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    I'm new to all that social stuff, but I've been using Darabee to exercise for a long time, almost two years.
    I have finished a Foundation Light program in April and since then I had only exercised in August in a military camp. Now I don't look as gorgeous as before and don't feel so light while jogging or running.
    I decided to start fresh in this new year, so in January I will try to perform 30 Days of Cardio Blast program. I feel like I need to measure something, like weight or waist circumference, but I'm not sure)

    So to start I will just write down how I feel and how I feel I look)

    Greetings again to everyone and Happy New Year!


    30 Days of Cardio Blast: Day 1, Level 1
    Push-ups: 2/2/1

    Feel: It was more difficult than I anticipated. Especially on the legs. I don't know if it will be easy to stick to exercising long-term. But I'll try because it feels fun to be overcoming difficulties)
    Feel of looks: Well, it even worse, than I thought. Fat belly (92 cm, while chest os 90 cm), and overall not so pleasant view. But it is quite a motivation to exercise)

    OST: The Brazen Heads - Wind That Shakes the Barley



      30 Days of Cardio Blast: Day 2, Level 1
      Push-ups: 2/2/1

      Feel: C'mon, two days with leg training in a row! It is quite difficult for someone, who had no exercise for 4 months!) I fell quite tired, while also feeling like it is not enough to become more fit and burn my fat. But it still worth it. I'll see if I can keep it up.
      Feel of looks: Well, feel like it hasn't changed from yesterday.

      OST: Dropkick Murphys - Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ya


        welcome your off to a good start


          Gee, thank you!


          30 Days of Cardio Blast: Day 3, Level 1
          Push-ups: 2/2/1

          Feel: Three days on legs XD But today also on abs. Well, today it seemed like I wasn't tired enough after exercising. I think that's a good sign. And today it was easier for me to walk up the ladder, then a few days before. Good news. Let it be as easy as today for the next days)
          Feel of looks: I know that it's not good, but knowing that I'm working on it keeps my mood high!

          OST: Gilead – Villeman og Magnhild



            30 Days of Cardio Blast: Day 4, Level 1
            Push-ups: 2/2/1

            Feel: Okay. I complained that it was hard to perform exercise on legs for three days in a row. It seems that program had one more surprise for me in store. Today I had to do 100 squats But I did it) And because it's holidays, I eat a little more than normal, go to sleep late at night and don't move like literally for the 90% of a day... I am glad that I at least do this exercise)
            Feel of looks: Well... I don't know if I will look better, but I know that I will look worse if I won't do exercising)

            OST: The Dartz - Арабика (Arabica)



              30 Days of Cardio Blast: Day 5, Level 1
              Push-ups: 2/2/2

              Feel: Well, it becomes more and more difficult to go up the stairs, but overall I feel great) Maybe I will even add something to this exercise at some point... Two or three weeks in)
              Feel of looks: Still no satisfaction) Maybe I will think about managing my food (especially sugar-containing part of it).

              OST: Steam Powered Giraffe - Suspender Man

              Thank you all for your likes, it helps keep motivation up)


                I wasn't home for the weekend, so I hadn't any access to the Internet.
                Today I will check in for the 6.01-9.01.


                30 Days of Cardio Blast: Days 6-9, Level 1
                Push-ups: 2/2/2 every day

                Feel: I think that it becomes easier to see through the exercises as I start. But, on the other hand, it becomes more difficult to start. Mostly because I had no solid daily schedule as I go to sleep and wake up at a different time every day.
                Feel of looks: It is strange, but I feel as if I'm a little better. Maybe two more months of everyday exercises and I will look just good. Well, good enough to not to be ashamed to put off my shirt)

                OST: José González - Down the Line



                  30 Days of Cardio Blast: Day 10, Level 1
                  Push-ups: 2/2/2

                  Feel: Hurrah! 10 days of exercising) That feels good. Knowing that you have enough will to stick to doing something good, even if it's difficult. And today I did exercise in the morning, and it's like I'm in control of my day.
                  Because normally I'm prone to procrastination. But not today)
                  Feel of looks: It all will be great in a two or three months^^

                  OST: Rimsky Korsakov - Sadko / O fearful crags (Song of the Viking Guest)



                    30 Days of Cardio Blast: Day 11, Level 1
                    Push-ups: 2/2/2


                    30 Days of Cardio Blast: Day 10, Level 1
                    Push-ups: none((


                    30 Days of Cardio Blast: Day 13, Level 1
                    Push-ups: 2/2/2

                    Feel: In the morning we were shooting some fan-film in the woods near the city, had to run and jump and fall into the cold snow. It was freezing and tiresome, but kind of cool to be outside a little. Almost quitted today's exercise, but thought that I have only 3 days til15 days streak and forced myself to do it
                    Feel of looks: Awful. I am building some muscle, especially in arms and legs, but that "dumpling", as we call it in Russia, around the waist is making me sad.

                    OST: Howard Shore - The Shadow Of The Past/A Knife In The Dark



                      30 Days of Cardio Blast: Day 14, Level 1
                      Push-ups: 2/2/2

                      Feel: First, I am on my fitness journey two weeks now) That's cool. Second, it was easy to start exercising today, because I enjoy becoming better at this. Third, it was really difficult to finish the exercise. I don't know if it's the program increases difficulty out of proportion or it's just that I'm not in shape for todays' exercise...
                      Feel of looks: not much has changed since yesterday)

                      OST: BADDA BOO HAPPY BAND - ИСКРЕННОСТИ (Sincerities)



                        30 Days of Cardio Blast: Day 15, Level 1
                        Push-ups: enough in the workout)

                        OST: Transistor OST - We All Become (feat Ashley Barrett)



                          30 Days of Cardio Blast: Day 16, Level 1
                          Push-ups: 3/2/2

                          Feel: Wel, considering that yesterday I had no strength left to write proper post and today I am writing it, I feel great)
                          Feel of looks: It's not so bad)

                          OST: BBC World Book Club Crime and Punishment podcast



                            30 Days of Cardio Blast: Day 17, Level 1
                            Push-ups: 3/2/2

                            Feel: In the morning I had a little ice-skating, and it was great) But after that and a whole day of little busy stuff, I almost decided to quit today's workout. But in the end, I summoned a little motivation and did my 17th workout in the month. Also had a little extra exercise with a sword just to sweat a little more.
                            Feel of looks: My arms are shapening into something not unpleasant to see in the mirror)

                            OST: Hevia - El Ramu



                              Classic Warmup
                              One-minute workout (https://darebee.com/workouts/one-min...html#hiittimer)

                              I have stopped doing exercises for two weeks because of exams. I wasn't too busy, but I hadn't enough concentration to keep doing exercises every day non-stop. That's not good, but at least I'm starting again.
                              I won't do any programs in February, but I will exercise with the Assassin's plan. My goal for the month will be to become a little more slim, flexible and action-ready!