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    Thanks for all the lovely words, wishes, vibes and hugs Bees You guys are all of the awesome!


      sending good vibes your way




            Thanks Loba5472, HellYeah and Redline ~~ imma take all the vibes and hold 'em close


              July 1st - Monday

              Ironborn ~ Day 9 + extras / 4 sets / 30sec rest between sets

              shoulder press ~ 12,12,10,8 / 20lb DBs
              chest press ~ 12,12,10,10 / 30lb DBs
              lat raises ~ 7,7,6,5 / 17.5lb DBs
              forward raises ~ 5,4,4,3 / 17.5lb DBs

              skull crushers ~ 10,10,8,6 / 20lb DBs
              lat pullovers ~ 12,10,8,6 / 20lb DBs
              L-raises ~ 8,8,7,6 / 17.5lb DBs
              DB floor flys ~ 12,10,10,8 / 30lb DBs

              Thanks to Matan I decided to add my rings in to my weekly routine again. I used to use them daily and I'd like to get back to around that amount of use again. Huge lapse in skill on them as I haven't really touched them much in like a year.

              Rings / 4 sets
              skin the cat ~ 4 reps
              standing to up on the rings + 1 ring dip
              L-sit ~ 10 secs

              ~ 20 minute BJJ drills

              Walked ~ 7.27 km / 2 hr 3min 58secs -- to the store and back home to grab dinner as I spent the later part of the afternoon sitting in the sun enjoying some drinks and couldn't drive.


                July 2 - Tuesday
                Everything from yesterday completely wrecked me today! Holy am I ever sore

                ~ all levels BJJ class this morning
                Just drills for the first half of class and then worked on hip bump sweep to mount and then mount escape to guard. Worked on them separate and then together for the last ten minutes of class non-stop I am thinking of hitting up the Mod 1 class this evening as well.

                Ironborn ~ Day 10 (no extras) / 4 sets / 30sec rest between sets

                alt bicep curls ~ 6,6,5,4 each side / 22.5lb DBs
                upright rows ~ 10,8,8,6 / 22.5lb DBs
                dead lifts ~ 10,8,8,6 / 50lb DBs
                shrugs ~ 12,10,8,8 / 50lb DBs
                renegade rows ~ 7,6,6,5 each side / 15lb DBs -- these weights were way too light, but the next size hex I have is 30 and that is too heavy. Plus, this exercise is the worst pain on my wrists so I may swap this out for a one arm DB row next time.


                  Workout Schedule for July:

                  Sunday ~ active rest + BJJ drills
                  Monday ~ rings + upper (chest/shoulders/tris) + BJJ drills
                  Tuesday ~ BJJ class (7a - 8a) + upper (back/bis)
                  Wednesday ~ pole class (9a - 10a) + legs + rings
                  Thursday ~ BJJ (6p - 7p)
                  Friday ~ rings + core + BJJ drills
                  Saturday ~ BJJ drills + run/walk/hike/longboard/etc.



                      Originally posted by noname View Post
                      No way
                      I've only done two days of this month and I already feel so destroyed I think it'll be a test to see how long I can keep it up!



                          Originally posted by 'rin View Post


                            Alright another massive break between logs mostly thanks to the summer weather. Gotta soak up all the sunshine while it is here before winter is back again

                            I kept up with my July schedule but dialed it back in August partly because of less time for everything and some health stuff going on. The latter will hopefully be resolved or a plan in place to be resolved in a few weeks time *fingers crossed*

                            For most of this month I didn't hit up BJJ and I sure am missing it. I did a quick private session with the instructor last week and had a great mini session (15min) with a blue belt to warm up. I love rolling with the blue belts because the patience they have is amazing. I'm hoping I can convince one of them to roll with me between classes during the week.
                            I feel way more confident in a few skills now than I did before going in last week. I practiced some stuff on the other half last week and he was properly emasculated after the fact (his words not mine) I start back up with regular classes next week in the morning!

                            For the month of August I moved through:

                            Power Cardio (program)
                            Power Up (program)
                            30 Days of Yoga (program)

                            I am finishing up all three of these either this evening or tomorrow.

                            For the month of September I'll be doing:

                            Running 3 to 4 times a week
                            BJJ at least twice a week and solo drills basically every day
                            Full Circuit (program) -- I will be using reps instead of time for this program. My brain just likes it that way more for some reason. I may add in the occasional bit of lifting but I'll take that day-to-day so I don't over do it.
                            Back & Core (program)
                            Power Grip (challenge)
                            Yoga Abs (challenge)
                            Daily Gratitude (challenge) -- I actually do this everyday already. I started doing it a handful of years back when I decided I would do it for a year and just never stopped when the year finished. It's literally changed my entire way of thinking since starting it back then.
                            Bedtime Yoga + Meditation every night


                            Now to play catch up on some threads!


                              Awesome work, as always Great to hear from you again! *highfive*


                                Thanks noname *high five*
                                Perhaps the regular posting will actually stick this time