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    Congratulations on 15 days of exercise!!!

    Also that's amazing that you're writing for a contest! I'll have my fingers crossed for you!

    I watched Avenue Q and it was amazing! Just what I needed to cheer me up


      RabbitLorna Hey, thank you so much! And I'm glad that Avenue Q cheered you up! Thats awesome

      Well, right after 15 days of exercise, I slacked off for two days.
      That's not good, and I don't know how to make sure that such thing doesn't repeat.

      Anyway, I'm back and I decided to restart Vitality programm starting with 1st of May.

      Until then I will do some random workouts.

      Morning warm-up
      Explorer workout (level 1)


        It's great that you could keep up to 15 days, thats already a great archievement! And I really like your attitude, that you already have new plans and got up right away.
        I know how hard it is to work out every day. I tried several times but always failed. Now I just reached the 15 days too and its the first time.
        Keep up to good work, you can do it


          Morning warm-up
          Energy boost workout (x3) (

          Thank you PrincessFancy And congratulations with 15 days. Speaking globally, you are now in a minority of people in earth who are on a 15 days streak. Most of the people don't even exercise for two days straight, I think.
          I will try to keep it up!


            Haha, thank you, I didn't think about it as something special, but I guess your right. Most people don't keep it up, well I have been like that before too and I don't know how long I can still keep it up. So theres no one to blame, but still a great archievement!
            I'm sure you can do it too! You've already made it once and next time you'll get further And even if not the important thing is not how often you fall but how often you stand up again (or something like that, I dont remeber who said it). Keep it up


              Morning warm-up
              Party time workout

              Was feeling down today. Did nothing of the things I was supposed to do today. Well, at least I could do a little exercise.
              I aim to be a lot better tomorrow. I even am going to go to sleep at proper time today.

              Thank you, PrincessFancy
              I have heard this phrase before, but today it was really inspiring. Yes, I will try to never stop standing up!


                *sending hugs* as other people have said, it's all about what you do after you fall down, and you did an awesome thing by getting right back into exercising!

                I tend to keep a few easy or enjoyable workouts for days when I'm not feeling very motivated, so at least I can do 10-15 mins without getting stressed about not feeling up to doing the main program. Which hasn't always worked, but it's helped me in the past.

                Also, congratulations on going to sleep at the proper time! A good night's sleep really does wonders


                  Yeah, a good sleeps makes a huge difference! I hope you are alright and feeling good.


                    Haven't heard anything of you the last days. Could you start vitality like you planned? Hope you are well


                      First, let's get this journal up to speed.

                      Morning warm-up

                      Morning warm-up

                      Morning warm-up

                      Morning warm-up
                      Vitality - day 1 (level 1)
                      Power Grip Challange - day 1

                      Morning warm-up
                      Vitality - day 2 (level 2)
                      Power Grip Challange - day 2

                      Morning warm-up
                      Vitality - day 3 (level 2)
                      Power Grip Challange - day 3

                      Morning warm-up
                      Vitality - day 4 (level 2)
                      Power Grip Challange - day 4

                      Morning warm-up
                      Vitality - day 5 (level 2)
                      Power Grip Challange - day 5

                      Morning warm-up

                      Morning warm-up

                      Now. I had very sporadic exercise schedule for the last two weeks. But starting with today I will once again try to get my fitness journey consistently going.

                      I have several goals to achieve untill the 31st of August:
                      I want to complete Vitality, Baseline and Foundation programs.
                      I want to be consisently active and in tone. For example, I want to do everyday push-ups, slowly raising the count. Not for strength, but for the tone. In August I want to do 5/3/1
                      I want to finish Power Grip Challange and to do two more challanges.
                      I want to do some additional exercise based around some skill or particular tradition several times a week. It could be fencing, it could be dance, it could be my old Soviet book of dumbell exercises.This is optional.

                      For the rest of may I have this exercise routine:
                      1. Morning (like really after waking up and before breakfast) warm-up
                      2. Vitality - level 2 (up to day 15 with additional 0,25 kg weight to make re-doing the same days more interesting)
                      3. Power Grip Challnge
                      4. A little of sword conditioning exercise (
                      5. Push-ups

                      I will have one hour allocated for exercise every day. I can skip one day of a program without having to restart. But if I skip to days in a row - restart.

                      So, today, 12.05.20, i did:
                      Morning Warm-up
                      - day 1 (level 2, additional weight)
                      Power Grip Challange - day 1
                      Sword Conditioning
                      - 1

                      RabbitLorna @PrincessFancy
                      Thank you for your support! It really means a lot. I hope that your exercise was great for a last weeks!
                      I will soon visit your training logs


                        Hooray, its great to see you here and starting again . Your goals and your routine for may sound thought trough, i'm sure you can do it .
                        I'm doing Power Grip at the moment too. It's harder than I thought but doable.
                        Concerning the push-ups, can you already do one? I want to learn how to do them too and I saw these challenges, I guess they can be helpfull to start: wall-pushups-challenge; knee-pushups-challenge. The 1min-plank-challenge could be good too I guess. I hope this is useful for you and not unnecessary advice. I'm just exited myself to learn to do push ups We can do it


                          Morning warm-up
                          - day 2 (level 2 + extra weights (around 0,4kg))
                          Power Grip Challange - day 2
                          Push-ups: 1

                          I will do my sword conditioning around one time in three days to not tire my muscles too much.

                          PrincessFancy I'm glad to be back here myself!
                          I hope I can pull this routine off. I'm not sure if I'll get any development with this, but I want to at least see it through. I decided that I would try as much as I could to actually do things. I'm very good at planning, but not that good at following my own plans

                          Why did you decide to do the Power Grip Challange? I was not sure if the grip strength is something I really should focus on, until I recalled all those times I could not open a jar with jam or pickles XD

                          Yes, I actually can do like five or seven push-ups. But I do not remember how I learned how to do them. Basically, I could not do a single push-up for my entire life. But one day I try and see that I can do two push-ups quite decentely. Why? How? I was doing regular exercise in university and working through some Darebee workouts (maybe I was doing the Foundation Light program), but I wasn't specifically targeting this skill.
                          So I have no helpful advice on how to do your first push-up

                          But I will surely use the plank challange. That I was never good at, and static strength is essential for fencing that I want to do. If I ever have good enough health, I will start right away.


                            Okay, skipped todays exercise except for the morning warm-up. If I skip tommorow, I will have to restart the program.


                              Haha, planning is always much easier than doing it The first steps, to get going is the hardest. Then it slowly gets easier the more steps you take.
                              I'm sure you can do it, as long as you don't give up . How did it go today?

                              I decided to do Power Grip because being able to open every jar is a very useful skill when you life alone, . And I did clench/ unclenching during baseline and wanted to keep up the progress.

                              Congrats to your push up skills . I'll tackle that next month, I'm sure I will be able to do one someday too

                              Keep it up


                                It's great to have you back! Keep up the good work!

                                And I feel you on the push-ups, I'm doing the wall push-up challenge so that hopefully one day I can do actual push-ups! It's one of the few exercises I've not managed to master yet