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    ​​​​​​Vitality - day 6 (level 2)
    Power Grip Challenge - day 3


      Morning warm-up
      ​​​​​​Vitality - day 7 (level 2)
      Power Grip Challenge - day 4

      I don't have any music for today and I don't know what to write today, but the day is nice.

      I hope you all feeling good


        Good work sticking to the workouts, keep it up
        I also like the songs. Music is so powefull.


          I'm glad that you're having a nice day
          Nice work completing the workouts each day! You're doing great


            PrincessFancy RabbitLorna Thank you for your support!
            It really helps to stay on track. I did the exercises for the past couple of days out of... I don't know, but there was no intent there, more of a "I had nothing better to do". I had not done much in a past week, it was really hard to concentrate.
            But seeing you cheering me up helped to start appreciating the process again. And I really enjoyed today's workout.

            Morning warm-up
            Vitality - day 8 (level 2, and I also added a little weight with some dumbbells' parts)
            Power Grip Challenge - day 5

            I had no idea for song for today, so I chose one that is playing right now:

            Actually, the REAL song for today is this:

            I have listened to this song like 10 times today. I even watched the musical. It's really nice.
            Let's have two songs for today, to make up for several prior days without songs
            P.P.S. I also got one of my friends to start doing the Vitality workout!
            Thank you Darebee for creating so accessible and easy-to-share programs!


              I'm so glad that you enjoyed today's workout! It's always a lovely feeling when you can find the motivation to exercise

              Avenue Q is on my (very long) watchlist of things and hearing the song has made me want to watch it even more!

              And it's awesome that you got one of your friends to start working out too! You can cheer each other on


                Morning (more like mid-afternoon) warm-up
                Vitality - day 9 (level 2)
                Power Grip Challenge - day 6

                Today's workout was really weird. On the one hand it was way to easy, I'm not sure that I gained anything from it. On the other hand It was uncomfortable because of my bowel issues and the workout focused on the main body (like core twists). But still, I'm one day closer to completing the program.

                RabbitLorna You should give it a watch! It's that strange mix of light-heartedness and down-to-earthiness that can be good for such unsettling times as ours.

                Song of the day:


                  Awesome that you got your friend to join you!

                  I really like your songs. I like watching musicals but I didn't know Avenue Q yet, I guess I have to listen to all of it
                  And I like the violin to, I even play it a little myself, but not that good. Listening to violine music always motivates me to practice again.


                    Morning warm-up
                    Vitality - day 10 (level 2)
                    Power Grip Challenge - day 7

                    PrincessFancy Thank you! I am not that fan of musicals myself, I've only been to the "Phantom of the Opera" once, but "Avenue Q" is an exception. I like when creators can mix fun with a positive message.
                    And I feel you, I've played trumpet for a long time when I was a kid, now I feel the same motivation while listening to a good trumpet music.

                    Song of the day


                      Okay, here it becomes weird.

                      My sleep schedule became very loose. I can go to sleep at 11 pm or at 3:30 am, and it's hard to see, where one day starts and another ends.
                      Also yesterday I had terrible shoulder/neck/head pain for 24 hours (because of surprise snow and too much exercise the day before) and all of my work went off the usual hours.
                      So on 15.04.20 I did
                      Morning (?) warmup
                      But I decided to catch up with the program doing exercise for yesterday and today, but spacing them so it feels like I did them in two different days.
                      So today (16.04.20) in the morning I did:
                      Vitality - day 11 (level 2) (added a little weight with some dumbbell parts)
                      Power Grip Challenge - day 8

                      I will proceed from now on like if it was a regular day and do the exercises for today in normal hours.

                      Song of the day (I just love it):


                        Morning (really not) warm-up
                        Vitality - day 12 (level 2)
                        Power Grip Challenge - day 9

                        It's 1 a.m. I'm going to sleep now


                          I have found a place to stream Avenue Q, and I'm going to watch it over the weekend!

                          It can be so hard to keep a routine, but spreading out the exercise into morning and evening practices is a really good idea!


                            Morning warm-up
                            Vitality - day 13 (level 2)
                            Power Grip Challenge - day 10

                            Today was nice. I did some decent work and got to complete my exercises at some reasonable time.

                            RabbitLorna I hope that you'll find thi musical enjoyable!
                            I usually don't like to exercise in the morning, but it helped yesterday


                              Morning warm-up
                              Vitality - day 14 (level 2)
                              Power Grip Challenge - day 11

                              Song of the day:

                              The most glaring fun anime opening I've ever seen. The ultimate dance song. You can also listen to the full song here:


                                19.04 (sort of)
                                Morning (for real this time - just right after I woke up) warm-up
                                Vitality - day 15 (level 2)
                                Power Grip Challenge - day 12

                                Though morning warm-up was in the morning, I did Vitality and PGC only at 1:30 am. I spent the whole day writing a short story for a contest. I may have had some time for the exercise, but I was too focused on finishing the story in time.
                                I hope I get my daily routine back in place.
                                Still. 15 days of exercise - that's good. Creates the road for bigger achievements.

                                Song of the day (oh, I love this one):

                                Listening to this on repeat for two days. In spite of being just a meme song, it's really uplifting. Great melody, positive themes - not only of value of friendship, but also about having different sides to your personality, and embrasing being a complex being just as any person is. Full version can be found here: