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    glad to read from you val.lavigne86


      Originally posted by xingyiquan View Post
      glad to read from you val.lavigne86
      Definitely been far too long since being active around here


        1st June, 2021 (Tues)

        MME / Phase 1 / Day 2 / Week 3 ~ 3 rounds
        warm-up* ~ 100 push-ups did about a minute rest between or so for: 52/35/13 -- 54 reps is my personal best for push-ups in a row so I'm stoked to be nearly hitting that number again after such a long time. Maybe surpass it sooner than I though I might

        DB floor flys ~ 12 reps w/ 30lb DBs
        push-ups to failure ~ 31/23/19
        1 min elbow planks
        2 min solo jits drills

        *except from the actually workout rounds

        AoP Chapter 26 ~ Level 3 / 5 sets -- did everything in two sets instead of 7
        15 push-ups (45/30)
        30 squats (90/60)

        Travel Points ~ 45 pts (todays and tomorrows travel points) x 200m = 9 km -- heat got up way too high today for a hill run outdoors so did cycling for traveling today. Plus, I have my first dose of the vaccine and then jiu jitsu in the morning so I didn't want to make it impossible for me to move tomorrow morning either. Hopefully I don't have a completely garbage reaction to it!

        Actual distance 9.1km at 21min 57secs

        ~ got the last of the weeding in the garden area done so it's finally finished and it took me just over an hour. Summer temps are so early this year and I am elated! I might actually get some peppers this time around if it stays this hot!

        ~ My dad had a cerebellar stroke at the beginning of May, is back home now, and his recovery is expected to be nearly 100%. He was very fortunate that they caught it in time or it would've been donesies for him via brain aneurysm. That said, I'm swapping out my free days every other week to go to his place while his wife goes to work for this month minimum. He is doing great, but struggles with daily things and is the type of person to over-do it. So, Imma be there to essentially make sure he doesn't do too much or accidentally fall.


          Sorry to hear about your Dad. Lucky if he recovers well


            Hugs, wishes you good helping your dad.


              Warm wishes for your dad's recovery!


                Sorry to read that about your dad. Best wishes


                  Healing thoughts and prayers for your dad!


                    Healing vibes for your dad


                      Thanks everyone for the well wishes for my pops He is doing great though extremely impatient about how slow he thinks his rehab is going - which is insane because it's literally only been 4 weeks and he's like 60 percent better. So, only upwards from here right?


                        2nd June, 2021 (Wed)

                        Private BJJ lesson (1 hour long early a.m.) ~ worked on three attacks from top position in north-south and some open guard sweeps. A few are so DAMN cool and I can't wait to get some good practice with them and just own some of the dudes I roll with regularly. I get sooooo much from these lessons and it honestly still one of the best things I've picked up ever in the whole of my life

                        MME / Phase 1 / Day 3 / Week 3 ~ will do tomorrow most likely since it is an active rest day with only a comfy run. With the arm hurting doing a tricep + back focused day was definitely not happening.

                        ~ had my first dose of the vaccine this morning and my left arm is so bruised and hurting from about lunch time to now. Other than that I feel totally fine and just need to wait to be notified for the second one when I need to go

                        AoP Chapter 27 ~ Level 3 / 10 sets -- did everything in two sets instead of 10
                        20 climbers (100/100)
                        1 plank jump-in (10 og)
                        20 plank side crunches (100/100)
                        20 cross chops (100/100)
                        20 squat hold punches (100/100)
                        20 overhead punches (100/100)

                        *did my travel points yesterday so I wouldn't need to worry about them today.

                        ~ got a very small amount of here-n-there stuff done in the garden + upper yard area before I sat and just relaxed in the sun for awhile.


                          3rd to 6th June, 2021

                          ~ did days 18 to 21 from my long program
                          ~ did Age of Pandora Chapters 28 to 31 + did indoor interval cycling for most of my travel points

                          7th June, 2021 (Mon)

                          MME / Phase 1 / Day 1 / Week 4 -- no rest / moved through exercises one after the other until all reps completed
                          80 sprawls (40/40)
                          120 jumping jacks (one go)
                          80 push-ups (47/33)
                          200 skips (100/100)
                          64 lateral jumps (one go)

                          AoP Chapter 32(B) ~ Level 3 / 15 sets -- did everything in two sets instead of 15

                          Option B - warn the = 100 climbers (one go)
                          5 plank jacks
                          20 high knees
                          5 plank walk outs
                          20 high knees

                          Chapter 33B ~ Level 3 / 7 sets -- did everything in two sets instead of 7
                          20 side chops
                          20 squat + side chops
                          20 high knees
                          20 combos: side kick + side chops
                          3 combos: 10 high knees + 2 cross chops

                          Arms ~ lifting / 5 sets -- took between 30 - 60sec rest between sets and exercises
                          hammer curl each side ~ 10 reps / 15lb Dbs
                          over tri exts each side ~ 12 reps / 15lb Dbs
                          push-up plank ~ 20sec
                          bench dips ~ 20 reps
                          zottman curls ~ 10 reps / 15lb Dbs
                          skullcrushers ~ 12 reps / 15lb Dbs


                            Another handful of months before my next check-in yet again. I am so good at sporadic check-in posts

                            I'll be doing some thread catch up over the next few days, but how is everyone doing here?

                            Things were, and still are, a touch crazy busy here. We managed a short vacation to the lower mainland here in the middle of July - basically the Vancouver area - and it was great!

                            But, we got home literally just in time to be evacuated from our home for the next 5 weeks due to the massive wildfire in the area. Our home is a-ok, but plenty of neighbours did not fare so well and we are so fortunate that out summer did not end with us looking for a new place to live. Very, very blessed!

                            I did my first BJJ competition two weeks ago now and not only was it hella fun, but I got gold in my weight class I'm definitely stoked to do another one when I get a chance in this area and even thinking of doing worlds next year in Las Vegas! The brown belt female at our club is heading to worlds coming up next week (I think?) and she gave me a ridiculous amount of help with training and she is definitely gonna crush it there cause she's a beast!

                            Keeping the good news train going - I got excellent news at the tail end of summer after my last biopsy follow up, which is a GLORIOUS NEGATIVE! FINALLY! No more cancer for me and it's got me a lot more focused on my fitness again and my jits training now that I know I don't need to drop everything for more surgery or chemo I don't need to go back in to the hospital until at least the end of Spring, or if something crops up that needs to be checked, but I'm hopeful that the latter isn't gonna happen!!

                            As far as fitness is concerned - I started up daily challenges + bodyweight and cardio supersets in August and keeping those up so far. I've finished up Pathfinder, I'm currently on the second to last day of Iron Mode split once again, and I'm looking forward to the new lifting program coming out here next week.


                              Tournament Round Links

                              Round 1

                              Round 2 (final)


                                Congrats great to read you again