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    Great for the workout, and it is awesome that Bolt is already helping your son Pets can mean so much!


      Congrats on finishing Carbon and Dust!






            Happy badge day! And those are some great news!


              Redline, PetiteSheWolf, sleep_twitch, mogster, HellYeah80 and twinkletoes!!
              Here's hoping that I can keep this regular again ​​​​​​​


                Originally posted by val.lavigne86 View Post
                Here's hoping that I can keep this regular again ​​​​​​​
                Once a month is regular, just not as frequent. >.>


                  Originally posted by wjs View Post

                  Once a month is regular, just not as frequent. >.>
                  Well... this is totally correct. Silly me I suppose I mean back to my daily check-in kind of regular


                    April 12th - Thursday

                    Action Hero Challenge D12 ~ 25 crunches + 50 side bridges / 30sec rest / 4 sets -- I changed the side leg raises to side bridges because it makes it tougher for me.
                    Iron Glute Challenge ~ Days 1 to 7

                    Full Pull / Wk 15 ~ 84/112reps
                    16 fingertip (14/2), 4 diagonal pu, 4 wrist assisted one arm pu

                    Avatar Upgrade Card 12 ~ Level 3 / 7 sets -- 400 points towards flexibility

                    Level 3 / 5 sets w/ EC = 1min rest

                    single leg bw deadlifts + side leg raises + front kicks + side kicks / no rest between exercises / 18reps each on each leg / 3 sets
                    fire hydrants + bent leg kickback + straight leg kickback / no rest between exercises / 20reps each on each leg / 3 sets


                      Congratulations on completing Carbon & Dust!
                      So wonderful re: your son and Bolt! Dogs are the best!


                        Thanks Rainbow Dragon


                          April 13th - Friday

                          Action Hero Challenge D13 ~ 60 high knees / 30sec rest / 3 sets -- done in one go
                          Iron Glute Challenge Days 8 to 11

                          Full Pull / Wk 15 ~ 100 / 112reps
                          16 wide grip pu (13/3)

                          Avatar Upgrade Card 13: Prometheus ~ Level 3 / 7 sets -- 200 points to armor and combat

                          I like this program, even more this second time around, but man is it ever time consuming. Especially on Level 3 every day!

                          Run ~ just under 4km in 18 minutes

                          Pole: Strong class ~ 1hr 30min -- my inner thighs are completely destroyed today. Majority of the class was focusing on sits on the pole, which I haven't done much of yet as I'm focusing on really nailing down the basic spins that you build everything else off of later on. Anyway doing all these sits means that you are literally holding yourself in some sort of seated position with either only your inner thighs (on bare skin) gripping the pole or combined with your shoulder tucked around the front as well. I already have bruises forming on my thighs. It's just insane, but the degree of "ouch!" decreases the more you do it so looking forward to the day when that happens!

                          Level 3 / 5 sets w/EC = 1min rest


                            April 14th - Saturday

                            Action Hero Challenge D14 ~ 30 crunches + 60 side bridges / 30sec rest / 3 sets
                            Iron Glutes Challenge Days 12 to 14

                            Full Pull / Wk 15 ~ 116 / 112reps
                            D6 ~ 16 pull-ups (full ROM one set)

                            Avatar Upgrade Card 14: True Alpha ~ Level 3 / 5 sets -- 200 points to armor and 400 points to endurance

                            small core work / 3 sets:
                            60 sitting twists
                            20 tornadoes (each side)
                            20 boat folds


                              Happy Birthday!! Here, have some Enjoy!


                                Happy birthdaaaay!! Enjoy your daaay~