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    June 26th - Wednesday

    Ironborn ~ Day 6 + extras / 4 sets / 30sec rest between sets

    bicep curls ~ 10,8,8,6 / 20lb DBs
    bent over rows ~ 8,8,6,6 / 30lb DBs
    farmer's walk (in steps, each leg) ~ 14,12,12,10 / 50lb DBs

    hammer curls ~ 8,6,6,5 each side / 20lb DBs
    con curls ~ 8,6,6,5 each side / 15lb DBs
    shoulder squeeze ~ 14,14,12,10 / heavy band
    bent over flys ~ 14,14,12,10 / heavy band
    one arm DB row ~ 10,8,8,6 each side / 30lb DB

    Edit: mid afternoon
    10 min BJJ drills ~ non stop movement
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      Originally posted by val.lavigne86 View Post
      June 24th - Monday

      Afternoon Core Workout / 4 sets / no rest between exercises / 1min rest between sets

      40 tornadoes
      val.lavigne86 - what are tornadoes?


        Originally posted by BravoLimaPoppa3 View Post
        val.lavigne86 - what are tornadoes?
        It's like an elbow plank knee to elbow, but you are standing instead. Bring left/right elbow and left/right knee up to meet in the middle and then lower without foot touching the floor. Working the obliques whilst also stabilizing on one leg


          Thanks val.lavigne86 !


            June 27th - Thursday

            ~ 1 hour massage this morning
            One more session in about three weeks and hopefully we can get everything worked out in and around my neck/traps and my forearms. Legs and ankle still feel amazing!

            ~ 15min BJJ drills this afternoon / non-stop movement -- shrimping + variants, bridging, forward rolls, backward rolls, side rolls, sit-outs

            ~ BJJ Mod 1 Class in the evening

            I swear the instructor is purposefully making the warm-up a little more brutal every week. So. many. sprints! I am so glad that I don't do any lifting on this day anymore because there is no way I could've got through it if I did, especially legs.

            Class work: pummeling - trip - throw to begin with and then worked on getting out of mount to guard with minimal resistance and then full resistance. I started the class off working with a young fella who is high functioning autistic, very sweet, but also very big boy. Like 2.5-3 Val's probably fit in his Gi large and he isn't comfortable being thrown yet so the tough part was letting him down to the ground slowly when we are the same height and I was constantly being pulled off balance. Thankfully for the latter half of class I rolled with the guy I usually do on Tuesday mornings so I got some good practice in as well.


              June 28th - Friday

              Ironborn ~ Day 8 + extras / 4 sets / 30sec rest between sets

              elbow plank leg raises ~ 10,8,8,6 each side
              up and down planks ~ 10,8,8,6
              elbow plank + side elbow plank ~ 30sec elbow + 30sec side plank each side / all sets non-stop for 6 minute planking

              body saw + plank rolls ~ 16,14,14,12 of each / no rest between exercises
              side bridges + double side jackknives ~ 16,14,14,12 of each on each side / no rest between exercises*
              *fun side note -- when I was switching from one side to the next (left side to right or vice versa) I was unintentionally shrimping to make it happen yay! for muscle memory

              ~ 18 minute BJJ drills

              Core Workout / 4 sets / no rest between exercises / 1min rest between sets
              80 torso twists
              40 side bends
              40 tornadoes
              40 sitting twists
              20-20-18-15 hanging leg raises


                June 29th - Saturday

                Supposed to be leg day today, but it just wasn't happening so decided to switch my normal active rest day from Sunday to Saturday.

                There was a local BJJ Submission tournament right in my neighbourhood so I walked down to there to watch for a couple hours. I arrived in time to watch the Quintet and about half of the adult rounds. Two guys from our club competed, but I was unfortunately not able to stay until the end of both their rounds. They are usually both at class Tuesday mornings so I'll find out how they did then. It was a cool experience though and I definitely want to do this eventually, but not confident enough in my skills yet.

                Walked from home to tournament and then walked home ~ 9.07km / 1hr 45min 43secs

                ~ 15 minute BJJ drills


                  June 30th - Sunday

                  Ironborn ~ Day 7 + extras / 4 sets / 30sec rest between sets

                  DB squats ~ 8,8,6,4 / 30lb DBs
                  forward lunges ~ 6,4,4,3 each side / 30lb DBs
                  reverse lunge step ups ~ 5,4,4,3 each side / 30lb DBs
                  single leg calf raises ~ 14,14,12,10 each side / 30lb DB

                  cossack squats ~ 14,14,12,10 / 30lb DB
                  rom DL's ~ 12,10,10,8 / 30lb DBs

                  (planned) ~ BJJ drills


                  I haven't brought this back up again because quite frankly it's depressing, but I got the call from my Doc last week that all my stuff if re-referred back to the Cancer clinic. When a phone call starts off with "don't panic" typically concern is the first thing that comes to mind *sigh* All the tests I had planned from basically next week until the middle of August are being expedited directly to the hospital. So, end result is that things will be a-ok providing nothing has gone where it shouldn't've gone during this past year. I am so hoping that a hysterectomy is on the table regardless of the outcome of the biopsy in two weeks.

                  In any case, aside from some rather abnormal fatigue and random debilitating lower abdominal pain I am feeling good. I won't be running the NYC marathon anymore unfortunately as if I am having surgery, whether by need or choice, it will likely be around the same time so there's no way I can maintain my training schedule and be race ready for that distance. I will be doing two local races I think that I haven't done yet, one is 10k and one is a half, so both distances that I can already do. And, of course, hitting up BJJ at least twice a week and pole class once a week


                    I am sorry to hear that your NYC marathon plans aren't happening, but you have other plans lined up.

                    I hope that your surgery and everything else in that line goes smoothly and that you have positive results in the end.




                        val.lavigne86 take it easy with yourself. You need to be strong because your competition is everyday.
                        all the best for the surgery



                            Sending you a lot of strength!


                              Same there, you will be in my prayers. Sad for the NY marathon, but it is good you can focus on the other two races, and focus on your health. We're here for venting when need be. Hugs!