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    Baseline - day 20

    2/3 of the program is done!
    Still, I pushed my exercise to the 22:30, even if I could've done in much earlier.
    Found out about new lvl-1 program. I decided to do all the lvl-1 programs before moving on to lvl-2. One more month of easy stuff. Maybe I'll try to do four or five repetitions instead of three, since my fitness level advances, even if a little.


      22.03, 23.03, 24.03

      Baseline - days 21-23

      For now, everything is okay.
      I still need to do my exercises earlier and get to bed on time. But yesterday was a good I, I worked more than on any day of the previous two weeks. I was focused and productive.

      I hope that I will have more of such good days from now on.

      Today's exercise soundtrack:


        Here I am again.
        I finished 23 days of Baseline program and broke my streak for 5 days.
        And given that new month is just around the corner, I decided to try a new program, with an unshakable intent to see it through.

        So today I started Vitality - on second level.
        I expect to do Vitality in April, than redo Baseline in May (maybe on second level too) and, finally tackle Foundation Light in June. By the time of June I hope to be fully reformed person, responsible, consistent in following my self-put schedules.

        I have enough food and medicaments to have no need in going out for the next two weeks, and I hope that my self-isolation time will be the forge that will create a foundation for my new self.

        Wish me good luck.

        P.S. Song of the day:



          Vitality - Day 2 (lvl 2)



            Vitality - Day 3 (lvl 2)

            Yesterday was a hard day, so today I'm mostly recovering, but I managed to do my exercise for the day in time.


              *sending hugs* I hope you're feeling a little better today

              The Vitality program looks like a really great routine for recovery. Also, I love your idea of having a song of the day for extra motivation!


                RabbitLorna, thank you!
                Music can both give inspiration and keep you energized when your own resources are depleted. I am really glad that we live in an age when music can be so easily shared)

                As for today's check-in, I must admit that it's 1 am and that I've failed in doing today's (well, yesterday's) exercise.
                It's the one and only day off that I can have this month before I would have to restart the program.

                I must do better tomorrow (well, today).


                  Music is amazing! I’ve started creating a list of music that I find energising, to give me a boost when I’m feeling drained!

                  Good luck for tomorrow, I hope you find the time and energy to exercise


                    Originally posted by RabbitLorna View Post
                    I’ve started creating a list of music that I find energising, to give me a boost when I’m feeling drained!
                    Do you want to share that playlist with everyone (for example, via youtube)? It could help people find some inspirational music.

                    Yesterday I took a day off things - I spent most of the time cooking and cleaning the house (even washed the window near my working spot).

                    That's why today was the time to restart the program.

                    Morning warm-up
                    Vitality - Day 1 (level 2)

                    Even though Vitality is designed for elderly people, I found it draining doing todays exercise. It's focused on back muscles, and it seems that I hadn't any of those.

                    P.S. Song of the day


                      That's a great idea
                      I'll share it at the end of the week when there's more than one song on it!

                      Cooking and cleaning are really important, and you stayed active which is awesome

                      *sending hugs* I feel you, my back and shoulders are aching from the Baseline program, so it's clear which muscles I haven't been using these last few months!


                        Originally posted by RabbitLorna View Post
                        That's a great idea
                        I'll share it at the end of the week when there's more than one song on it!
                        Looking forward to it!

                        As for cooking, it's more of an automatic stress response for me
                        It happens without my conscious effort. Not to mention that I eat a lot more while cooking than in normal days

                        At least, since we feel pain, that means that there is something that aches. Not everything's lost!

                        As for today's fitness:
                        Morning warm-up
                        Vitality (fatality) - Day 2 (level 2)

                        I wanted to include classic "Oats in the water" as today's song, but more this one will be more in the mood:


                          Vitality - Day 3 (level 2)

                          Keeping going.



                            Keeping going is awesome work! Give yourself a round of applause

                            Also, I really enjoyed the song you posted the day before, it's not a band I'd heard of before, but I'm definitely going to try and listen to more of their music!


                              Feeling down, and possibly ill. Did no work today, but managed to do some exercise.

                              Morning warm-up
                              Vitality - Day 4 (level 2)
                              Power Grip Challange - Day 1

                              I always wanted to do some historical fencing. Have attended several classes, but never for any long periods of time. I know that I'm getting older (not to mention chronic deseases), so I wouldn't be able to master any such martial art, but I may at least have some opportunity to enjoy doing it a little.
                              That's why I decided to do a Power Grip Challenge. Forearm is one of the most underprepared part of the body of a normal human when talking about fencing. In modern times we rarely need to use something as heavy with such finesse for such a long time as a medieval swordsman had to use his sword.

                              One of the most energetic songs that I use in such down days. For rage-exercising



                                ​​​​​​Vitality - day 5 (level 2)
                                Power Grip Challenge - day 2

                                Song of the day: