only mentally, but also finding an interrupted chunk of time to do it with mine and my son's busy schedules! Plus every second day requires a full strength workout, which is awesome, but that means a minimum 30 extra minutes of time to tack onto the running time. Not a great management of my time most days unfortunately.

    So for the time being with running I'm going to do attempt to three types of runs a week: one steady pace, one running stairs, and one interval. The length will vary depending on the time I have available and what I did the day before. Example: If I did a leg the day before I won't be running stairs as this will only add to achy robot leg doms.

    Back workout:
    bent-over rows ~ 3 sets / 12reps / 25lb dumbbells
    one arm dumbbell rows ~ 3 sets / 8reps each side / 40lb dumbbell
    dumbbell lever rows ~ 3 sets / 10reps / 25lb dumbbells
    trap raise ~ 3 sets / 12reps / using resistance band + pull-up bar
    SS: prone reverse fly + prone w-extensions ~ 3 sets / 12reps each
    superman ~ 3 sets / 30seconds

    Oblique focused core:
    20 side bends + 30 tornadoes (15 each side) ~ 4 sets -- no rest between these exercises
    20 side bridges (10 each side) + 20 criss cross side plank (10 each side) ~ 4 sets -- no rest between these exercises

    YWA ~ True Day 1 ~ done


    Last year I had a huge focus on 'push' so I am going to focus more on 'pull' this year by rotating pull-up variations, seated rows, and inverted row variations daily. I still love push-ups and plan to continue doing them as often as possible, but my back definitely needs work.

    Daily Pull: L-sit pull-ups on rings ~ 3 sets to failure / 8-6-4


      Jan 3rd - Wednesday

      Cardio HIIT Challenge D3 ~ 30sec side jack + 30sec jumping jack / 1min rest / 6 sets -- I think I will do this next day like this with no rest because this is waaaayyyyy too easy!

      Done with EC = 1min rest

      Done with EC = no rest between exercises

      And I still have Day 2 of True via Yoga With Adrienne to do so it'll likely get done after supper or just before bed!


      Some great news today in that I got the paperwork/questionnaire for the genetic referral that went through in October! On the less awesome part, it is just over a year before I can even get an appointment because the wait list is so long. At least I have a lot of time to prep for a trip to Vancouver when the time comes though here's hoping that it isn't during the winter because the highway from here to there at that time is awful!


        val.lavigne86 Just wanted to stop by and say hello at your new ‘home’ for 2018

        It was very inspirational to read about your goals for 2018 and I’m looking forward to follow your journey.


          Originally posted by Sundance View Post
          Just wanted to stop by and say hello at your new ‘home’ for 2018

          It was very inspirational to read about your goals for 2018 and I’m looking forward to follow your journey.
          thanks Sundance!
          Encouragement, tips and even some "what for!" are always welcome

          I must say I'm looking forward to warmer weather so I can see more of those lovely trail running pics you post on your thread. I clearly need to head thatta way for some forest romping!


            Forgot to add on my Daily Pull -- 3 sets / 10reps / elevated feet inverted row (on rings) and about 15min elevated elbow lever practice for Jan 3rd

            Jan 4th - Thursday

            Cardio HIIT Challenge D4 ~ 30sec elbow plank / 30sec rest / 2 sets -- how it was supposed to be done but I just did it in one go

            ~ ~ REST DAY ~ ~

            YWA - TRUE Day 3

            Jan 5th - Friday

            Cardio HIIT Challenge D5 ~ 30sec side jacks + 30sec jumping jacks / no rest / 6 sets -- part of my warm up
            So it seems I'm having a day delay in regards to the doms catching up with me. I did legs on wednesday, but my legs are killing me today (friday). And I did core/back on tuesday, but I was sore yesterday (thursday) It's confusing!

            Level 3 / 5 sets no EC

            And I did say I was going to run stairs once week so I pepped myself up and got it done this afternoon. Two summers ago I was doing 4 sets of 8 minutes so I got some work to get back up to those numbers. It's good I'm starting this now because the race in May has some the hardest uphill running I've ever done on any trails to date. I want so badly to completely crush my old time!

            Run Stairs ~ 3 minutes / 4 sets / 30-60sec rest

            Daily Pull -- Mixed Grip ~ 16-13-10
            Full Pull / wk 1 - warm up week ~ 87/?

            YWA ~ True Day 4


              Jan 6th - Saturday

              Cardio HIIT Challenge D6 ~ 30sec elbow plank / no rest / 2 sets

              Quick triceps and chest weight workout:

              single arm overhead tri. exts ~ 12reps each side / 25lb dumbbell / 3 sets
              floor db flyes ~ 14reps / 30lb dumbbells / 3 sets
              kbell curls ~ 8reps each side / 22lb kbell / 3 sets
              skullcrushers ~ 8reps each side / 25lb dumbbell / 3 sets
              floor bb press ~ 8-6-4 reps / 80lbs / 3 sets

              Daily Pull -- Seated bench rows ~ 15reps / 60lbs / 3 sets

              YWA ~ True Day 5

              Jan 7th - Sunday

              Cardio HIIT Challenge D9 ~ 30sec side jacks + 30sec jumping jacks / no rest / 7 sets -- part of my warm-up

              Level 3 / 7 sets with EC = 1min rest

              Playground Challenge ~ 1 minute squat was completed but I had no one around to take video for me!

              Daily Pull -- Commando Grip ~ 14-11-9
              Full Pull / wk 1 - warm up week ~ 121

              YWA ~ True Day 6 -- my favourite day in her programs!


                Jan 8th - Monday

                Cardio HIIT Challenge D8 ~ 30sec elbow plank / no rest / 3 sets

                Upper-Lower Body Weight Split ~ Upper / D1 / wk 1

                inverted rows (on rings) ~ 15reps / 3 sets
                pull-ups ~ 3 sets to failure / 13-10-7
                raised pike push-ups ~ 3 sets to failure / 23-19-15
                prone reverse angels + rev. flyes + w-exts ~ 12reps each / 3 sets
                push back push-ups ~ 3 sets to failure / 21-17-14
                superman ~ 45sec / 3 sets

                Run ~ steady pace - 5.069km / 25min / 4:56 per km

                YWA ~ True Day 7

                Jan 9th - Tuesday

                Cardio HIIT Challenge D9 ~ 30sec side jack + 30sec jumping jacks / no rest / 7 sets -- part of my warm-up

                Upper-Lower Body Weight Split ~ Lower / D2 / wk 1

                cossack squats ~ 20reps / 3 sets
                side-to-side lunges ~ 30reps / 3 sets
                bench pistols ~ 12reps each side / 3 sets
                walking lunges w/kickback ~ 30reps / 3 sets
                single leg calf raises ~ 30reps each side / 3 sets
                wall sit ~ 60sec / 3 sets

                YWA ~ True Day 8


                  Jan 10th - Wednesday

                  Cardio HIIT Challenge D10 ~ 30sec elbow plank / no rest / 3 sets

                  Upper-Lower Body Weight Split ~ Core / D3 / wk 1

                  hanging windshield wipers ~ 3 sets to failure / 20-14-10 -- I may switch these from the pull-up bar to the rings but not a hundred percent decided yet.
                  v-ups ~ 20reps / 3 sets
                  hollow hold ~ 40secs / 3 sets
                  hanging leg raises ~ 15reps / 3 sets
                  butt-ups ~ 20reps / 3 sets
                  L-sit hold on dip bars ~ 15sec / 3 sets
                  criss cross side planks ~ 15reps each side / 3 sets

                  Run stairs ~ 3min30sec / 4 sets (30sec increase per set) -- 2.672 km / 14min 9secs / 5:18 per km -- a decent elevation pace at least for me because I thought it would be wwwaayyyyy worse after procrastinating this training for so long!

                  YWA ~ True Day 9

                  Full Pull -- wk 2 ~ 30/21


                    Jan 11th - Thursday

                    Cardio HIIT Challenge D11 ~ 30sec side jacks + 30sec jumping jacks / no rest / 7 sets

                    Indoor Track ~ 1.931 km / mix of walking and running because this was my son's first time there and he loved it!!! / approx 15min.

                    Upper-Lower Body Weight Split ~ Upper / D4 / wk1

                    chin-ups ~ 3 sets to failure / 16-13-9
                    decline pushups ~ 3 sets to failure / 31-26-20
                    triceps extensions ~ 20reps / 3 sets
                    up and down planks ~ 20reps / 3 sets
                    bar dips ~ 12reps / 3 sets
                    diamond pushups ~ 3 sets to failure / 15-13-11

                    Lever Practice ~ about 10 minutes -- moving this to my first leg because getting any decent practice in after a hardcore ab day is futile. I clearly did not think that through the first time around!

                    YWA ~ True Day 10

                    Jan 12th - Friday

                    Cardio HIIT Challenge D12 ~ 30sec elbow pack / no rest / 3 sets

                    Upper-Lower Body Weight Split ~ Lower / D5 / wk1

                    jump squats ~ 3 sets to failure / 31-27-22
                    raised single leg bridges ~ 15reps each side / 3 sets
                    pistol squat ~ 6reps each side / 3 sets
                    curtsy lunge w/step up ~ 15reps each side / 3 sets
                    alt. step ups ~ 30reps / 3 sets
                    box jumps ~ 15reps / 3 sets

                    YWA ~ True Day 11


                      Jan 13th - Saturday

                      Cardio HIIT Challenge D13 ~ 30sec side jacks + 30sec jumping jacks / no rest / 8 sets

                      Upper-Lower Body Weight Split ~ Run and/or short core / D6 / wk 1

                      Long Run ~ 10.32 km / 50minutes on the dot / 4:51 per km -- crushed my old 10km time! The focus on pace the last two months or so has paid off big time!

                      Bosu Core Workout ~ 3 sets of everything

                      bird dog ~ 15reps each side
                      dead bug ~ 40reps
                      knee-in & twist ~ 40reps
                      side bridges ~ 15reps each side
                      alt. toe touch crunch ~ 15reps each side

                      YWA ~ True Day 12

                      Jan 14th - Sunday

                      Cardio HIIT Challenge D14 ~ 30sec elbow plank / no rest / 4 sets

                      Full Pull / Wk 2 ~ 113 / 21 reps

                      Upper-Lower Body Weight Split ~ Rest / D7 / wk1

                      Fingertip Push-up Challenge ~ 30 reps the first time through and 25 reps the second try

                      YWA ~ True Day 13


                        Jan 15th - Monday

                        Cardio HIIT Challenge D15 ~ 30sec side jacks + 30sec jumping jacks / no rest / 8 sets

                        Upper-Lower Body Weight Split ~ Upper / D1 / wk2 (+ 1 set)

                        pull-ups ~ 4 sets to failure / 14-11-9-6
                        inverted rows ~ 12reps / 4 sets
                        raised pike push-ups ~ 4 sets to failure / 24-19-16-12
                        prone rev. angels + rev. flyes + w-exts ~ 15reps each / 4 sets (+3rep increase)
                        superman ~ 50secs / 4 sets (+5sec increase)

                        Full Pull / Wk3 ~ 4 close grip pull-ups -- 92/28reps

                        YWA ~ True Day 14

                        Super busy day as the kidlet started swimming lessons this afternoon and indoor sports with the Canucks Autism Network. He had so much fun at both and did amazing at listening to all instructors! At the sports in the evening he was actually making baskets while playing basketball and trying to dribble, it was so cute! He has never played with a basketball properly before in his life *happy dance*


                          Jan 16th - Tuesday

                          Cardio HIIT Challenge D16 ~ 30sec elbow plank / no rest / 4 sets

                          Upper-Lower Body Weight Split ~ Lower / D2 / wk2 (+ 1 set)

                          cossack squats ~ 30reps / 4 sets (+10reps increase)
                          side-to-side lunges ~ 40reps / 4 sets (+10reps increase)
                          bench pistols ~ 18reps each side / 4 sets (+6reps increase)
                          walking lunges w/ kickback ~ 30reps / 4 sets
                          wall sit ~ 1m10s / 4 sets (+10sec increase)

                          Full Pull / Wk 3 ~ 4 tucked lever pull-ups -- 96/28reps

                          YWA ~ True Day 15

                          Intro Pole Dancing Class ~ 1hr15min -- sooooo fun! But my hands, particularly my knuckles, are super sore and my thighs are not so happy (soooo tender!) from gripping the pole with my bare skin for some of the moves. I know my forearms are going to be killing me as well! Definitely going to do this again and I hope to be able to make it a once a week thing as the class I want to take focuses on athleticism which is my main goal for this year Plus this is another activity ticked off my bucket list


                            Jan 17th - Wednesday

                            Cardio HIIT Challenge D17 ~ 30sec side jacks + 30sec jumping jacks / no rest / 8 sets

                            Upper-Lower Body Weight Split ~ Core / D3 / wk2 (+ 1 set)

                            hanging windshield wipers ~ 4 sets to failure / 8-6-5-3 -- I switched from the pull-up bar to the rings for these from here on out.
                            v-ups ~ 23reps / 4 sets (+3rep increase)
                            hollow hold ~ 50secs / 4 sets (+10sec increase)
                            hanging leg raises ~ 18reps / 4 sets (+3rep increase)
                            butt-ups ~ 30reps / 4 sets (+10rep increase)
                            L-sit hold on dip bars ~ 18secs / 4 sets (+3sec increase)

                            Full Pull / Wk 3 ~ 4 L-sit pull-ups (on rings) -- 100/28reps

                            YWA ~ True Day 16


                              Jan 18th - Thursday

                              My forearms are still sore from pole class on Tuesday night and I can't believe it! I knew they needed work, but damn this is crazy. Looking forward to making it a regular thing each week! Seriously so fun especially if you have the pole on spin and I found it made it easier to feel how my body should be moving as well.

                              Cardio HIIT Challenge D18 ~ 30sec elbow plank / no rest / 4 sets

                              RWC Nomination ~ Completed it on Level 2 as I just fit it in between the finishing up of my workout and my son's next therapy session.

                              Upper-Lower Body Weight Split ~ Upper / D4 / wk 2 (+1 set) -- I didn't increase reps for planks or dips because adding on the extra set already makes this go around more challenging!

                              chin-ups ~ 4 sets to failure / 17-13-10-7
                              decline push-ups ~ 4 sets to failure / 32-25-23-19
                              tricep extensions ~ 25reps / 4 sets (+5 rep increase)
                              up & down planks ~ 20reps / 4 sets
                              bar dips ~ 12reps / 4 sets
                              diamond push-ups ~ 4 sets to failure / 21-16-12-10

                              Full Pull / Wk3 ~ 4 mixed grip -- 104 / 28reps

                              YWA ~ True Day 17

                              I was going to attempt to fit my stair run in today because my legs were way too sore to do it yesterday, but I don't think I'll have the time. Saturday is a run day so I'll decide what kind I'm going to do then as a longer run won't be possible. Again because of time... The most frustrating reason not to be able to do a specific type of exercise