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    Happy birthday


      Happy Birthday


        Happy Birthday !


          Happy Birthday.


            Happy birthday!




                  First off some thank you's to sleep_twitch and
                  Rainbow Dragon for the badge congrats like 6 months ago... belated appreciation!!


                    And thank you for the bday wishes a couple of weeks ago you lovely bees!
                    Louve rose

                    I went to the gym with my bro, went for a run, got myself some drinks and played video games. Not a bad way to spend that day at all!


                      Now I'd like to say that I'm solidly back for a bit, but every single time I do then it doesn't stick! I changed my desktop home page to the Hive so maybe that'll help me at the very least stay caught up on the goings-on around here even if I don't check-in regularly.

                      I've done a smattering of Darebee programs over the last few months. Finished up the Arms of Steel program with my higher reps each day this morning and continuing back on with AoP Part 1 from when I was doing that with the other half during the tail end of winter as my daily warm-up.

                      Currently working on a 6 month bodyweight + HIIT (ish) program that is split into about 6 week phases and I'll be splitting up the phases with a couple 2 week 10x10 programs if I feel like I need the break in program monotony. That is 100% a thing for me when it comes to set programs, I mentally get bored real easy with most of them.
                      Running is incorporated very nicely into the program I am doing as well with a mix of intervals, race pace + distance, and recovery jaunts. The full rest day is a challenge, but I am sticking to it so far and that is feat in and of itself.

                      Doing approximately one to three BJJ private lessons or rolling a week since classes are still not allowed. Taking a pause on Muay Thai because I want to primarily focus on jiu jitsu. I like it so much more and once classes do open up I'm hoping I'll get my blue belt test *fingers crossed* Maybe mid-June or beginning of July for those classes with restrictions if the numbers keep going down and the vaccinations keep going up. I get my shot next week


                        Nice to see you again; i'm glad you had an enjoyable birthday!


                          Originally posted by Mamatigerj View Post
                          Nice to see you again; i'm glad you had an enjoyable birthday!
                          Thanks on both counts Mamatigerj


                            Group jiu jitsu classes start the 2nd of July here, or at least that is the plan so fingers crossed!! And I go get my first dose of the vaccine on Wednesday morning so hopefully I have no reaction to that business either!

                            Yesterday - 29th May, 2021 (Sat)

                            Got up early and headed into the city for No Gi private lesson for an hour. Worked on single leg takedowns - (1) using lion kill grip and coming right to knee on belly. Drilled the spinning arm bar from there too. (2) Buckling the knee from the side + to grab leg and then step back n turn - drilled the arms off from head to the arm bar from side control. Eventually drilled from that take down position (plank out in side control) to stepping over to get rid of hold on head + same motion move to mount and grab opposite shoulder under head for the head and arm choke in mount. That last one is gonna be favourite I think!
                            Finished off with drilling back n forth between the hip bump sweep and the guillotine choke from closed guard. Learned some great sweeps for when someone tries to defend the guillotine choke from closed guard that simply allow me to just move to knees/standing or right to mount and finish the guillotine choke. It's all good stuff and I am super sore today from all of this yesterday

                            MME / Phase 1 / Day 6 / Week 2 ~ 3 rounds / took no rest between rounds
                            20 sprawls
                            20 jumping jacks
                            20 push-ups
                            50 skips
                            16 lateral jumps

                            AoP Chapter 23 ~ Level 3 / 7 sets -- did everything in two sets instead of 7
                            20 high knees
                            20 climbers
                            20 high knees
                            20 plank leg raises
                            20 high knees
                            20 plank jacks

                            ~ did an hour of weeding in the mid-afternoon + watering all the gardens
                            ~ lots of jits breaks with the kiddo as well. His hip throw is getting pretty good. Imma need to start watching my back it seems!


                              30th May, 2021 (Sun)
                              Got out and did my active run for the

                              MME / Phase 1 / Day 7 / Week 2 ~ active rest day.
                              Comfy paced run around the [extremely hill-y] neighbourhood area that is all roads. Sadly no sidewalks or trails right in the vicinity at the location I live now. Though this route is getting easier and easier each time that I do it, but the massive hill on the way back home still sucks. Nice temp today and not a single side stitch to happen either so that equates to a decent amount of contentedness. The mule deer around here are insanely tame and I nearly patted one on the butt coming down one of the hills. It didn't move at all

                              Run dets ~ 3.05 km / 13min 46secs

                              ~ At the beginning of March I started a 6 week bodyweight focused with a smattering of interval running in hopes that I could work up to full proper push-ups again. I struggled with any exercise putting full impact on my wrists, especially my left one, for probably close to a year. The culprit is seemingly a never ceasing knot in my dang shoulder blade area and likely the tendons not moving smoothly + nerve(s) getting caught up. The very long break from a lot of stuff and doing better warm-ups + cool downs and taking rest when my body needs it seems to be doing the trick. That I am not touching pull-ups at all right now just to be safe. When I get no more shooting pain or pinching in any of those areas then I'll start incorporating them again. All that said to say I am very thankful that that particular program did exactly what I wanted it to and I can do proper, full push-ups again and I'm sitting at 45 reps per set consistently. I'm pretty darn happy with that number and zero pain in my wrists or in my elbows either

                              AoP Chapter 24 ~ Level 3 / 15 reps for push-ups / 7 sets -- did everything in two sets instead of 7
                              15 push-ups (45/30)
                              20 raised arm circles (one go)
                              20 speedbag punches (one go)
                              15 push-ups (45/30)
                              20 arm scissors (one go)
                              20 scissor chops (one go)

                              Travel Points ~ 46 pts x 200m = 9.2km -- did an interval indoor cycle for travel and actual distance was 9.7km for 22min 5secs


                                31st May, 2021 (Mon)

                                MME / Phase 1 / Day 1 / Week 3 ~ 4 rounds
                                sissy squats - 30/30/25/25
                                explosive jump squats - 18 reps
                                10 single leg deadlifts each leg + 10 single leg squats each leg
                                20 cossack squats + 20 side to side lunges + 20 side leg raises
                                BJJ arm bar form mount drill + pop up to knee on belly drill - 1 min each drill and drilled both sides

                                AoP Chapter 25 ~ Level 3 / 7 sets -- did everything in two sets instead of 7
                                30 jumping jacks
                                30 high knees
                                12 lateral jumps

                                Travel Points ~ 18 pts x 200m = 3.6 km -- another indoor cycle since I won't have time to do a run today most likely.
                                Actual distance 4km at 10min 5secs